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Medaka Box 100

Box 100: create a theme quiz, please\\

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jul 12, 2011 08:10 | Go to Medaka Box

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This needs a proof before use

“ friendship. Trust. I did never see such things in a conspiracy” , Dazai osamu “Mono omou ashi*”\\
TLN: Dazai osamu is a japanese writer and “Mono omou ashi” is one of his works. It should be translated as “A thought about the Common reed”\\
They say but obviously\\ I will welcome even a visit composed by a great number of cospirators\\
That’s why I, juunichou yabumi\\
Will be\\ your opponent for the second trial of this treasure hunt!\\
The library’s committee chairman…?\\
That’s a lie!\\ even the committee chairman were involved in this orientation training…?\\
“What is a lie? That is nothing more than truth in disguise” Byron “Don Juan”\\
that’s it kikajima-chan\\ plus I wasn’t the only one involved in this\\
side text: what will say the beautiful library’s committee chairman to them..?\\
Box 100: create a theme quiz, please\\
the public morals’ committee chairman, the election’s committee chairman, the health preservation’s committee chairman, the raising’s committee chairman, the diet education’s committee chairman, the beautification’s committee chairman!\\
and then me the library’s committee chairman… in other words!\\
all the committee chairmen, now! Are gathered in the clock tower!!\\
a-all the chairmen…?\\
what the…\\ are you going to save the world or something like that…?\\
it means that even unzen-senpai who is opposing to the student council was involved in this, right…?\\
how much were you serious about this even, medaka-chan!!?\\
… is that so strange? You know the committees are part of the dtudent council right?\\
“well…” “it is relatively strange that they move for the student council”\\
“ we don’t obey to those who are below us”\\
“that’s the foundation of their policy “\\
“hum, today you didn’t bring me milk today, so I came here to take it” (miyazawa kenji “Night on the Galactic Railroad”)\\ well the reason why we are here doesn’t really matter\\
the treasure that you are searching for is on the roof of this tower but\\ it is not like you will have to confront all the committee chairmen before getting finally there\\
“it is not the worst thing to say that now we are in the worst situation”(Shakespeare “King Lear”)\\
thought the worst route would be obviously that \\ not only you have confronted all the chairmen on the way but at the end you are not able to get the treasure\\
in any case that rout will not exit if you are not able to win against me here\\
well then let’s do this\\
second trial: reading showdown!!\\
reading showdown?\\
that’s right\\ of everything that was written, we only love the written things that bear blood” (Friedrich Nietzsche Thus Spoke Zarathustra*)
TLN: what the… more than 100 years passed since Nietzsche wrote that book and we still are unable to understand what he said, and they want me to translate it from Japanese!!!?\\
Well for the time being I chose the book in an appropriate manner but, if you want something in particular you can choose a book you like from the bookshelf behind me\\
Anyway each one of you will chose a book that he likes and then…\\ create a theme quiz from what is written in that book, please\\
If I’m not able to answer to that quiz!\\ I will give you the pass of the second trial\\
create a… quiz?\\
you will not be the one who makes the questions?\\
that’s right\\ I have the role of the guardian here afterall\\
you can consider it the inverse of the sphinx game\\
… for the quiz we can make questions like\\
“what is the first sentence that the protagonist of this novel says?”\\ or something like that, right?\\
yeah that right, precisely right\\ but I would like something a little more harder\\
the first sentence of the protagonist saara kuruo if the novel “as if you whisper it with a low and mysterious voice” is “father, father”. Anyone would know that\\
I would have been more happy if they asked us questions like a normal quiz\\
It is something that I heard from the rumours, that girl is know as the “moving library”\\ because she remembers every single character of the books she reads, from the first one to the last one\\
… if you are able to answer to that quiz\\
then the one who made that question will be disqualified, right?\\
“in addition I forgot that there was a gatekeeper and I thought the only obstacle to pass the first gate were the laws” Franz kafka, before the law\\
we are still at the beginning so\\ I don’t intend to apply such strict rules\\
don’t be reserved and challenge me as much as you want\\ but it will not be so much risk free\\
you will have to put on stake something every time you propose a question\\ anything but money\\
well then I will be the first to challenge you\\
the theme will be “I am a cat” by natsume souseki\\ the thing that I will put on stake will be my beloved gun, a S&W chief special!\\
among the considerations that the cat makes in the novel there is…\\ “It is something that is part of the story human history but that doesn’t is part of the history of their meat, bones and blood”\\
what is this “something” that he wants to talk about?\\
“I simply want to talk about the history of the clothes. That’s why when I see a human being that doesn’t wear any clothes I feel like that it something that a human being would not do”\\
thank you very much! Now I’m waiting for the next challenge\\ who is next…?\\
well then medaka-chan, let me read for you…\\
the real extent of the power of your so called candidate to the succession!\\
How did you find me out, medaka-chan?\\ the skill that I used this time, among my quadrillion skills was “Error juvenile*”
TLN: not sure about this name, as the raw sucks and I cannot read well\\
It is not a body transformation ability, but a special power of the type that tampers with your opponent perception\\ that’s why I thought that you were nabeshima-san without feeling anything off\\
the way I used to find you out was quite simple ajimu najimi\\
if you touched me\\ I would had the sensation that you were someone pretending to be one of my acquaintances\\
that’s why for the time being I’m asking to all the people I met\\
with the right timing “Who the hell are you”\\
… that was splendid!\\ but you consider me one of your friend and call me anshinin-san\\
I refuse\\ this is only a temporary peace strategy that relies on the goodness of your nature while you don’t feign ignorance\\
Can we to change place?\\
I don’t want that hitoyoshi-kun hears this conversation between me and you\\
… that’s fine\\
if you want to talk, we can do that where you want\\
not equal ajimu najimi!\\
let’s expose our hearts as fellow women\\ and let’s have a talk where we will show the truth that lies in our chests!!\\
kanji: dignified\\
no sorry, I don’t like to expose myself in that way ok?\\
plus the expression: “the truth that lies in our chests” doesn’t not exist…\\
“first, if all the humans are idiot, who is the clever one?” Dostoyevsky, notes from underground\\
as they say, but in this case the idiot would be me, as I had too great expectation for you\\
to be honest I did not think that\\
you would end in such miserable state even if you did not bet moneys\\
with a that low level of skill, it really seems that you are following after medaka-chan’s steps\\
maybe\\ it is better for you if you return home, isn’t it?\\
they are telling us to go home a lot of time today…\\
well… no matter what they say to us, we cannot go home like this…\\
anyway, was it really necessary to even bet clothes?\\
no but it I have to put it mechanically…\\
our esteemed senpais that are there facing the wall in fetal position\\
took the initiative and brimming with confidence, they began to bet their clothes so…\\
well you know kikaijima-senpai really surprised me\\ she asked who was the main character or “Run melons”… I could answer even without reading the book\\
eh! That was inevitable, in her entire life the only things she did were swim and count money\\
if we have to talk about them, kumagawa-senpai went a little overboard\\
he asked the number of characters of the entire text of the “Macbeth “… even juunichou-san could not answer that\\
well even kumagawa-senpai did not know the answer so he lost for foul play…\\
what do we do now? In this situation the next thing that we have to put on stake would be out panties, right?\\
no I wonder\\ as we are middle school students, if we do that, I have the feeling that it would not develop in a nice situation but…\\
this was a real waste of time\\
oh well it is not like “Reality is stranger than fiction” as they say…\\
hey wani-chan!\\ bet you eye patch before you panties!!\\
d-don’t say such foolishness!\\
if I loose this my character would lose all its appeal!!\\
it is essential!!\\
and by the way, before saying that\\ you still have things that you can bet right!?\\
do you really think that those things are more important of your dignity as girls!?\\
portable game\\
iron stick\\
anyway, if we bet those things we still have some chances…\\ but…\\
the real problem is if there is way to defeat juunichou-san who remembers books by heart…\\
maybe we can win against her once or twice with a little of luck, but we are seven people here! If we have to make 7 people pass…
taka! What are you hiding there?\\
this is bad! The chara girl found me out
y-you cannot bet this! I beg you!\\I’m still reading it…\\
chairman juunichou! If told that we could choose the books that we liked\\
in that case is it ok if we create a quiz theme\\not from the books behind you back, but from a book that we prepared in advance?\\
sure, I don’t care about that\\
after all if you have to gamble it is better not to play with the cards prepared by your opponent\\ though if you want to go to the book store with that appearance I’m fine with it\\
no, there is no need to go to the book store\\ we have a book that takarabe incidentally brought with her\\
incidentally?\ \
plus chairman\\ in the next challenge\\
we will bet all the things we have, even what we are wearing right now\\
that’s why this will be a one shot game! If you are not able to answer to the next question, let us all pass please\\
and give back out clothes too!\\
a one shot game…\\
“… that’s an excellent plan”\\”with an opponent with an actual power that exceeds yours, you have to use a blitzkrieg strategy and bet everything on it” “that’s the right thing to do”\\
he shifted in explanation mode!\\ that was fast misogi-chan!\\
maybe I should have refused to be the one in charge of the second trial buu…\\
the “moving library” wants to read what these middle school students are plotting against her\\
ok\\ but do you really think that there is a book in this world that I did not read?\\
first, could you tell me the title of the book?\\
this is it\\
the theme of the quiz is this book\\
it is “ochikome*! Negakura-kun” from shueisha’s jump comics\\
TLN: the depressed negakura-kun\\
Its fourth volume!\\
Man…ga!? A comic…!\\
Yeah, do you have a problem with that?\\
Could it be that the chairman of hakoniwa’s library\\ has such narrow view of things that he discriminates manga and doesn’t read them?\\
Ah… I see\\
If you cannot win this duel with normal books then a manga…\\
“wait that manga is…!\\
I said that it was a book but there are light novels comprised of few words\\
So do you have a problem with this?\\
no, I’m ok with that\\ don’t restrain yourself!\\ create a quiz from that manga please\\
that manga was first serialized on shonen jump number 42 3 years ago and at the present time it sold more that 3000000 copies!\\
did you think that a girl that read classic literature did not read manga?\\ did you think that a bibliomaniac despised the comics culture?\\
that way of thinking shows what you call “narrow view” wanizuka-san\\
“even the illustration books without sentences are ok” Lewis Karol “ Alice in wonderland”\\
as they say… this is a middle school level match after all\\
well then, think about it wanizuka-san and creat the quiz\\
a sentence from the 142 pages that comprise that volume of negakura-kun\\ or maybe the title of an omake page from the 4-komas\\ or perhaps the number of minor characters in a spread?\\
which is the printing number of this book?\\
eh… printing number?\\
what is that?\\
If a book sells they print it but\\ the printing number is the number that explains how many time that book was printed\\
It is written in the book’s colophon but\\ obliviously that number changes according to the temporal frame that book was printed\\
the number written changes according to the single book…?\\
it means that…\\
it doesn’t matter if chairman nijuuchou has read or not the content of this volume\\
this person probably has even memorized the colophon of her own book but\\
she did not read the books from other people so she could not have memorized their the colophon, and probably she cannot answer this question\\
She said that she was still reading it… so it must be the last edition… the fourth volume was release last year in july… if I consider the number of copies that they predicted it would sell to the general public...\\
Number 4\\
You have my admiration because you did feel desperate because I asked such tricky question and used your own inference to try to answer correctly\\
Taka\\ What is the answer?\\
sorry but this is from the first edition\\
because I borrowed it yesterday from kumagawa-senpai!\\ It seems that kumagawa-senpai bought it on the release’s day!\\
“if you believe only in that written in book, you will be no match for those who don’t have books” Mencius, “Mencius”\\
you broke trough the second trial!!\\
“hum… tanabe-chan”\\” why did you not bet for first the book that I lent you?”\\
shut up \\stay away from me\\
and don’t talk with me\\
side: an easy victory!!\\
text below: who will be the next person who will appear before them!?\\

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