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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Buyuden 16

Chapter 16: Enrolment in Gym!?

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jul 13, 2011 18:56 | Go to Buyuden

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Proof by max mahito
From beneath his fists,
What does he see!?
In circle: Taibou Comics presents Vol.1 on 15th July.\\
Chapter 16: Enrolment in Gym!?\\
Eh!? Are you doing boxing too!?\\
From 20 years, since I was a kid…I lived in this kind of environment\\
For now, I’m a pro. But, you can’t earn enough money to eat with being a pro, so I work here as a trainer for a living\\
A-A pro!\\
Wow, so you father was a pro too?\\
Yeah, you can see his photo there\\
That is my dad, when he was young\\
Well, he could not become a champion, but he was a normal boxer\\
Just like me…\\
Are you friends with my little brother? What is your name?\\
Ah… my name is Kaname Moka\\
She has good muscles*\\
TLN: and a C size\\
Take Isamu\\
What enormous pectoral muscles she has…\\
Eh… do you like boxing, Moka-chan, Isamu-kun?\\
In that case, join our gym\\
The monthly fee for elementary school students is 5000 yen, plus you are friends with my little brother so I will lower the admission fee to 10000 yen\\
Well… we are in the 6th year of elementary school, so we are taking examinations in this period…\\ we came here today because Hoshi-kun brought us with him and told that we could train here during the afternoons of summer vacation…\\
I see...\\
In that case, it cannot be helped\\
Ok then, if you come here with my little brother, you can use the gym\\
Are you sure!?\\
Yeah, no one uses this gym during weekdays’ afternoons\\
If I ask my father, he will not have a problem with that\\
You are late today\\
You know, yesterday your sister gave us the permission to use the gym too\\
We were really lucky that your family has a boxing tradition!\\
You were really strong, Moka\\
You are an opponent that I cannot defeat\\
During yesterday’s spar, it became clear to me that I lack talent, just as I thought\\
Now, I finally have the determination to stop doing boxing\\
I came here only to say that\\
See you\\
Hey wait a minute, Hoshi!\\
What the hell is this? Even considering that lost to Moka, you feel too much depressed!!
We cannot use the gym if you are not around!!\\
I don’t care about that\\ anyway, I don’t have any attachment left to boxing\\
I don’t have talent, as I wasn’t able to do a thing against that girl since I was little\\
If you want to train in a gym that much, pay and join it\\
I’m sure that Moka can become a champion\\
Close your side, your side!\\
Yes, one, two!\\
Good, good\\ another shot, come on\\
Sorry, but…\\
Akina-san\\ you have guests here\\
Ah you are the ones from yesterday!\\
You idiot, be more careful\\
Wow… I thought he was going to kill us\\
Eh!?\\ did Hyouma say that…!?\\
Y-yes\\ he said that he will not do boxing anymore…\\
Jeez, he is totally hopeless\\ since he could make some boxing friends; I thought that he wanted to practise boxing again…\\

Maybe, I teased him a little too much yesterday and he did not take it well\\
Hyouma-kun… he practiced boxing here since he was little?\\
Our dad is a little rough when it comes to training\\
I’m a girl so he wasn’t too much strict with me, but\\
He taught Hyouma boxing in a really strict manner since he was just an infant\\
Even so, Hyouma really put his passion in it until he was in the 4th year of elementary school…\\
Last year, at the entry match of the national kid boxing championship\\
He was KO-ed in the first round*\\
TLN: I bet he is the bad guy of the series that Isamu will fight!\\
Since then, he lost his self-confidence…\\ and began to fight and go against our dad…\\
For the last half a year, he did not show his face in the gym even once\\
So that’s what happened\\
If we knew that beforehand, even Moka would have held back a little with him…\\
It’s ok\\
We are speaking of merit here, so it is obvious that there are strong people and weak people out there\\
It is regrettable. But, what is important is to become strong here\\
Everyone here, is doing that\\
They are all doing their best,\\
In order to improve even a little from their previous self\\
Anyway, maybe we have no other choice but to leave him alone\\
However, I’m sure about one thing, that boy will surely come back in this stinking place once again…\\
Sorry, I wanted to let you use the gym, but\\
If my little brother is not around, I cannot do that\\ see you\\
I… want to join this gym!!\\
I am preparing for the exams, but it is not like I’m studying all the day long…\\
If I can come here for 2 or 3 hours, then there should be no problem!\\
Take-kun, join together with me\\ you can easily do this while you study, right!?\\
Well, I need the consent from my parents for the monthly fee and other things…\\
Right\\ be sure to talk about this with your parents and then, come back here\\
For the time being, I will give you the application forms\\
Hey, are you sure about this? It is too sudden…\\
I did not even tell my parents that I was doing boxing…\\
If I tell them that I want to enter in a gym in a time like this, they will be against it!\\
I want to improve too…\\
I realized that after hearing what Hoshi-kun’s sister said…\\
I’m sorry about that take-kun, but If I only do morning training, I will not change,\\I will not improve\\
I want to improve myself together with her… here!!\\
What are these results from the mock examination!!?\\ Do you really think you can enter a private school with that!?\\
One the paper: Star gym // Application Form.
It is useless… I cannot ask them with such atmosphere…\\
A gym eh…\\
Maybe… I’m still not ready for it yet…\\
Text: The difference between Moka who pushes onward the road of boxing and Isamu that is still irresolute, is clear\\
Left Text: To be continued in Issue #34.

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