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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Medaka Box 101

Box 101: gook luck then

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jul 17, 2011 11:51 | Go to Medaka Box

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This needs a proofread before use, even if I doubt that someone would proof a 2200 words long translation...\\
box 101: gook luck then\\
“the elevator that was supposed to bring us to the rooftop is not working”\\
“so we don’t have other choice but to use on of these two stairs that are here”\\” I wonder what these 2 alphabetical characters are here for”\\
mechanically thinking about it, maybe it is the level of difficulty?\\
mademoiselle kurogami said that the first trial was of level B difficulty\\
in that case obviously one should continue trough right staircase, right?\\
it is not necessary to choose the s difficulty level route\\
wait a minute, maybe they are trying to confuse us\\
maybe S means “Safety”, while C stands for “Clever”\\
after she experienced the second trial wani-chan is suspicions of anything\\
why are you still in a place like this?\\
TLN: What? Is she blushing? Maybe she has a thing for akune?\\
He solved that code all by himself… incredible\\
I thought that I was a code that could not ever solved with intuition alone but…\\
You are the fast one here\\ putting aside the code how did you pass the reading confrontation?\\
Ah! Maybe you had with you a book that you was still readind too!\\
A book that I was still reading?\\
No I did not have that but…\\
I asked her “what were the emotions of the melos that Serinentius used as a substitute to his little sister wedding?”\\
It was a match that only the one who read the book more deeply could win\\ well juunichou was really a strong opponent!\\ I took me 3 question to win the match!\\
It was a match with a smart exchange of clever questions!\\ and then she probably replied with exemplar answers based on well thought suppositions!!\\
Eh?\\ why is wanizuka-san in that position looking at the fllo?\\
Well probably\\ even though we passed she is ashamed that we did that with a tricky question…\\
“ Anyway you are here at the right time kouki-chan”\\
“what do you think of these alphabetical characters?”\\
hum… well\\
maybe it is better to do no think too much about them…\\
the quantity of information we have it too much small, so their isn’t a way to explain their meaning\\
when medaka-san said the first trial was of level B difficulty maybe she meat that is was “Begin” level of difficulty\\ that’s why I have the feeling that her objective was to confuse the participants once they get here\\
the worst thing we can do here think too much on strange things and exhaust ourselves\\
we should choose the staircase without putting too much thought in it\\
akune-dono I’m ashamed to ask this to you when you refused just a little time ago but\\ would you like to team up with us?\\ maybe we met again in this place because we are linked by fate or something\\
I must be careful about the proposals that this girls does to me but…\\
The situation changed, as I was able to meet up with them a lot earlier than I thought\\
Since I began this hunt in a hurry I break through the first trial and the second trial without too much thought but\\
About at this point of the hunt I should decide that one who should find the treasure\\
The one who should be the winner\\
for first I will not be the one… no matter what happens I cannot win thid treasure hunt\\
If I win my extra price would be(thanks to wanizuka-san’s tactics) “the right to challenge kurogami medaka”\\
That is a privilege that I don’t want to receive, even it they kill me\\
also kumagawa is out of the question, ablosutely*\\
TLN: why!?
Putting aside medaka-chan if middle school girls serve him while wearing only an apron, thing like that will appear on the newspaper!\\
Oh well if I leave alone this guy probably he will decide to lose all by himself, so there is no need to worry about him…\\
“hey kouka-chan”\\
“are you thinking something of rude about me?”\\
in the beginning I thought of supporting kikaijima-san and make her win the hunt\\
however because she entered in their team I cannot do that anymore\\
because her extra price is money!\\
it is not difficult for her to sell the right to be the winner to his comaders for money!!\\
bringing this the extreme kikaijima-san is so unreliable that she would not have any problem to wear nothing but an apron if they pay her 1000 yen\\
I have the feeling that he is thinking something rude about me too…\\
So there is an high risk to support her for the victory…\\
in other words I have no other choice but to give victory to one of those 5 girls but\\
in that case if one of them wins one of us will lose his armband\\
if kikitsuki-san wins medaka-san will lose her arm band…if yojirou-san wins kikaijima will lose her arm band… if kibougaoka-san wins hitoyoshi will lose his armband… if takarabe-san wins kumagawa-san will lose his armband\\
if wanizuka-san wins my armband will become her extra price\\
It seems that I have no other choice but to make wanizuka win\\
And give her my arm band as a present…\\
I don’t know why but it seems that wanizuka-san has a misplaced admiration toward the one I was during middle school but\\
I want her to obtain my arm band in order to make become disillusioned about myself\\
If I do that probably she will stop to act in order to make me and medaka-san confront each other\\
The secretary arm band was given to me by medaka-san maybe she will give me another one\\
You are right wanizuka-san\\
In that case what about this?\\
in this place right here there are 4 people\\ let’s splint in 2 teams formed by 4 people\\
in other words we will go through both routes\\
I have to say that to go through bot routes is a good plan but\\
In that way on of the two teams will surely lose, right?\\
That’s not the only possibility… let’s assume that S stands for S level of difficulty but\\
If we are able to pass that trial as well it would only be good\\
Plus we are in the middle of cooperative play\\ in the case of our route is of S difficulty\\
We should be happy that the route of the other team is of C difficulty\\ if there is someone among us unable to do that, he would have done better to not join with the others\\
I see\\
Well your explanation is quite plausible but…\\
anyway I already told this before but no matter what route we choose a chairman class student will be there waiting for us so things will not change that much\\
well the sole expection would me akasa-san of the health preservation comitee…\\ considering how much he* is kind, he will make us pass without too much problems\\
TLN: not sure about his/her gender\\
Ah that right there is another exception too\\
Unzenmyouri-kun of the public moral comitee\\
He is someone that no one would like to meet…\\
Yeah\\ well\\
It seems that I have no other objection to your plan\\
So how do we create the teams?\\
With jan-ken?\\
Yeah\\ but this event was for train the candidates so\\
If all the 3 members of the committee end up in the same team we will do this again\\
Yeah this is the right moment… I have no other choice but to leave to destiny the creation of these teams…\\
jan ken\\
team paper\\
team stone\\
I don’t like to be on the same team of kumagawa but it is still good! I ended up in the same team of wanizuka-san!\\
Good\\we are well balanced\\
Obviously wanizuka-san could try to make me win but\\
With this I can easily control the development of the hunt\\
by dividing the team in smaller groups he eliminated the confusion and adjusted the proficiency of the teams…\\
I more or less can understand akune-san’s intentions…\\
Now we have to choose who will go trough which route\\
It is ok if we leave the decision to you, akune-senpai?\\
In that case we will quietly take the route with level of difficulty S\\ as there are 2 council members in this team We should be the one to advance through the S staircase\\
Good luck then\\
Let’s meet on the rooftop!\\
hey kikitsu-san, yojirou-san kibougaoka-san\\
can I ask you one thing?\\
why is wanizuka-san so fixated about akune-san?\\
even if she has a strong admiration for the “destroyer”\\ to make him go for a confrontation against medaka-san isn’t a little to much\\
… it seems that something happened during elementary school but\\
to be honest I don’t know much about it\\
anyway they have a delicate girl on the other route\\ so let’s pray that thing will not develop in a strange way on their side\\
… well\\ leaving that aside\\
what do you think that C stands for?\\
welcome you bastards\\
it’s me!!\\
that C stand for “CRAZY”!!\\
that wrong\\
it stand for “CHILD”\\
the chairman of the public moral committee, unzenmyouri… alias “monster child”\\
the student in hokoniwa school that you absolutely not must make one of your enemies\\
bon!\\ speaking mechanically it seems that alphabet was there just to trick us\\
… it is all right\\
there is no need to worry\\
If I remove my clothes and flirt with him with a smiling face while walking naked I’m sure he will let us go away…\\
No kikaijima-senpai!?\\
We never intended to make a senior do a thing like that to win!\\
Kekeke! It is not like you were tricked by those letters\\
In route S\\ there is an exception even more worthless than me\\
In that case if C stands for “CHILD” then\\ What does S stand for?\\
That obvious\\
that's the S for “SLEEP”\\
tachiarai kiruko
class: 2nd year class 1\\
blood type AB\\
role: election committee chairman\\
on the eye band: I cannot work\\
I see…\\we were careless\\
If this person is here it means…\\
“hum… who is she?”\\
“this is the first time I meet here…”\\
the election committee chairman, tachiarai kiruko-san\\ the boss of choujabaru-kun who supervised our election battle\\
she is the chairman that takes action and works the least\\ in hokoniwa school’s history\\
mumble mumble\\
ah it you akune-kun\\good morning\\
you are sexy as always\\ you sexiness levelled up since the election battle right?\\
long time no see kiruko-san\\
I’m surprised\\ I never thought that you would come to school\\
You know…\\hum…\\
One, two, three…\\ a time of 4 people\\
Wait a minute then\\
I will think about the challenge of\\ the third(S) trial\\
“… what kind of girl is she?”\\ I have the feeling that shiranui-chan told me that the boss of the election committee was a stubborn person”\\” is she really like that…?”\\
she is a lazy person that wants to sleep\\
she sleeps 22 hours a day\\ no one have ever seen her stands on her two feet\\
why a person like her\\
it is a joke that she is one of chairmen of the hakoniwa school right…?\\
“She is an exception even among students of class 13 as the board of directors permitted her to attend school”\\ … as they told to me\\
the fact that she doesn’t want to work by itself is a terrifying ability \\
as you can easily understand they did not know what to do with her and assigned her at class 1\\
but the truth is that she is a genius that can enter to any of the special classes starting from class 10 to class 13\\
“I see” “she is different from medaka-chan but”\\ “she doesn’t have a lot of weak points as well”\\
“medaka-chan is an iron wall that repels everything”\\
“while tachiarai-san is a soft pillow where thing bounces on!”\\
couldn’t you find a more cool example…?\\
but I’m still glad that it wasn’t a S level trial\\
she will not gave us neither a difficult trial or an easy one…\\
ok I decided\\
oh, you team that arrived with so much trouble\\ I want you to leave here one of your comrades\\
do you know ostracism?\\
it is an election system used in the old state city if Athens\\ in order to prevent the appearance of a tyrant the populace choose a politic that maybe was doing some damages by voting him\\ and exiled him from the city for 10 years\\
this type of election chooses the one hate from the others so it interesting\\ the is the interesting thing is that by choosing someone there is a crack in you human relationship\\
to be honest in the 417 A.C. it was abolished\\
but\\ today you will do a thing similar to that\\
write the name of the person who you hate the most, and the reason why you hate him in the signed ballot, please!\\
only the most hated one\\will be exiled from here\\
in other words the third trial(S) is “the vote of the unpopular- the friendship break-up election”!\\
come on this is the right opportunity to say what you cannot normally say to others!\\ try to make the atmosphere dense with all you strength please\\
side text: the destruction of the team!?\\
text: next chapter a crack will be formed among them because of the “the friendship break-up election”

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