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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Buyuden 17

Chapter 17: Forged admission

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jul 20, 2011 18:44 | Go to Buyuden

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Proof by max mahito
Left text: the first acclamated volume is out of sales now!!\\
Right text: Heading to the gym… at full speed!!\\
Chapter 17: Forged admission\\

Side text: Moka wants to learn under Hoshi’s sister, but…\\
Why can’t I go to the gym!?\\
I’m doing well in academics and monthly fees can be paid from my savings!!\\
No matter what you say, you are going to prepare for the exam this year\\
If you are able to enter some private middle school the next year, then I will think about it.\\ plus you will get interested in some other activities such as clubs, once you enter and so you’ll change your mind\\

It is impossible for me to do something different from boxing, I’ll not change my mind!\\
Pretty please…\\ I believe that I can handle going to the gym and studying at the same time, I will enter in a private middle school for sure!!\\
You are much too persistent!\\
If I say NO, it’s a NO, I am telling you to be patient\\
That’s mean!!\\
Ok, I understand that you are being too much obstinate!!\\

Hey, look\\
I got really good with the rope, right!? I may be even be able to do this while running!

What’s wrong, cheer up.\\
Probably, it is useless for students that have to take an exam like us, to try to go to a gym or things like that\\
Take-kun, don’t you want to train in a proper way at a gym?\\
I taught you the foot work but, it is not like I’m a coach or a trainer…\\
If you want to become good, you have to try your best on your own\\
If you really want to become good at boxing,\\ I’m sure that it is better for you to go to a gym, plus it would be a lot more efficient training\\

Eh… hum…\\ maybe you are right…\\
That’s wrong, I…\\
Since the beginning, I was interested in boxing because…\\
Oh well\\
I’m going back home to study\\
See you\\

I want to improve my self here together with her!!\\
PRN: Her in the above sentence is Hoshi’s sis.
C-can you arrange 5000 yen for the monthly fee!?\\

Y-yeah… I have them in my savings box…\\
And then, do you know where the seal* of your family is!?\\
TLN: I’m not sure about this, but in japan, personal seals(emblems) should have the same legal value of signatures\\
Yeah I know where that is too, but… could it be…!?\\
You really want to go to the gym, right!?\\
In that case, that’s the only choice!\\
During the summer break, if you tell your mother that you are going to study in the library every afternoon, there should not be any problem!\\
I was thinking that this is the only way if you want to go to that gym!!\\
TLN: I think that this scheme will bring problems…\\

Kenji, don’t stop your feet!!\\
Takagi, you are lowering your guard again!!\\
Idiot, don’t fall back like that!\\
Do you really think you can pass the pro exam with only that much skill!!?\\
On the first piece of paper: Kaname Moka(near the seal)\\
On the second: Take Isamu (near the seal)\\

With this, from today onwards, you two are members of the star gym\\
Now I will explain you how to use of the tools and equipment we have here, follow me\\
That’s good, she didn’t find out the forging\\
For them, this is business after all, so as long as we have money, it is simple\\

These are Hyouma’s friends that I told you about yesterday, Isamu-kun and Moka-chan\\
From today, they will join us\\
I really didn’t want to accept a little girl in here, but…\\
Oh well, you take care of her\\
Geez, don’t say those things in front of them\\
Wow… he is frightening\\
I’m sorry for his bad manners.\\ he is an unsociable dad after all\\
Shut up Akina!\\

On the board:
Benevolence\\ have a benevolent heart and a benevolent mind\\
Rules\\ Think in a right way as a man and have a heart to help others\\
Courtesy\\ have a heart that follows the proper etiquette\\
Wisdom\\ have a wise heart that is able to distinguish right from the wrong things\\
These are the our dojo’s rules\\
Even if this is boxing, do not forget that it is a martial art with such spirit and improve yourself\\
Rule: trust\\don’t tell lies, become a person that can be trusted\\
Hum… I just feel like I went against the spirit of this martial art..\\
The second floor is the training floor\\
The training equipment is there. You can use it as you wish but, the weight machines are dangerous. So, be sure to use them together with an adult\\

Good evening!!\\
Ah Watari-kun\\
I will introduce you,\\ they are Take Isamu-kun and Kaname Moka-chan who will join us from today onwards\\
Ah…\\a girl\\

I’m Watari Harumi, nice to meet you\\
Ah… nice to meet you\\
That’s right, you all are of the same age\\
Ah, that’s right\\
Is it the first time that you are attending a boxing gym?\\
Eh… yeah, for me at least\\
What is this refreshing aura that is brimming over from his body…?\\
I went to a gym in Osaka since I was a little kid\\
Looks like a girl\\
I see…\\
You have a long career then\\

You know, Watari-kun is probably the star among the cadets of this gym\\
Watari-kun ended up in the second place in last year’s national kid boxing tournament\\
S-second place…!?\\
Hey Harumi! Stop chatting with them\\
Hurry up and bring them to the second floor!\\

T-this is bad, an enemy even stronger than Hyouma has appeared…\\
A boxing genius with a refreshing aura… I cannot let him get near Moka!\\
Didn’t your father say that he would not take care of girls?\\
Watari-kun receives a totally different treatment\\he is only interested in children with talent\\nasty, right?\\
Well he had that change of heart since my little brother strayed from the right path\\

Ok then, let’s train you a little too\\
Today, it is your first day, so you can freely punch the sandbag and do other things like that\\
You have to dodge that\\
good, like that\\ ok, one two\\

Mokaa,\\ the bath is ready\\
I’m coming\\
Hello Kaname residence\\
Ah sorry to call you so late in the evening\\ I’m Hoshi Akina of the Star Boxing gym…\\
Side text: Their lie is found out already…!?\\
Bottom box: To be continued in issue #35\\

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