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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Medaka Box 102

box 102: do not desire anything

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jul 22, 2011 16:06 | Go to Medaka Box

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box 102: do not desire anything\\
this is the vote the unpopular-friendship break-up election sililat to the ostracism that they did in the ancient Greece!\\
these are the rules more or less\\
on the box:
write the name of the person you hate the most in your team and the reason you hate him\\
the one voted as the most hated will be exiled from this room(to the next stage)\\
the one who remain will wait here until the end of the event\\
one person one vote\\
you cannot vote yourself\\
it is prohibited to talk about your vote\\
friendship break-up election… it is a malicious match, just as one would expect from tachiarai-san\\
it is a rule that goes directly against cooperative play\\
especially the “you cannot vote for yourself” rule is a great pain\\
in other words you cannot use your vote in for your self-interest\\
I was tricked by the world “exile” but\\
The one who will advance to the next level is not “the most popular person” but the “most unpopular one”\\
Side text: the trial of the election committee chairman tachiarau is…!?\\
even if we don’t vote he is the one favourite to win!!\\
“hey you people”\\
it is not like you can think what you want just because I’m you opponent, ok?”\\
… well\\
apart for that kind of jokes…\\
ah… I knew that akune-kun would notice that\\
as the one who proposed the trial I was too much in a hurry…\\
that’s right… there\\
even if there are these rules there is a specific way to make all the members of the team pass this challenge\\
but that’s impossible\\
it is impossible to put in execution that specific method\\
the point to make everyone pass is the wording of the rule “the one voted as the most hated”\\
if you take that rule directly it seems that only one person can pass this third trial(S)… but that’s wrong!\\
in a real election if two candidates has the number of votes they would repeat the election or choose the wined by drawing lot but…\\
this rule is not specified so there is the possibility that everyone can win this friendship break-up election\\
in other words if we put the things like this everyone will win and all the team members will pass the third trial\\
I hate akune\\
I hate takarabe\\
I hate wanizuka\\
I hate kumagawa\\
For the “reason you hate him” you can fabricate a plausible excuse… it is something that is known only to yourself so you cannot go against that rule\\
anyone would understand such a thing… probably everyone already noticed\\
but here it comes the near to impossible thing we should do… “Consultation is prohibited” rule is the big obstacle\\
to realize the all the member are on the top plan we need a perfect team work but…\\
only a week passed since the training began… it is impossible for the candidates and the council members to have developed such a tacit understanding\\
but above all! It is impossible to predict\\
how kumagawa-san you move when we will vote!!\\
if we could collaborate in this with the swimming club or with the public morals committee the rule would not be a problem but\\
with these members probably my judgement would be biased and I could not understand who votes for who…\\
“isn’t ok like this?”\\
“it is not like”\\ “ we don’t have to go along with this kind of malicious match”\\
we should make then bow down with these screws” “ I can’t really like people with such a bad character”\\
“this is an hunt, so if we hunt there isn’t any problem right?”\\
he began immediately with saying that…\\
even if we still did not begin to vote…\\
no wait a minute…\\
wait… kumagawa-senpai calm down!\\
akune-dono! Please stop that fool that is not even thinking straight, please!!\\
…we cannot force our way through with violence but\\
“we don’t have to go along with this”\\ has a lot of significance in it\\
let’s fall back\\
to the earlier division point\\we will reach the roof by following a different route\\
if only one of us can pass from this trial there is no meaning is create a team\\
the time we will lose is substancial but\\ the best thind to do is to retire from here and to unite ourselves with team paper\\
w-wait please akune-dono!\\
maybe you did not realize it the way to pass this election is…\\
don’t say anything more than that\\
if you violate the rule on the voting consult you will be disqualified from the hunt itself\\
do you understand? For the time being\\ even if there is a way out from this…\\ if you consider the possibility that you can fail, that way is not a viable option\\ wanizuka-san\\
risk\\you say?\\
there is noo need to say that the rule that said that the one who is hated will win\\ will create a crack among our human relationships\\
the so called “way” could be fit for this course of events but… in the case we fail\\ in the worst scenario after this event, we will be strongly influenced by that “crack” until it will bring us to a difficult situation\\
you training will continue after this for another 3 months\\
probably I don’t want you to spend a an awkward school life\\ if in this occasion your disposition becomes ill because of this gamble\\
… eheh\\
that’s right that’s the right answer akune-dono\\
you don’t challenge an unreasonable request and you fall back\\
this election is malicious just to test that…\\
well personally I think that this is useful to see if the council member are able to response to the candidates’training…\\
“… hum”\\
“it seems that you are right”\\
I agree\\
I don’t like it that much but…\\
Good! If all the members agree let’s be quick\\
If we don’t hurry we could not be able to follow team paper…\\
wait please akune-dono\\
I still did not agree with that\\
You can speak about best possibility or something like that but\\ akune-dono, at the end this is equal to just run away\\
… that’s right we are running away\\
I understand that you are eager about your training but\\
You have to be patient here… I’m sure that there will be another chance\\
For example\\
For example if there is a battle that you cannot absolutely lose\\
But it seems that you cannot absolutely win, and in that battle\\
The lives of you family, friends, lover and teachers are on stake\\ And even so in the moment that it seems that you cannot win\\
in that very moment you will probably say the same things\\
“You have to be patient here”\\”I’m sure that there will be another chance”\\
I’m not saying this without any proof\\as you just a little while ago\\
When kurokami-dono asked you “what do you desire” as this event’s extra prize\\ you just replied “ there is nothing I really desire”\\
“ there is nothing I really desire”\\
with those words it can be easily said that\\ you are not a human but just a worthless pig\\
haha\\ even the cowardly destroyed\\
would be pissed off if a middle school girl would make fun of his at such extent\\
you can hit me if you please\\
that would be a cheap prize to pay to make you open your eyes\\
… wanizuka-san\\
listen well now\\
I don’t care what you say about me\\
But\\ I will not forgive you if you make fun of pigs!\\
Pigs are clever and clean animals\\
It was no other that we humans who gave them that unhealthy image of fat animals\\that a cruel prejudice \\
Ok I got it, we will do this election\\
Probably it is better if we run\\but in exchange of this I don’t hold any responsibility on what will happen!\\
w-wait please! Akune-dono!\\
it is not like I want to do this election without a plan…\\
wani-chan\\ don’t do unnecessary things… and don’t say unnecessary things\\
“She is right wanizuka-chan” “if you words will be treated like a voting consult by them”\\ “ the role of the heated one that kouki-chan went all the way to perform would be totally wasted, right?”\\
what are you talking about…\\
… the role of the hated one…?\\
they did not even start the election and they are already falling apart huh… what a misery\\ nevertheless to shake a middle school girl in that manner…\\
just like the favourite disciple of the foul play king would do\\ He made then hate him on purpose to be the one who would pass without problems right?\\
…\\ what are you talking about, he played it well…\\
incredible… he found a counter measure to my challenge that should be counter measure-proof\\
ha? \\
you know this challenge’s level of difficulty depends\\ from the fact that there a re 4 people in his team\\
if his team was composed by 2 people\\ I would have been a real easy challenge right?\\
ha\\you are right\\
in that case the only choice viable choice would be to vote for the other person\\
I hate A\\
I hate B\\
No matter what happens every one of them would have one vote and end up in the first place…\\
that’s right\\ in other words if you divide your group in a 2 men team the are not alternatives anymore and you don’t need telepathy to win this\\
up: conflicting team\\
down: spectator team\\
akune-kun made a weak propose on purpose in order to make wanizuka-chan oppose him\\ and split the team in two\\
if they conflict in that way it is easy to guess that they will vote each other\\
and if the tow remaining people understand that they can vote for each other too… in that way they will all end up at the first place\\ in that way it is impossible to have a biased vote\\
when kumagawa-senpai decided to abandon the election\\
akune-kun got the idea to use him to split the team\\
it is true that he decided that when the unpredictable kumagawa-senpai began to move but\\
he didn’t know how would takarabe-san react right?\\
plus if takarabe-san and wanizuka-san joined together to oppose to akune-sanpai proposal\\ the team would end split up into three…\\
the would have taken action according to the case\\
up: participating faction\\
on the arrow: opposition\\
down: refusal faction\\
because in that case\\ they would have been divided in the participating faction formed by 2 people and the refusal faction formed by 2 people too\\
if the participating faction went to vote first and the refusal went to vote after them, they would be in pairs\\ probably what akune-kun wanted the most was that very pattern\\
that’s way I’m glad that he acted like that and seized wanizuka-san’s collar like that\\
and about the pigs\\ he abused a girl and that’s not a thing one like him would do that’s why he said those words that did not make any sense at all\\
and… if\\
no one would have opposed to his “weak proposal”…?\\
that would be the worst patter we can suppose\\ in that case he did not have any other choice but to do just as he says and go back\\
but it is not like they would lose just for that\\ the only thing that would happened is that they would have to catch up with team paper\\
indeed a perfect answer to my challenge\\
the favourite disciple of the foul plays king you say? No\\ this is a something that only akune-kun can do\\
akune kouki one vote, wanizuka shori one vote, kumagawa misogi one vote, takarabe ima one vote\\
on the paper{
up: akune kouki, reason: the mail box is red wanizuka shori\\
right: wanizuka shori reason: because it is Sunday today, akune kouki\\
center: takarabe ima-chan reasone: because she has a two faced personality kumagawa misogi \\
left: kumagawa misogi reason: because I’m thirsty takarabe ima\\
everyone has the same number of votes and gain the first place\\ you pass the third trial!!\\
wait\\a minute\\
hum… earlier I said…\\ a lot of hum… bad things without knowing your plan…\\
no well… it probably went as you expected but…\\ did I say too much awful thing…?\\
I wound be the one to be sorry wanizuka-san as I acted violently\\
I will remember the thing you told me\\ for the time being\\
… y\\yes!\\
that’s a honour for me!\\
paper: takarabe ima-chan reasone: because she has a two faced personality kumagawa misogi\\
hum… kumagawa-senpai\\ did you simply write here the real reason why you hate me…?\\
this isn’t a fabrication right?\\
side text: they improved their team work and now they are heading to the next trial!!\\
bottom text: next chapter the treasure hunt will have a sudden development because the truth about the not equal will be revelated…!?\\

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