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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Medaka Box 103

box 103: If I will be able to do that there will be no problems

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jul 25, 2011 16:48 | Go to Medaka Box

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The first part, the talk between medaka and anshinin was difficult, I hope that I translated it in a way that you can understand it
box 103: If I will be able to do that there will be no problems\\
by the way that thing about the training camp\\
it is a silly joke that I thought about 200 years ago\\ so you did it till the end right?\\
inserted text: the truth behind the not equal, a private conversation…\\
… sure\\
I finished it just two day ago\\ it would have make me feel bad if I left it only half way\\
clock tower underground, sixth floor\\
ahahahaha\\ that ‘s incredible, I’m astonished, I really admire you!\\
to think that there would be a human being capable to complete that trial!\\
onsen floor\\
you are just the rumours say\\ but I really give up after this\\
with this you perfected the countermeasure against the minus 13th class\\
I really want to see when “that” is activated in you\\
That medaka-chan’s “state”\\ it should be called the “forsaken god” mode\\
Well anyway I’m really surprised but\\
in any case\\ that fact, the true nature of your humanity was not\\
revealed by those 600 people\\
to be honest almost all the people who gathered that they\\ were not equal like us\\
you should not be so surprised medaka-chan\\
you thought that it was strange right?\\ under no circumstances you could gather 600 people with just that announcement and with such short notice…\\
that’s why will not make kumagawa-kun angry\\ he is one of the few people together with the participant that did not answer to our call but\\
for that reason I should say that he accomplished a great feat because he is still repelling a great number of not equal like us\\
anyway what do you want to do now?\\
do you want to suspend the training today because maybe all the candidates are not equal like us?\\
I will not do that\\ even if all of them are not equal like you\\
That’s not enough to stop the education od the next generation\\
… I see\\so you really are\\
that kind of person\\
I feel like it is a thing being worth doing\\
I will raise you, I will teach you, I will lead you\\
If I will be able to do that there will be no problems\\ because it will be my victory on you who dare to go against me\\
… I have to say that it is a difficult\\ objective\\
but you said 600 people, I have to say that I’m a little surprised\\
some time ago miyakonojou told me that more that 100000 people were involved in the flask plan but\\ what is the strength that the not equal are able to move?\\
the not equal are just me and shiranui hanten\\
those 5 and those 600\\ nothing more that a part of us\\
… you did not get the main point… let me reformulate the question then\\
ajimu najimi\\ how many people are you?\\
no that’s not right I’m 700 of people\\
in other words\\ we are all the humanity\\
no matter what is your ideal world\\ It will only bring to conflict\\
because you are only a human being in the first place\\
there is nothing good or bad in that\\
what there is within you is only the difference between simple and difficult\\
speaking of which, one time you spoke about “creating the perfect human being”, right?\\
of all thing you compared yourself with the completely uncompleted kumagawa-kun\\ and you were still against my flask plan\\
probably you are right\\ even someone like me with ten quadrillions of skills\\ is not able to create the complete human being\\
but medaka-chan, I promised you to show my heart and the truth that lies in my chest\\
that’s why\\ I will reply you honestly\\
“make everyone happy”\\
this intention that you carry within you\\ don’t you think that it is impossible to realize?\\
... Yeah I think that\\ to make this a world happy for everyone is only an unrealizable pipe dream\\
but for that very reason\\ I will strive for it\\
I feel relieved…\\
If you were one of those protagonists that think that only their ideal world is the right one without doubts\\ I would not have other choice but to kill you\\
I have your same feelings\\ if the flask plan was a simple challenge that anyone could do without effort\\
It probably would not ever come to my mind\\
… anyway even if it is meaningless I will tell you this\\
we both already stand in a position where we piled up a lot of things for our ideas\\ if I made my assumptions without considering this, it would have been no more than a delusion\\
it’s not like that, medaka-chan\\ our ideas can reach mutual understanding…\\
candidate kikitsu\\
speaking of it, she said something similar to that\\
that she lives for challenge high level games or something like that…\\
so that’s means that she could be the not equal\\
that you but among the five candidates, right?\\
“ is she still at that level?” “I’m disappointed”\\ that’s what you thought right?\\
ajimu najimi\\
don’t underestimate me\\
I have already understood that\\ all the candidates are part of you not equals\\
he ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~h\\
clock tower, above 4th floor\\
another crossroad\\
this time the labels doesn’t not have alphabetic characters but numbers\\ so what kind of do they have this time?\\
thinking about the second trial, it is not like that the bigger is the team the better, probably it is better if we divide in two teams just like before\\
but to form a two man team with wanizuka-san at this point, isn’t a little too much pushy…?\\
I received a mail from jiro-chan, akume-senpai\\
It seems that their team passed the second trial too\\
it says that the guardian of the second trial course C was the chairman of the public moral committee, unzen\\
practically those who fought against jiro-chan and the others were first year members of the public morals committee chosen by the chairman\\
all of them passed just a little while ago even if with a lot of troubles\\
… I see, I was curious about the method medaka-san used to involve unzen-kun in this\\
from what you said she proposed him to make unzen-kun’s successors interact with the candidates\\
yeah… and after that at the next crossroad\\
they splint into the kikitsu-yojirou team and the kikaijima-kibougaoka team and then continued in order to reach the rooftop\\
I see… so let’s try to split ourselves in two teams too\\
The problem is how should we split up…?\\
in that case I want to be paired with kumagawa-senpai\\
are you ok with that!!?\\
all the five of them are part of us not equal\\ that’s correct but how this you see through that this time?\\
I don’t think that kumagawa told that to you\\ or did you just tricked me a second time?\\
This time I did not trick you, it was pure speculation\\
They get along too much well\\
In this event without an example of cooperative play\\
The candidates were supposed to be in a position which they had to compete one against the other\\ and yet I did not see any signs of rivalry or strife\\
… you didn’t think that\\
it is\\ so beautiful to see people get along well\\
geez, kumagawa even did that bothering thing\\
he must have a particular sense to pick up all not equals among the ones who wanted to participate in this program\\
but didn’t you do a mistake when you chose the people for this mission?\\
among the different people you had to send in you should have to sent in a group of people that weren’t friends\\ to find out a single person is a lot more difficult that to find out a group of five people right?\\
you are right… but I have to make a confession to you\\
I wasn’t the one who chose\\
That group of 5 people who gets along so well survived only by chance from kumagawa-kun’s “cruel selection”\\
… in other words the number of people that you sent among the 600 that were interested to participate originally was a lot bigger\\
well that’s probably right\\
by the way how many not equals did you send that that?\\
60 people\\
“ well I have to say that I’m really surprised”\\” that you wanted to pair up with me”\\
“to be honest I thought that you just hated me”\\” isn’t that the other face of love?”\\
don’t be so full of yourself, trash, go to die, you really disgust me\\ do not misunderstand me please, kumagawa-senpai\\
I will have your scalp\\ I just wanted wani-chan and akune-senpai to be alone together\\
I think that even if something happened in the past\\ it is better if wani-chan get her chance to properly talk with akune-senpai\\
“… I see” “but”\\
“I did not thought“\\”that kouki-chan would have such innocent hope”\\
I’m only thinking that kouki-chan was lucky when we split the team”\\
“But in any case”\\ “ it is unexpected for me that you have the spare time to do that kind of things”\\
“I was just thinking that your mission as not equal is to become medaka-chan’s successors”\\” and nothing more than that”\\
… do not misunderstand that too kumagawa-senpai\\
it is not like we don’t have nothing more than that for ourselves\\
we are part of anshinin-san, we are like computer’s terminals to her\\
but it is not just that\\
every one of us has an ego\\ a personality\\
a will\\ reasons\\
feelings\\ past\\
life\\ and above everything else, we have our own self\\
“be free”\\”and before being part of us not equal, be yourself”\\
that’s the mission that anshinin-san gave us since the beginning\\17
clock tower fifth floor\\ machine room\\
“it seems that the fifth trial is here”\\
“ what chairman do we have here?”\\
…. Eh?\\
this person, could it be…\\
tsukkii-chan!?\\ jiro-chan!?\\
“… it seems that the routes merge somewhere”\\
“ plus I regret to say this but”\\”the two of them were already defeated”\\
… I cannot believe it\\ leaving jiro-chan aside\\
to think that tsukki-chan was defeated in this kind of event…\\
plus there is another thing I cannot really believe\\
this school is the place were they experimented the flask plan\\
so almost no one should be like her…\\
… I’m the health preservation chairman\\
aka aoiki second year 11th class\\
do you want to try this too?\\ the fourth trial(2)\\
the palace of pain\\ “the perfect melancholy”\\
kumagawa-senpai maybe this has nothing to do with you but\\
listen to me for the time being\\
that person is a not equal like us\\
plus she use a rare form of attacks\\ she is a wide-area extermination skill holder\\
side text: the atrocious game starts!!\\
bottom: next chapter takarabe and kumagawa will meet the end of their life into the trap that aka laid\\

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