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Medaka Box 104

box 104: a skill holder and an unskilled

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jul 30, 2011 19:28 | Go to Medaka Box

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I added the name of the characters, I hope that it is more easy to read like this

box 104: a skill holder and an unskilled\\
text: that skill is the brutal one!!
Taka: be careful kumagawa senpai, this person is a not equal like me\\
Box: aka aoiki
Class: second year 11th class\\
Blood type: AB
Occupation: health preservation chairman\\
Taka: plus she is a skill holder\\
Kuma: “what did you do to those two? “It seems that they are suffering a lot”\\
Aka: what? That’s only a punishment game, kumagawa-senpai\\ the fourth trial that I administer “the perfect melancholy”\\
Aka: I scratched with them\\ as I pitied then to not be able to pass my trial\\
Aka: this is one of the one trillion skill of anshinsan that I borrowed “the five forks”\\
Aka: my opponent scratched by this claws is attacked by a disease… in other words it is a skill that “manipulates diseases”\\ If I feel like it I can even cause cancer or an heart attack… today I just feel like a cute summer fever\\
kuma: “a skill that manipulates diseases, huh”\\
kuma: “that’s not a skill that I would think the health preservation chairman would have…”\\
aka: ahaha! I can “manipulate” them so… obviously I can even cure diseases\\
aka: the mission that anshinin-san gave me in the first place was\\ to act in order to that no one would be killed in hakoniwa\\
taka: a skill that has the power to both heal and cause a desease\\
taka: If I have to classify it I would say that it is close to a minus skill\\
kuma: “ it was because of anshinin-san that no one died in this crazy school, geez”\\
kuma: “ I wonder to what extent she has us in the palm of her hand”\\
aka: ahaha! What is happening today is little related to skills not equals or anshiin-san\\ Today I’m just one of the chairmen that will test you in the 4th trial\\
aka: well them it is time for you to decide\\
aka: “the perfect melancholy”… will you do it or not?\\
taka: …? This perfect melancholy is only a variation of the “concentration*” card game so\\
TLN: not sure if this is the right name, but it is a card game where you gain a point id you pick up two cards with the same number\\
aren’t there too much cards?\\
aka: that’s right takarabe-chan\\
aka: “the perfect melancholy” uses two decks of cards\\ in other words the playing cards for 2 teams\\
taka: two teams?\\
aka: yes\\ in the normal confrontation card game you just have to get the same digit but\\
aka: in this game you have to the same seed too\\
aka: plus what we will compete for will not be the “number of cards” but the “digits” of the cards we got\\
aka: the digit on the card one gets will be the score for that player\\ ultimately it is a game were the total number of points is important\\
taka: in other words if you get the “k” card you earn 13 points but\\
with the “A” card you will get only a point right?\\
aka: more or less like that… you are a quick learner\\ but the “A” is a special card so it amount to 14 points\\
aka: in other words the card that gives you the least points is the “2”\\
aka: the card points go from 2 to 14 so\\ in other words you will compete for the 416 points that are in the cards\\
taka: even if you take all the four “2” pairs only with a single “8” pair the other group will catch up with you…\\
taka: the key to obtain victory is if you are able to memorize well or not the cards with the larger number\\
aka: plus it is different from the normal “concentration”\\
aka: as it follow the rule of complete turn\\
taka: complete turn…\\
aka: yeah… in “concentration” if you get a normal pair you continue and turn another card, right?\\
aka: in this case we will negate that bonus\\ no matter if you get the right card or not, you can turn only 2 cards per turn\\
taka: in other words you must be able to control your destiny to your utmost ability…\\
more than a game this seems like a memory test to me…\\
kuma: “hey, aka-san” “it seems that there are 106 cards on the table after I counted them”\\
kuma: “that’s means that the joker is among them right?”\\
kuma” how many points is the joker worth?” “if it wasn’t counted in your previous sum it means…”\\
kuma: “that is worth 0 points right?”\\
aka: … You are exceptionally attentive\\
aka: I would say that you are prudent ort just nervous\\I would say that something frightens you\\
kuma:”… eh?” ”could it be that she hates me?”\\
taka: … that’s obvious\\ kumagawa-senpai weren’t you the one who sealed anshinin-san in the past?\\
aka: the joker is what you would call a shuffle card\\ because there is a great number of cards surely the match will take a lot of time\\
aka: you must have something to heat up the game right?\\ even is only for a little bit, this is a game after all\\
aka: if one draws the joker the cards on the field will be re-arranged\\ an then after that we will memorize the cards again\\
kuma: ” and in the case both jokers are draw out together?”\\
aka: I’m explain that so shut up for a moment\\
kuma: “yeeees”\\
aka: in the case you draw both jokers in your turn\\
aka: the score of the respective players will be shuffled\\
taka: in other words no matter if you are losing…\\ if both the joker are drawn the situation will be literally inversed, right?\\
aka: if you see thing from the point of view of the player that was losing\\
aka: on the other side if the winning player for the mid game\\ carelessly draws the jokers his position will be reversed\\
aka: well this is only a consolation to the sake to call this a “game”\\ I had to add a rule that would reverse the situation in one shot\\ otherwise it would only have been a memorization test\\
aka: the explanation of the rules ends here! They are simple that you thought right?\\ if you can win you will pass from here\\
aka: if you lose you will be scratched by this claws for penalty\\ but don’t worry! I will give you the right medical treatment later\\
taka: I have to admit that as long as the rules are concerned this is nothing more that a “concentration” card game with a little complicated procedure\\
taka: but I don’t thing that tsukkii’s group would lose a game of this level!\\
taka: probably there is something wrong with this game\\
taka: it seems that there is something behind tsukkii-chan and jiro-chan’s defeat\\
taka: in any case it seems that aka-san has her mission as health preservation chairman\\
taka: but we have our mission to become kurogami-san’s successors so… we will not be abandoned in this place…\\
taka: … I understand\\
taka: I don’t know why but\\ this seems like an interesting game\\
aka: so… takarabe-chan will participate\\ it will be a good match as we are both not equals\\
aka: then\\ what will you do, kumagawa-senpai?\\
kuma: “ well I follow the doctrine that cards are only for fools!”\\
kuma:”well I’m getting tired of this so probably I will retire here”\\
kuma: ”I will devote myself to support takarabe-chan”\\”do your best, takarabe-chan!” ”I’m here for you”\\
taka:… well kumagawa-senpai is this kind of person after all\\
taka: rather it is a miracle that he participated to this seriously until now\\
taka: he lose interest when we were in the same pair\\
taka: ok\\let’s begin\\
taka: open the game!\\
tachi: juunichou you cannot do that while you are working\\ to read a book\\
juuni: tachiarai… you are the one who cannot do that\\
juuni: that is to abandon your designated place\\
tachi: ahaha well they got divided in teams with two or less members so\\
tachi: I cannot use the third trial I devised beforehad\\ so I have to leave it to the others chairmen\\
juuni: …I see\\
juuni: probably that’s your way to work after all\\
tachi: at this time someone should be playing at aka’s place\\
tachi: she is doing an instance of the “concentration” card game called “perfect melanchony”\\ speaking of it juunichou, you have a good memory! Do you think you can win again aka in that game?\\
juuni: that’s impossible\\
juuni: as long as you think of it as a card game\\
juuni: you cannot win against aka-san\\
aka: the shuffle cards are almost exhausted compared to the beginning of the game\\ the match is already finished right?\\
taka: guuuh…\\
taka: I still can do it!\\
taka: there should be still a lot of picture cards left\\
taka: If I draw a “K” couple I will have chances to win…\\
taka: I got the wrong one again… why!? I don’t understand it!!\\
taka: it is inevitable that aka-san that should be accustomed to this game had an high grade of efficiency when it comes to draw cards but\\
taka: why I’m not able to draw the same cards!?\\
aka: ah\\ a draw a “K” couple\\
aka: with this I have already surpassed 208 points\\no matter how much you struggle it is my win anyway takarabe-chan\\
aka: well this your level after all\\
aka: don’t feel discouraged takarabe-chan… even if we are both not equals\\ there’s not way that a skill holder like me would lose to a powerless not equal like you\\
TLN: but if the joker couple was not drawn until now this is aka’s defeat…\\
taka: … you said the same thing to jiro-chan and tsukkii-chan\\right?\\
take: something like “it is normal for a powerless to lose”\\
take: right?\\
aka: … who cares, I forgot about it\\
aka: what would you do if I said that?\\
take: In that case!\\
take: I will never forgive you!!\\
aka: … instead of saying that after a great defeat shouldn’t you say something like “forgive please”\\ “I’m sorry to have challenged you without understanding my own position” right?\\
aka: the rules say that this is a punishment game so I have no other choice but enforce them but\\ if you become meek and admit your defeat I will end this with a light disease ok?\\
take: … no I will not apologize\\
taka: scary\\
taka: scary\\
taka: scary\\
taka: I really hate to lower I head before other people\\
taka: I will never apologize\\
taka: to someone like you\\ that bullied my friends!!\\
aka: I see\\
taka: k-kumagawa-senpai!?\\
take: eh… why…!?\\
kuma: “aaahaa”\\
kuma: “dammit I was careless”\\
Kuma: I ended up liking another girl again”\\
Kuma: ”since the past”\\”I was a man that was easily charmed”\\
Kuma: “aka-san… I think that there will be no problems if I will be the one to take the punishment instead of takarabe-chan”\\” plus let’s continue” “I will challenge you” “at this so called melancholy!”\\
aka: I suggest you to stop, kumagawa-senpai\\
aka: right now you have been infected with an influenza class fever\\ if you add another desease to that your life will be in danger\\
kuma:“ehehe” “you are a kind person, aka-san”\\
kuma:“but you don’t have to worry about those things” “even anshinin-san wouldn’t tell you to protect my life”\\
kuma: “rather why are you so sure that I would lose?” “are you afraid that I would unexpectedly win perhaps?”\\
kuma: “your name will remain in history as the first person who has lost to me” “That’s embarrassing!”\\
aka: why he did say such a thing after seeing the last match?\\
aka: could it be that his head already feels dizzy…?\\
aka: ok let’s do it\\
aka: but don’t think that I will feel pity for you when you will lose\\
as you are already aware I really hate you\\ in any case I will give you the right to do the first move as an handicap\\
kuma: I don’t need the right to the first turn” ”in exchange for that let’s do this”\\
kuma:”Let me seal your trickeries\\
taka: t-trickery?\\ what are you talking about, kumagawa-senpai?\\
kuma: “it is quite a simple story”\\
kuma: ”the cunning thing that she did during her match against you”\\ “and probably she did in her match against kikitsu-chan and yojirou-chan”\\
kuma: “even if I say that, it is not a big deal” ”she only did a simple card switch”\\
kuma: “she waited for an opening and with her left hand”\\”she switched the picture cards or the ace cards with this or that cards”\\
taka: …! She did something that simple!\\
taka: but… I see, as this is a game that challenges you memory\\
taka: if she does that switch you will think that your get the card wrong because you did not remember well…\\
kuma: “you left hand is really something special” After this you will explain us it frightening ability”\\
kuma: ”because unconsciously it attracted the attention of your opponent on the right hand”\\ “it is was they call misdirection”\\
kuma“ you use two sets of cards in order to enlarge the area of the field and to increase the death angles” “The point system is made so the card that are picked by your opponent have the lowest score”\\
kuma: the two shuffle cards exist to erase the uncomfortable feeling that would produce a yield during the match”\\” all your rules exists in order to support your foul play”\\
kuma: “that’s the reason the cards are fixed like this”\\
“obviously I will release them when we have to turn the card or during the shuffle but”\\”with this it will be impossible to replace the cards or switch them”\\
kuma: “I don’t think that tricks are against the rules but” “let’s do this fair and square!”\\
kuma: “this is a card game after all”
kuma: “I don’t need handicaps” “or I should say that it was for you guilty conscience”\\
kuma: “in the case I win also consider the three candidates” ”and make all of us pass this trial”\\
kuma: “Plus another thing” “if I win”\\
kuma: “from tomorrow onward your school uniform will be a naked apron”\\
naked apron senpaiiii!!\\
aka: … ok let’s go then\\let’s\\open the game!!\\
aka: as expected from him… but kumagawa-senpai\\ there is another trick behind the rules of the “perfect melanchony”\\ are you sure that you were able to see through all this?\\
side text: the most unlocked minus declares his was to the not equal!!\\
bottom text: next chapter how will challenge kumagawa the trap behind the perfect melancholy!?

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