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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Buyuden 19

Chapter 19: Watari VS Moka

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Aug 3, 2011 18:16 | Go to Buyuden

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Proof by max mahito

They speak of "mass boxing" here, not sure if it is the real term. If someone can help, it would greatly appreciated.

Mitsuda Takuya
Starting today, I will be training here too. I feel a little anxious, but I have great expectations!!\\
Insert Text: Star Gym Arc starts!!\\
Left Text: The first acclaimed volume is out for sales now!!
Chapter 19: Watari VS Moka\\

Insert Text: On one side, Isamu and Moka have just joined the gym, while on the other side the one who had quit is…\\
SFX: Miin Miin (the cell phone I think)
Name Plate: Hoshi
SFX: Zugagaga Banon (Video gaming sound)
Small bubble: Kyu Kyu
SFX: Gatcha (Sound of opening a door and coming in)
What is this, Hyouma?\\
Even though it is summer break, do you intend to pass your afternoons in the room with air-conditioning while playing games?\\
Where is Mom?\\
She went to do shopping\\

SFX: Guwa Guwa (gulping sound while drinking)
SFX: Koto (sound when one places the glass on the table)
Ah that’s right, your friends Take-kun and Moka-chan…\\
They joined our gym\\
Even though they are preparing for the entrance exam to a private middle school,\\
They are really enthusiastic to study and practice boxing at the same time\\
Shut up, I don’t care\\
What do you want from me!?\\
SFX: Meki Meki (grab soomeone’s neck by force and you will hear this sound)
PRN: English quivalent of this will be Ack Ack!
I think that someone said something rude to me…\\
I give up!\\
What do you think you can achieve\\
With that kind of attitude\\

Until when do you plan to be depressed because of that inferiority complex?\\
You were planning to show off in front of a woman and an amateur and when she defeated you, you lost your self confidence completely?\\ You are really a big loser\\
But you know, it is not the one who defeats you or the number of consecutive defeats you piled up that makes you a loser\\
As long as you have the will to react against frustration and you don’t lose your fighting spirit....
and your self confidence… you will still be a “fighter”, not a loser\\

I don’t have anything more to tell you if you really have lost all your attachments with boxing\\
But, it is impudent for someone, that did not do road walk for almost a year…\\
To think that he can win against Moka-chan, who never has missed her training\\
Don’t be deceived just because you have talent\\
SFX: Batan

Board: Star Gym
This is the way in which you roll the bandages\\
It is required when you train in the gym\\
It is required if you want to train in the gym\\
In order to not hurt your firsts, be sure to remember rolling the bandages before training\\
Incredible… it is just like, these are not my fists anymore\\ I have the feeling that my whole hand became tense\\

SFX: Basu (punching)
SFX: Dosun (punching)
SFX: Bata (punching)
Ok Take-kun, come this way\\
I will teach you…\\
Ooh… finally, they will teach me how to throw punches…!!\\
The basis of the boxing which is The Jab, while looking at the mirror\\
Take-kun, do you use your right hand when you have to hold your sticks, your pencil or when you throw a ball?\\
So, the right stance should be ok\\ Put your body in a diagonal stance like this\\Ok, now try to copy me\\

SFX: Pita (sound made by floor when you take a stance).
Good, we are almost there, put your fists nearer to your chin\\
Yeah, that’s looks good\\
It is not an exaggeration to say that your left jab is the most important punch as it permits you to measure the distance from your opponent and to create your own rhythm\\
At first, we will stress on speed and precision over strength…\\

Your fists must have a light grip until the moment you hit, aim to the right eye of your image reflected in the mirror,\\
And without opening your elbow…\\
Throw your punches with the shortest range possible\\

SFX: Shu Shu (punches)
Ah, hello\\
Ah, Watari-kun\\ You do not have anything to do in particular with my father today.\\
Ah, really? Ok, I will train by myself alone then\\
Ah… hello\\

SFX: Pan (punching)
SFX: Ba\\ Bi
SFX: Dozu (punching)
Ok, last 30!\\
Then, can I do Mass* boxing today?\\
Text: Mass Boxing: A training in which you don't hit your opponent with your punches and it has the form of a real battle\\
Ah ok. So wait a little while I prepare, ok?\\
Ah, no\\ I don’t want to do it with you\\
But, with that girl\\
Eh!?\\with Moka!?\\
It seems that moka has a long carrier\\ She is good, right?\\
Ah… yeah, you are right but…\\ She just joined us…\\
In mass boxing, you don’t hit your opponent so it should be good right?\\
I could not do actual combat training because there wasn’t someone with my same physical constitution here and I really want to do it now\\

Ok\\ if we just do mass boxing, it is not dangerous\\
Just as I thought,\\ it is boring if you can’t train with an opponent of your same class\\
Then go easy today, a light match so that you can know the level of your opponent\\
Hey, Harumi and that girl are doing mass boxing\\
Wow, could it be that that girl is strong?\\
moka and that guy are doing mass boxing…!?\\

Sorry, but… what is mass boxing…?\\
Hey watari-kun, what about your headgear!?\\
You don’t use them in mass boxing, plus it is hot today\\
And even if we do a mistake and I’m hit, they are only punches from a girl so I should be ok\\
SFX: Bii (“Start!” bell sound)
What is this… she speaks like she is more important than Akina-san without any hesitation\\
All are punching related sounds.
SFX: Nayon
SFX: Shyu Shyu
SFX: Pan
SFX: Hyu Hyu
SFX: Shyu Shyu
SFX: Pan Pan

Hey are you sure that she is stopping her firsts just before she hits?\\
Watari-kun this is mass! Do things a little more safely\\
SFX: Shyu Shyu
Incredible, just like a machine gun\\
So, that’s national level jab…!!\\
SFX: Kyu (slide backward)
I see\\
You are good at keeping your distance\\
SFX: Hyu
SFX: Pan
In that case…\\

SFX: Kyu (slide forward)
you don’t like when people enter your guard at your bosom\\
SFX: Don (punch)

SFX: Kyu (slide)
Ah, sorry!\\ I thought that you would dodge that and yet I hit you… are you all right!?\\
I see… so you have that kind of personality then\\
Insert Text: How will moka react to this premeditated faulty behaviour!?\\
Box: To be continued in issue #38.
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