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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Medaka Box 105

Box 105: “I just like it”

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Aug 3, 2011 20:36 | Go to Medaka Box

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What 3 release in a single day? am I become mad?
No it is just a way to celebrate my 200th release!!!

“don’t worry”\\
“I’m on the side of the weak persons”\\
Box 105: “I just like it”\\
fourth trial(2) perfect melancholy\\
It is a variation of the confrontation card game which you have to draw two cards that must have not only the same number but also the same mark\\ the way in which you count the total amount of points is a strange variation of the “confrontation”\\
Taka: he sealed aka-san’s card switch by fixing the cards with his screws but\\ I wonder what would be the best tactic to play this game…\\
Taka: if you draw both the jokers on the field their points will be switched\\ so if you are not careful when you take the lead things can get bad…\\
Tsukkii: no takarabe-chan… once the joker is draw, it is removed from the field\\ plus the probability to draw them together in the same hand is almost zero\\
Tsukkii: so as best strategy you should just be sure to draw cards with the highest points\\
Tsukki: it is impossible to memorize all the 106 cards from the beginning,\\ so the principal challenge consists in if you are able or not to pin in your memory the position of the A-K-Q-J cards\\
Tsukki: I’m sure that kumagawa-senpai is trying to the same thing\\
Tsukki: no matter what kind of uncooperative guy he is\\ he cannot ignore this theory\\
TLN: not sure who is talking now, it should be aka or taka, I will add a name when I’m sure the speaker changes in next page\\
… kikitsu is right\\
box: to aim to the picture cards and aces is the standard strategy for this perfect melancholy\\
box: and that amateur who is not able to hold that basic strategy\\
box: will fell prey of the health preservation chairman, aka aoki’s claws\\
box: if you only put your attention on the picture cards and the aces the number of cards that you have to remember is 4*4*2 decks, for a total of 32 cards\\
box: on the other side those few 32 cards have a certain charm from the total 106 cards that you can distinct with difficulty but…\\
box: but the reality is not like that\\
box: indeed those cards taken singularly have an high score\\
box: but their total number is scarce \\
box: their total sum inevitably will not be enough… in other words\\
narrator: that’s right! Even if you temporarily have all the 32 cards\\
narrator: the total sum of point you will have will be inferior to the total sum of the remaining cards\\
box: obviously in practice things will not be divided so clearly but\\ the complete turn system was introduced to split the point in that very manner\\
box: while the opponent will take things easy she will drag him in a death angle\\
box: aka aoiki used her misdirection to switch cheap cards\\ and the application of this strategy is the exhibition of her characteristics\\
box: obviously on your side to reduce your opponent’s memorization power you must not forget to put him under pressure\\
aka: you know kumagawa-senpai\\
aka: when you will lose I will have to punish you so, what kind of disease do you want?\\
aka: you seem to be fine with high fever… maybe a incurable disease that gives a much more painful sensation is good\\ something like the disease that affected the main character of a cell phone novel that I read some time\\
box: but it is quite plausible that\\ she was committing an error when she tried to make his opponent feel under pressure\\
box: her opponent is the person that she hates the most the loves pressure words more than anything else\\
kuma: “I draw two 8 of hearts”\\
kuma: “I gained 8 points”\\
box: kumagawa is a minus\\ that crawls on chaos and disorder\\
taka: eh…? Kumagawa-senpai\\ since the beginning drew a lot of number cards but…\\
taka: isn’t he aiming for picture cards and aces?\\
kuma: “this game is unexpectedly simple”\\ “well against a someone totally imperfect like me”\\
kuma: “it is absurd to try to get a perfect win”\\
aka: he is using the strategy that aims for high cards…?\\
aka: then could it be that he is using my same strategy… no\\
aka: just a moment ago he normally drew a Q card…\\
aka: could it be that this guy memorized all the cards without a plan or something like that?\\
aka: only juunichou and medaka-chan should be able to do such a thing…\\
anshin: probably a boy called kumagawa misogi will transfer here in hakoniwa school, but you cannot absolutely challenge him\\
anshin: the skill that I gave you the “five forks” cannot possibly oppose to him because he is a bizarre and mysterious person\\
aka: 4 of spade and ace of hearts\\
aka: I got it wrong\\
kuma: “so now it is my turn”\\
kuma” hum… I already forgot most of the cards that I memorized in the beginning but”\\ the ace of hearts should be around here…”\\
taka: eh…\\what…?\\
aka: you almost tricked me kumagawa-senpai\\
aka: now\\ let me see what you hide in that hand, please\\
kuma: “eeeh”\\
kuma: “ to think that I believe that you would not find me out”\\
kuma: “oh well” “I have to compliment you because you were able see through this”\\
kuma: “aka-san”\\
aka: eh…\\just as I thought\\
aka: when you put again the screws on the cards that were flipped you changed the type of screws\\
aka: to think that you spoke of “fair play” I’m really surprised\\ this is the first time I see someone mark the cards in such a way\\
kuma: “ahaha” “that’s right”\\
kuma: “in this deviation of “confrontation” you have to remember not only the digits but also the marks, so it is a real pain in the ass”\\
kuma: “that’s why I made the heads of the screws correspond to the marks of the cards!”\\
kuma: “every time we turned a card I would switch the screw”\\
cheese shape\\
truss shape\\
round plate shape\\
plate shape\\
taka: he did an unthinkable thing…\\ to think that he would use a trick with the same method he used to seal his opponent trick…\\
kuma: don’t say something like “it is against the rules”, aka-san!\\
kuma: ” this is not a lot different from what you did to takarabe-chan and her friends”\\
aka: obviously I will not say that… but\\
aka: now on change the screws and use the same form for everyone of them\\
box: after they changed the screws that fixated the cards, the game restarted\\
box: surely aka was quick to notice kumagawa’s trick, but at that point of time he already took the lead with almost 20 points\\ it can easily thought that it would not be so simple for aka to regain the gap\\
box: but in reality aka immediately catch up with kumagawa\\
box: and then quickly surpass him\\
box: more that aka’s hectic chase\\
box: it was exactly kumagawa the was unable to draw the same cards\\
box: obviously there was a trick in his low performances\\ when they removed the screws, taking advantage of the confusion\\
aka, as usual, with her left arm rearranged the the cards on the field in confusion\\
box: it was a trick to seal a trick\\ used to seal another trick\\
box: kumagawa misogi and aka aoiki showdown\ surpassed the border of confrontation and become an all out battle\\
box: at this point it clearly displayed the form of a tricks battle\\
box: and then after 30 minutes\\
aka: I got\\ the king of squares\\
aka: Now my total points surpasses the 208 points\\
Aka: I don’t know how many points do you have now but\\ this is my victory kumagawa-senpai!\\
Aka: thanks for participating to the fourth trial you all lost, thanks for you hard work\\
Aka: fuu… halfway there things got bad, but after the whole thing finished it wasn’t that difficult\\ well nothing will change if I give an incurable disease to someone like him, a suitable anemia or something like it should do the trick…\\
Kuma: “no”\\
Kuma: “We can still go on aka-san”\\
Kuma: “didn’t you notice it, aka-san?”\\
Kuma: “the shuffle cards”\\ “we did not turn over any of the two shuffle cards”\\
kuma: “in other words there is another possibility to turn the situation”\\
kuma: “ if me or you draw two jokers in the same turn”\\”we will switch our points”\\
aka: are you really saying that?\\
aka: I never draw that pair in this kind of battle situation\\ if I would draw a joker, then I could easily choose another card that I remember that is not a joker\\
aka: in other words you don’t have other choice but to draw two consecutive joker with your own strength\\
aka: do you really think that you will be able to realize that miracle?\\
kuma: “sure” “ all the jokers are my friends”\\
kuma: “ I’m sure that they all run under my influence”\\
aka: that’s only your megalomania\\
box: while she was saying that, from this turn onward aka will\\ begin to act in order to crush the joker more that draw the same cards\\
box: she will abandon her effort to match card and to count point and\\ she will do nothing but to paint out a blank map\\ and turn cards that are were still not turned just like she would do to lay waste on a virgin soil\\
box: but\\
taka: 8 cards remained and two of them are jokers…\\
taka: in this situation it would not be strange if she draws the both of them in the same turn!\\
aka: kuh\\
aka: I know that the two cards on the up left side are the 7 of flowers and the 4 of hearts\\ and among the remaining six another one (I forgot its digit) should have been already turned one time\\ then the cards that were still not turned are 5 and the jokers are among them\\
kuma: “yeah” “I think I appear soon but”\\
kuma: “ no, I missed”\\” it seems that I was the only one who thought of them like friends”\\
box: obviously, kumagawa completed the 7 of flowers and only 6 cards remained on the field\\
box: within them\\ 4 cards could be the jokers\\
aka: this stupid phenomenon…\\ the rule to shuffle the points was only\\ there to create the misdirection…\\
aka: just like anshinin-san said…\\ he is unpleasant to an immeasurable level…\\ the existence itself of this man is a trick!\\
box: the card that she draw with a trembling hand was the 9 of spades\\ with an unusual feeling that card\\
box: seemed to her even more unlucky than the joker\\
box: the remaining card now were only 3\\ he has the 2/3 of probability to draw the joker but\\
box: while thinking that in the remaining 1/3 of probability to miss\\ kumagawa would automatically win, she could not easily move\\
box: obviously there was the escape move to chose a safe card\\ but even that would mean to a step from the cliff\\
box: with 1/3 of probability she would give the victory to kumagawa under her nose\\ surely a tiger to the front gate and a wolf to the rear gate*\\
TLN: it means that she in a situation with no way out\\
Text: with 1/3 of probability\\
Text: aka’s tomorrow will be a naked apron!!\\
aka: kumagawa-senpai\\
aka: I have a suggestion\\
kuma: “I refuse”\\
aka: why we don’t both retire from this match?\\
aka: I will make all the four of you pass…\\
kuma: “no”\\
aka: obviously I will cure all your diseases\\
aka: and I will even cure all the bad things that you have in your body…\\
“too late now”\\
aka: forgive me please\\
aka: I’m sorry…\\
kuma: “I’m not sorry”\\
kuma: “hurry up!”\\
“but from now on I will allow you to wear that nurse cap from tomorrow too… ”\\
kuma: “!” “takarabe-chan…?”\\
taka: Let’s stop here kumagawa-senpai!\\
taka: let’s forgive her!\\ ok!?\\
taka: stop this already, please…\\
taka: If you don’t do that\\ I will not call you senpai anymore…\\
kuma: “ all the members will pass and you will cure us” “plus apologize”\\
kuma: “not to me”\\”but to these girls that you looked down because they did not have any ability”\\
kuma: “because that girls are”\\”my”\\
kuma: “cute juniors”\\
tsukkii: I would expect nothing more that a not equal like us!\\
tsukkii: the dullness of my body disappeared like it was a lie!\\
taka: with this we finally passed the fourth trial\\ I feel like we are going to see the end of this even quite soon\\
aka: you can be frantic about this event but\\
aka: just don’t forget your own orders\\
aka: you are probably a not equal like me\\
aka: so do not become too much intimate with medaka-chan and her friends\\
aka: be careful because if you get along well with them in a strange way painful feelings will await you\\
aka: even I\\ cannot heal the wounds in your hearts\\
kuma: ”hum, aka-san”\\
kuma: “ I’m sorry to interrupt a conversation among fellows not equals but” “do you have a moment?”\\
aka: what is it kumagawa-senpai\\ obviously even I cannot heal the disease you have in your heart\\
kuma: “no it is not that”\\”here” ”I was thinking to give you this back”\\
aka: ?\\ what is this…\\
aka: t-the jokers\\
aka: plus two of them!?\\
aka: both of them do not have the hole made by the screws…\\ in other words…\\
kuma: “ well I have to admit it they are really my friends, these two”\\
kuma: “they slippet in my pocket without me noticing it”\\
aka: when he protected takarabe-chan…\\ in that moment while with the right arm he was shielding takarabe-chan on the opposite side stealthy with his left hand\\ he took the jokers that were removed from the field…\\
aka: it was obvious that I could nit draw any joker\\ because they weren’t among the cards on the field since the beginning\\
aka: would I notice that if I accurately counted the point and the cards?\\ no that’s impossible… I would only have thought that I made a mistake while counting the points…\\ it is not like I would thin that there was someone who would have lay a trick like that even before the game started!!\\
aka: … my heart is broken\\
aka: even when you threaten me more than the necessary and were stopped by takarabe-chan…\\ It all went according to your calculations…\\
kuma: “calculations?” “ahaha, what is that?”\\
kuma: “ I never did calculations on my whole life”\\
kuma: “I just like it”\\
kuma: “with thrill and risk I sharpen my nerves”\\ “I’m someone who would bet even in bad circumstances”\\
kuma: “I did not win again”\\
side text: use a trap against a trap, and poison against poison… the battle of mental strains, it had a dramatic conclusion !!\\

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#1. by [Cross] ()
Posted on Aug 3, 2011
Cool story bro. Thanks for your hard work'
Congratz on your 200th translation

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