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Medaka Box 106

Box 106: I don’t have an heart

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Aug 4, 2011 19:28 | Go to Medaka Box

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box: Kurogami medaka presents “treasure hunting”\\
box: against any expectation the members of the school council and the candidates mixed each other and right now the ones who are heading to the top of the clock tower\\ are kikaijima mogan and kibouga okasuishou\\
Box 106: I don’t have an heart\\
Inserted text: dash toward the goal!!\\
Box: kikaijima used again in this tower her acoustic measurements\\
Box: thanks to the reflection and reverberation of her “loud voice” that she has thanks to her lung capacity similar to that of a super woman she is capable of grasp the topography of the tower and the existence of obstacles\\ it is the most suitable thing for this treasure hunting, a sonar\\
Box: but originally kikaijima cannot use this ability alone\\
Box: with her that was the “transmitter” who emitted the sound waves there should be a “receiver” like kurogami medaka capable to be the radar\\
box: but her present partner the candidate kibouga okasuishou\\ is a robot!\\
box: on her whole body she has sensors with high level precision\\
box: she receives the rebounding kikaijima’s voice\\
box: performing an high level analysis impossible for a human being\\
box: with this they evaded all the traps and the trials that are inside of the clock tower!\\
box: they went all through and right now they are heading for the roof\\
kikaijima mogana that displays an inexhaustible supply of energy for money and kibouga okasuishou that was never equipped with the functionality “fatigue”\\ a niggard and an android\\
box: a shy girl and a girl that is not even human\\ they surprisingly were a good match for these kind of missions\\
but… that thrilling charge brought them\\
box: to the 10th floor by opening only safe and examined doors\\
box: and to encounter the “cook hunter” iizuka kuroudo and\\ the “chef” mera konomi\\
box: the double chairman of the diet education committee\\
box: iizuka kuroudo\\ class: second year class 12\\ blood type: AB\\ occupation: chairman of the diet education committee\\
box: mera konomi\\ class: second year class 12\\ blood type: AB\\ occupation: chairman of the diet education committee\\
kikai: eh…? Impossible…\\
kikai: I was sure that there was no one in this room…\\
kuro: hello kikaijima-san\\ I saw each other faces during the reunion of the council but this is the first time we talk like this!\\
kuro: I will tell you the reason why we are we to break the ice!\\
kuro: you measure the acoustic reflection and reverberation of your “loud voice”\\
kuro: but after we understood your plan it was simple to find a countermeasure\\
no matter what kind of sound is if you attack it with a sound with it’s reverse phase you can erase it\\
kuro: your lung capacity that you developed thanks to swimming is incredible but\\ my abdominal breathing that I developed with my gluttony is not bad either, right?\\
kikai: he destroyed sound with sound…\\in other words the performed a voice cancelling similar to the noise cancelling…!\\
kuro: by the way echo measurement is old fashioned in the world of hunting\\
kuro: that’s why they teach you to emit sound from your position\\ so this is the way we used to ambush you\\
kuro: well then my “hunt” finished here\\
kuro: meraly! I leave the rest to your “cook”\\
merari: leave it to me Roudo\\ I will not let your work go to waste\\
merari: I will “cook” this young preys to the bones without wasting anything\\
kikai: w-what!?\\
kikai: a wall full of ingredients!?\\
merari: fifth trial(1) cook showdown\\
merari: I will not ask you something like a difficult question\\
merari: each one of you two will use the ingredients that are here and prepare something\\ obviously we prepared here also kitchen and cooking tool\\
merari: if you will be able to make me say “it is delicious” you will pass!\\
as a chief!\\ I expect cooking abilities that “surpass logic*”!!\\
TLN: logic: 理 cook: 料理 one of those japanese silly puns\\
kibo: monsieur iizuka , mademoiselle nura, as you can see I’m a robot\\
kibo: my energy source is something else, so I don’t need to absorb nutrients\\ in other words I don’t need to cook\\
kibo: for that reason I’m unskilled in cooking\\
kibo: so I have a request\\
kibo: can I challenge that task together with kikaijima-senpai?\\
merari: I don’t care… I don’t say narrow minded things\\
merari: but in that case you just have “one meal”\\ it is not like I decided that you do 2 patterns and only one of you passes\\
kibo: merci mademoiselle\\ then kikaijima-senpai\\
kibo: let’s consult each other a sneakily way while we examine the ingredients\\
kikai: y-you now kibougaoka-san\\ sorry to turn down your expectations bur I cannot cook that well\\
kibo: really?\\but you lived alone for a long time so you should be able to do something right?\\
kikai: well to be honest in the past when I did not have a lot of money often I cook together some news papers and I ate then\\
kibo: don’t worry please… I said that I don’t need to cook but\\
kibo: It is not like I’m not able to analyse the taste\\
kibo: plus in my database are stored several recipes\\
kibo: that’s why cooking is one of my strong points\\ I said a little lie before to make things go smooth\\
kikai: … kibougaika-san do you know the three laws of robotic…?\\
TLN: on the back ground the three laws of robotics are written in japanese
kibo: non!\\ in the robot world we disposed of those slavery laws since a long past\\
kibo: anyway there is a vast selection of ingredients here\\
kibo: even if there are fishes they can be distinguished in those who were left to die naturally and those who were paralyzed in order to maintain their quality\\
kibo: there are even rare ingredients like carob beans and sea snake that would attract your attention but\\ the bird meat goes from the Silkie to several other birds\\
kibo: it seems that the challenge began even before we choose the menu, that it when we have to choose the ingredients\\
kibo: plus that’s not the entire task\\
kibo: not to mention the degree of freshness the maturity of the ingredients… and the so called good flavour\\ my sensors are able to test the ingredients from a culinary point of view\\
kikai:…\\ those are more reason for me to be not needed here?\\
kikai: kibougaoka-san, could it be that you want to join in this for my sake?\\
kibo: non\\ you will be the one to taste the flavors\\
kikai: taste the flavors?\\
kibo: yes… I don’t have an hearth so\\
kibo: even if I’m able to do a “delicious cook”\\ I’m not able to comprehend the so called “delicious” feeling\\
kuro: hey! Until when do you intend to consult each other!?\\
kuro: it is not like the set a time limit but I suggest you to begin this as soon as possible!\\
kuro: you went all the way to get the lead and the other could catch up with you!!\\
kikai: he is right… let’s begin\\
kikai: what do you want to do kibogaoka-san? France cooking right?\\
kibo: surely French cuisine chinese cuisine and Turkish cuisine rival each other as the three great cuisine of the world but\\
kibo: kikaijima-senpai we will use Italian cuisine here\\
kibo: according to my data mademoiselle mera went to study in Italy\\
kibo: during middle school he trained there as a cook\\ let’s place our bet on the possibility that flavours that she is familiar with will be better for her\\
kibo: mademoiselle mera! You said that we can do a meal but\\ it is right consider a entire course as a meal?\\
merari: instead it would be more difficult if you don’t think in those lines\\
merari: I don’t ignore the tradition behind the meals\\ a course is obviously a meal\\
kibo: uoi… we choose as our meal the Italian standard course\\
kibo: kikaijima-senpai for first let’s decide the menu plan\\
kuro: even if you said that this is not a difficult question\\ isn’t this challenge too much simple merary?\\
kuro: if they pass this too easily we will have to give our apologies to kurogami-chan\\
merari: it is good that is simple roudo\\ this is simple for the very reason that meals essence is relief\\
merari: that is namely\\
merari: to live means\\ to eat\\
kikai: the menu should be more or less like this…\\
kibo: uoi! Let’s begin with the practical work\\ first of all let’s prepare the antipasti\\
kikai: but if I have to say the truth I really wanted to cook something more…\\ you don’t have always the opportunity to use so many ingredients\\
kibo: mousier iizuka! I have a question\\
kibo: the ingredients that we will not use here will be used later in the school cafeteria right?\\
kuro: eh? No mostly of them will be discarded\\
kuro: because I don’t desire to over use the\\ seasonal ingredients that I gathered for today\\
kibo: mona mi… sorry but let’s change menu\\ let’s go with one of the three world cuisines\\
kikai: Eh? So we will use france cuisine?\\
kibo: non\\
kibo: chinese one\\
kibo: mousier iizuka, mademoiselle mera\\
kibo: you can taste this…\\
kuro: … what is your intention?\\
kuro: this is not a single meal but more than 100 meals\\ there is a limit on how many meals you can fail\\
kuro: or perhaps you thought something like “it is a waste to throw away ingredients”\\
kuro: in that case that’s only superficiality\\ because what would you do if you committed a transgression against the rules?\\
kibo: non mousier\\ it is not like I thought that the ingredients would be wasted\\
kibo: the thing that I thought it would be wasted was\\
kibo: life\\
kuro: are you saying that to be eaten is like have a memorial service? I would really hate if someone eats my corpse\\
kuro: I cannot close of on my eyes on the infraction of the rules for such hypocrisy\\
kibo: that’s wrong too, maybe I said that in a mechanical way\\
kibo: we did not intended to commit an infraction against the rules\\
kibo: because what we prepared here is the “Manchu han imperial feast”!\\
kibo: the highest peak of Chinese cuisine\\
kuro: the Manchu han imperial feast…!!\\ the imperial cuisine of the Qing Dynasty…\\
kuro: the cuisine that has in it the significance of “Manchu tribe and han tribe’s total cuisine”…\\ literally the full course!!\\
kibo: there is no heart in me\\ there is no life in me\\
kibo: so I want to respect these two things\\
kibo: even if people say to me that I’m an hypocrite\\
merari: she passes\\
kuro: hey merary you did not even eat yet\\
merari: it is ok\\ she already gave me the answer\\
merari: to live is to eat\\ to eat is to kill\\
merari: if someone who understood that is not able to prepare first rate cuisine I will cut my own abdomen\\
kuro: geez, to say such a thing disregarding your position as diet education chairman\\ plus you said that to someone that only imitates human beigns\\
merari: kibougaoka\\
merari: you were really delicious!\\
kuro: … but the real problem is what do we do with this?\\ the Manchu han imperial feast isn’t something that 2 or 3 person can eat alone…\\
kuro: it is a real waste as it is prepared food\\ if we don’t eat it all it would always be a waste\\
kikai: ah don’t worry about it iizuka-senpai\\
kikai: it is just like you said\\ they will reach you soon\\
… reach?\\
tsukkii: the reached you\\
taka: wow what is this it seems delicious\\ nozomi-chan can we eat this!?\\
kibo: oui don’t restrain your self, eat please\\ I’m a machine and I cannot eat with you but\\
kibo: your happy smiles\\
kibo: are the energy that makes me move!\\
text: the smile of victory!\\

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#1. by [Cross] ()
Posted on Aug 4, 2011
arara you're testing me aren't you?
bring it on.

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