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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Medaka Box 107

box 107: I don’t know how to live

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Aug 6, 2011 11:06 | Go to Medaka Box

-> RTS Page for Medaka Box 107

box: clock tower 11th underground floor\\ball game field floor\\
medaka: 7 hundred millions of not equals like you\\ eh\\
medaka: well after I heard that you have one trillion of skills that did not surprise me that much\\
text: on the other side of the treasure hunting…\\
medaka: Bot in that case why don’t you attack us right now with those 7 hundred millions of people?\\
medaka: even someone like me could not endure a fight against 7 hundred millions of people\\
medaka: I think that instead of sending those five under my command\\
medaka: you would have obtained more efficiency if you sent 7 hundred millions of people against me\\
anshin: ha ha ha ha\\
anshin: even if you tempt me in that way, it useless to try to trick me\\medaka-chan\\
anshin: it seems to me, medaka-chan\\
anshin: that those 7 hundred millions of people would be just like soccer balls\\ you just want to kick their asses in a single blow\\
text: there is nothing impossible for that body…!?\\
box 107: I don’t know how to live\\
medaka: I should consider myself lucky\\
medaka: to be overestimated by you in such an extent\\
medaka: but in that case what do you want to do?\\ I don’t think that after you have completed your elegant objective\\
medaka: You don’t have any other intentions after that\\
anshin: yeah… you are right\\
anshin: well I’m scheming several things and I want to try some others but\\
anshin: The thing that I want to obtain as fast as possible is probably to become your friend\\
anshin: not an enemy, not an ally, not another person, a friend\\ that’s the reason I’m deepening our relationship like this\\
anshin: because even if the one who is the protagonist destroys his enemy’s desire\\ he would grant to his friends their wishes\\
medaka: that’s swallow\\
medaka: and naïve\\
medaka: even if it would be the greatest desire of one of my friends\\
medaka: but it is not a correct thing to do I would turn down him\\ because I would say to him that to correct a wrong desire is a friend’s duty\\
anshin: … well probably you are like that\\
anshin: but\\ what about your friends?\\
anshin: I wonder if they are strong enough to shake of\\
anshin: the hands of not equals like us that they favour, respect and they become unconsciously, innocently and bravely\\ emotionally attached to\\
box: clock tower 12th floor’s passage\\
box: heading to the 13th floor\\
akune: … eh?\\ Why did we end up like this…?\\
box: after they cleared the third trial\\ until they separated with takarabe and kumagawa\\
box: wanizuka shori was still normal\\
box: however after being together with akune kouki and seeing him clear\\
box: several tests and traps of different difficulty laid within the tower without taking a break\\
box: the image that she created alone in herself of the “coward” that was in contraposition with that of the destroyer, was wiped away\\
box: the result was\\
box: that wanizuka shori was lovestruck!\\
TLN: this situation is too much lol\\
Wani: you know akune-dono! Just a moment ago you used an incredible ability ~\\ it was impossible for a lot of human beings to evade that trap!\\ It was a totally charming ability!\\ I have met sever humans beings in my life but no one of them was better then like akune-dono\\ you are not the destroyer anymore… you are more that than!\\ I have no other choice but to call you the august* destroyer!!\\
TLN: akune is called “HAKAISHIN” that means the “destroyer” she still call him “HAKAISHIN” but she changed the last kanji from 臣 to 深 that means deep, intense, beautiful august\\
Akune: this is bad…\\
Akune: indeed she has a stiff and firm attitude…\\ she has looks that make her seems older that her real age…\\ a way of speaking that shows no cowardice…\\ among the candidates she displayed a great leadership…\\ because of her normal behaviour I totally misunderstood her but…\\
akune: she is a total idiot!\\
akune: plus one of those types that will soundlessly fail as human being!!\\
akune: … or rather this girl is in a certain way like me\\ and similar to the current me more than anyone else\\
akune: similar to the self I had when I was the destroyer under kumagawa-san\\ similar to the self I had when I was the prince under nabejima-senpai\\ and similar to my current self that is working as secretary under medaka-san\\
akune: I see, this is unpleasant\\
akune: to abandon one’s self and\\
akune: and become a person that completely depends on other people…\\
wani: what did you say akune-senpai?\\
akune: no…\\nothing…\\
akune: and this is another unpleasant thing\\ in order to depend only on her own self\\ she looked on an useless person\\
akune: I see \\ to nabejima-senpai and medaka-san\\ I looked just like her…\\
akune: now that I think about it, it is just like it was with kumagawa-san\\ they looked at me with pleasure while I continued to fall into laziness...\\
wani: by the way akune-dono\\ according to a mail that I got from nozomi, it seem that on the other route there were the health preservation chairman and the diet education chairmen so\\
wani: what kind of people are the remaining chairmen?\\
akune: they are the breeding* committee chairman, kamimutsuro*-san and the beautification committee chairman megusuno*-san\\ they are both two suspicious fellows with one or two strange habits but\\
TLN: I changed the name of the committee after seeing what this committee does during this chapter…\\
TLN: not sure of the sex of these two persons, I will suppose that they are male and then change according\\
Akune: from my point of view the one we should be more careful of is kakikutsuro-san…\\ he is the president of the karate club\\
akune: …eh\\
akune: what…?\\
wani: akune-dono you are incredible! I’m wordless before your display of erudition!\\
wani: to think that you had such knowledge of our enemies!\\ it seems that the motto “know your enemy, know thyself, and you shall not fear a hundred battles” was made just for you akune-dono\\
akune: no wanizuka-san\\ it is someone that even someone like me would know, as we are from the same year…\\
TLN: wow a bonus page on my medaka? I cannot allow it! I will translate the sfx then!\\
Sfx: nyaaaaaaaaaaaa\\
akune: w-what is this…\\
akune: a mansion for cats…\\
akune: no I should call this a room for cats, maybe…?\\
???: fufufu\\
???: welcome kouki-kun\\
cat: congratulations, this is the 8th trial\\ after you pass this trial only the last one will remain\\ on this route\\
wani: eh… eeeeeeeh!?\\
wani: a cat… spoke…!?\\
akune: calm down wanitsuka-san… this is only ventriloquism\\
akune: one of his special techniques is to talk to animals…\\ and to talk through animals\\
akune: what about stopping hiding yourself and come out\\
akune: the wild child\\ the chairman of the breeding committee kamimutsuro-san!\\
cat: … nyanyan!\\
cat: sorry but I don’t want you to think that we will meet that easily\\ because I have my own circumstances\\
cat: that’s why I will conduct it from here\\
cat: the 8th trial “cats and dogs”!\\
cat: excluding “myself” there are 20 cats in this room\\
cat: you have to catch all those cats\\ and close them in that cage\\
cat: obviously you cannot neither use violence or putting them to sleep with some medicine\\
cat: we don’t have the cook hunter iizuka-kun here so capture them with a soul that cares for animals!\\ catch them gently and close them gently in that cage\\
akune: if you think about it this is a traditional training passed down in the world of martial arts…\\ nabejima-senpai made me do something similar in the judo club\\ that this it weren’t cats but chickens\\
akune: … wanizuka-san\\
akune: try to do this alone\\
wani: eh!?\\
wani: y-you will not help me!?\\
wani: akune-dono…\\
akune: hey wanizuka-san! Probably I even assisted you too much until now\\
akune: this event exists to train the candidates\\ I should at least do this alone once\\
wani: roger! I don’t want to think that I’m a useless girl that is not capable of do anything if akune-dono is not around\\
wani: I will show you my gallant figure akune-dono\\
wani: that’s impossible!!\\
akune: so fast!\\
akune: both in the defeat and in the time needed to give up!!\\
akune: when takarabe-san and kumagawa-san were in our team there was a more trustworthy atmosphere among us but…\\ as long as there isn’t someone that she has to protect she becomes quite useless…\\
akune: plus this is how I’m seen from\\ medaka-san and the others\\
wani: I didn’t think that the cats were so difficult to deal with…\\ they are so agile and smart that the slip from my hands without any difficulty\\
wani: obviously if I used violence it would have been a different story but\\
wani: in addition on their side they use scratch you with their claws without mercy…\\
wani: and even after so much troubles I caught some of them, it is difficult to close them in that cage\\
wani: leaving aside the case when they are one or two… it is impossible to confine all of them in that cage\\
wani: in other words every time I open and close the door of the cage\\
wani: in that moment the cats that are inside that cage use that opening to go out\\
wani: if only the door was a little more small…\\
wani: sorry akune-dono\\ I’m not able to manage this alone…\\
cat: ahaha! It is like a difficult battle drawn in a painting\\
cat: with a real power of that extent you were really lucky to get to this floor\\
cat: well then I will give you a hint\\
cat: a hint to clean this trial\\
cat: probably to you cats seem like they are all the same, but every cat have a personality and things that it likes\\
cat: if they want to be together with another cat\\ or if they don’t like to be together with it\\
cat: in other words what is really important is the order which you put the cats in the cage\\
cat: you should think in order to make the cats to desire to be in that cage\\
wani: I see… in other words it is just like make people cross a river with a ferry\\ the correct way to do things should be to put in the cage for first the cats that go along well\\
wani: if you understand the communication among cats and you alter the environment as much as possible in order to create a good mood… yeah!\\
come on akune-dono! We have all the necessary hints!\\
wani: please solve the problem with an mirable answer!!\\
wani: hum…\\
wani: akune-dono?\\
akune: I can only say that I understand her feelings…\\ more than feel at easy it is confortable\\ the decision to entrust yourself to a person you respect\\
akune: if it was medaka-san she would probably strictly and violently refuse this…\\ if it was nabejima-senpai she decide to help you without you even noticing…\\ kumagawa-san would show you his own self that is even more useless\\
akune: if this girl was a “unconscious assassin” from the not equals\\
akune: that’s wrong wanizuka-san\\
akune: Don’t make yourself mislead by your enemy’s hits\\
akune: anshinin-san would have some sort of interesting expectation on me…\\
akune: but that’s useless\\
akune: rather let’s do this wanizuka-san\\
akune: this is the right answer in this case\\
akune: I cannot be cold towards weak people\\
akune: I know that this is not gentleness but\\ I don’t know any other way to lve my life other than this one\\
wani: put the cage… on the side…!?\\
akune: to research the cat’s personal preferences should be good to but it would take too much time\\
akune: the only thing we need is that the cats do not go out of the cage right?\\
akune: in that case to put the door on the high side should be enough\\
akune: they are not birds\\ they cannot fly in the sky\\
akune: come on now, hurry up and catch those cats, wanizuka-san\\
akune: obviously we cannot throw those cute cats in the cage\\ I will catch them from below\\
wani: … 15\\16\\
wani: 17\\
wani: 18\\
akune: geez\\ she is making such a happy face…\\
wani: 19\\
wani 20!\\
wani haha!\\ with this we cleared the 8th trial akune-dono
wani: wha\\
wani: uwaaah\\
cat: hahaha\\ as it would be expected by akune-kun… I should say but\\
cat: obviously you cannot pass 8th trial with that level of wit\\
kami: well then, shall we begin this contest of strength?\\
kami: the true 8th trial\\ “dog fight”!\\
box: kamimutsuro tsue\\
class second year 11th class\\
blood type AB\\
role: Breeding committee chairman and president of the karate club\\
akune: kamimutsuro-san… what are your intentions\\ after you closed us into this cage…?\\
box: even if he asked that\\ akune kouki was already arrived to the worst possible answer\\
box: “dog fight”\\”inside the cage”\\ the content of the 8th trial derives from those two keywords…\\
side: a nightmare is approaching to them!!\\
below: in next chapter how will they react before the rules of the 8th trial “dog fight”…!?\\

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