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Medaka Box 108

Box 108: there is nothing more supreme that that

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Aug 7, 2011 11:03 | Go to Medaka Box

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akune: the true 8th trial “dog fight”?\\ what is that kakimutsuro-san?\\
akune: it is not like you to give such a pretentious name to a match\\
side: what will be the astonishing task that they will be told to do inside of that cage…!?\\
kami: it is not even like you to play dumb\\ plus it seems that you are doing it on purpose kouki-kun\\
kami: you are resourceful and quick-witted thanks to your intelligence and wisdom!\\ an admired executive of the student council with great intelligence like you akune-kun should have already understood the objective of this match\\
kami: fight\\ defeat the one who is in front of you\\
kami: in a hand to hand fight\\
kami: the time limit is 5 seconds! I will release from that cage only the one who wins\\
orienting final stage! The goal is near… who will obtain the treasure!?\\
box above: rooftop goal\\
second box: 13th floor last trial????\\
TLN: follow the numbers of the floors\\
12th floor: cats and dogs (in charge: kamimutsuro tsue )\\
11th floor: cook hunter and the cuisine artisan, super cook practice (in charge: iizuka kuroudo, mera konomi)\\
5th floor: the palace of pain perfect melancholy (in charge: aka aoiki)\\
4th floor: vote the unpopular, the friendship break-up election (in charge: tachiarai aruko)\\
3rd floor: four continuous showdown on the board, casting boat (in charge: unzen myouri)\\
first floor: reading showdown the reverse sphinx (in charge juuniichou yabumi)\\
below: clock tower 11th floor undergroung\\ ajimu najimi and kurogami medaka right now they are deepening their relationship\\
Box 108: there is nothing more supreme that that\\
wani: d-don’t play with us kamitsuri-dono!\\
wani: I don’t want to fight against akune-dono that I respect a lot!!\\
akune: wanizuka-san…\\
wani: It is all right akune-dono there is no need to worry!\\ I will say it clearly!\\
wani: even if this is a trial I will never have such savage behaviour!\\ even if the opponent I would be supposed to fight is kumagawa-dono but\\
wani: we choose to fight against you and force our way through here!\\ do you really think you can win against akune-dono!?\\
akune on a first glance she seems reliable but for the essential point she is still relying on me…\\ she has a really serious illness… plus that theory doesn’t not confute what kamimutsuro-san said \\
kami: kyahaha! That would be interesting too… hey kouki-kun\\
kami: karate Vs judo! It seems that she is playing the card of the traditions passed down since the ancient times!\\
kami: but you told an inexcusable thing wanitsuka-chan\\
kami: savage\\
kami: that’s not a word that you should use before me and kouki-kun\\
kami: hand to hand fighting stiles are sports\\
kami: to conclude\\ they are not savage violence\\
kami: if I told you to settle this with baseball you would have spoken ill of it saying that it is savage?\\ do you intend to disdain the work of an athlete that\\ renounces to food and sleep to polish his body by saying that his sport is violent?\\
kami: it is true that in origin martial arts were used to kill each other\\ but human beings with logic and intelligence they left behind this way of thinking\\
kami: by making karate evolve in karatedou… and making jujitsu evolve in judo\\ they sublimed that savage killing in an healthy competition\\
kami: for that reason the great effort that made our devoted ancestor spill their blood\\ lets your companion that was reformed from a bad person to a member of the student council\\
kami: act without with nobility without any inferiority complex\\
akune: … just as I thought he reduced to dust her arguments\\ well I have to say that I approve what kamimutsuro-san said as well\\
akune: we lost in the exact moment he closed us here\\ We have no other choice but to do as he says\\
akune: wanizuka-san… it seems that the time which we have to decide has come\\
wani:!!\\ but akune-dono…\\
akune: surely the event in drawing to its end\\
akune: and maybe this it the right time to put an end to team play too…\\
akune: but at least I want you to return the cage into its original position kamimutsuro-senpai\\
akune: with this uneven foothold I cannot use neither throw moves or pinning moves\\ If someone ends up wounded it is not a sport anymore right?\\
kami: ok!\\ or rather I wanted to do that since the beginning\\
kami: houra\\
kami: eh? This is quite light\\
kami: didn’t you exaggerate a little too much with the definition of your muscles?\\
akune: it is better is you don’t think of following those cats and leave the cage wanizuka-san\\
akune: after seeing his superhuman strength you understand now right?\\ even if I have judo, kamimutsuke-san it is not a opponent that can be easily defeated\\
wani: you are again being so humble\\ it is impossible that exists someone in this world that you cannot defeat!\\
akune: kamimutsuke-san is medaka-san brawl companion\\
akune: he is the one that did not collapse after punching each other with medaka-san\\ if I had to decide the ten most powerful people in this school I would surely choose him because he owner of a great strength\\
wani: Incredible akune-dono! You really know a lot of thing about your enemies!!\\
akune: stop saying that…\\ it is not like he is a enemy in normal situations…\\
wani: … but are you sure that we have no other option but to fight?\\
wani: in other words this is different from the second trial “the friendship break-up election”\\ only one of us will go to the last trial…\\
akune: yeah\\ we don’t have other choice but to fight\\
akune: but I have to say\\ that I don’t want really to do this\\
akune:: probably the right choice here is to lose and send wanizuka-san to the last trial\\ since the beginning I accompanied her this just to assist her\\ the only thing that did not go according to my plan is that this happened just a little before the right time\\
akune: but I have to say that I don’t feel like to fight neither for win or for lose\\ I fully realized just a little while ago that with my personality the only thing I can do before weak people is to be gentle with them\\ I cannot shake off the hands that come searching for my help\\
akune: the problem is how make her win without her or kamimutsuro-san noticing that\\ wanizuka-san will probably try to make me win…\\
wani: hum\\
wani: akune-dono
wani: obviously you will make me\\
wani: win here right?\\
wani: While we were on the way here I thought of another wish\\
wani: by all means\\I want to acquire the honour to be the winner of this first orienting \\
wani: that’s because there is no need to make you win this event after I understood that you are not a coward \\
wani: and obviously in the case I win I will renounce to the extra prize, your arm band, so there is no need to worry!!\\
akune: … yeah you are right\\
akune: let’s do it\\
akune: “yeah”?\\”Let’s do like that”?\\”you are right”?\\
akune: hey wait\\ that’ wrong\\
kami: are you ready?\\
kami: in that case let’s begin\\ now! Let’s\\
kami: fight!!\\
wani: good! Let’s begin with one of your moves akune-dono\\
wani: let’s be sure to give to this match a proper shape\\ if this is too much one sided you will not be able to save your face in front of the kamimutsuro-dono!\\
akune: ok\\
akune: I will do as you ask\\
kami: hanemakikomi!?(jump roll up move)
kami: hey that’s not a move you would use against a middle school opponent akune-kun…\\
wani: kah…\\
wani: a-akune-dono…?\\
akune: wanizuka-san\\ the only thing I can do in front of weak people\\
akune: is to be gentle\\
akune: but right now you are not weak\\
akune: you are stubborn\\and totally greedy\\
wani: akune-dono…\\I-I…\\
akune: but the one who should feel ashamed should be me\\
akune: I was the worst\\
akune: I made you even more useless than myself\\
akune: someone like me that did not grow under great masters like kurogami medaka and nabejima nekomi\\ it is not qualified to raise people\\
akune: … when this even will end I will remove you from the next generation formation program\\
akune: probably it is already late but\\ I cannot let the other four end up like you\\
wani: w-where are you going…\\
wani: akune-dono…?\\
akune: to the rooftop… were the treasure is\\
akune: right now I feel very motivated\\ I will win this event\\
akune: and then challenge kurogami medaka\\
akune: I’m still in time\\ and I will start over from now on\\
akune: just as I thought you cannot open this lock from the inside of the cage\\
akune: kamimutsuro-san! This is enough right? As you can see I put an end to this\\ hurry up and open this cage…\\
wani: if I*\\
TLN: until now wani use “JIBUN” to refer to herself in order to show her respect in front of akune, now she is using “WATASHI” that is always a formal way to refer to herself but now it indicates a stronger will that will not submit to akune’s\\
Wani: if I right here fight with valour\\
Wani: you won’t be the worst\\ akune-dono\\
Akune: ah well\\
Akune: at least in theory\\ it is just like that\\
wani: in that case if I put too much vigour in it\\
wani: and win against you what will you do?\\
akune: hahaha if you win\\
akune: a thing that would make me so happy doesn’t exist in this world\\
akune: to be surpassed by those you have raised\\
akune: there is nothing more supreme\\ than that\\
wani: I see\\
kami: that stance! Could it be that her martial art is the eternal rival of the judo together with karate…?\\
kami: I see! It is not like she agreed to what kouki-kun said just because she was silent\\
kami: that’s the martial art that specializes in “savage killing”\\ in other words the martial art that was not made into a sport…\\
text right: the military martial art, combat sambo!!\\
wani: in that case I will show you\\ your supreme moment\\
side text: their pride is at stake!!\\

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