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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Medaka Box 109

BOX 109: I want to become that kind of person

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Aug 8, 2011 20:19 | Go to Medaka Box

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A very enjoyable chapter.
obviouly this needs that a proofreader that "slogs through the horrible grammar I used" before being put in a scan. Good luck!!! :)

BOX 109: I want to become that kind of person\\
box: the military martial arts!\\
box: there is no victory or discipline in them!\\ they are the extreme defensive martial arts which main point lays in “ make your opponent powerless”!!\\
box: and among them the combat sambo used by wanizuka shori\\ doesn’t not have an equal military martial art in all the countries of the world\\
box: it is a martial art the has pinning techniques!!\\
kami: here it is! The tackle with both legs!\\
kami: to a judo user as kouki-kun his blind spots are his legs!!\\
side text: a frontal match!!\\
wani: … he did not tremble even a little bit…! It is like to attack a wall!\\ no… at the moment of the impact he moved his leg toward the rear and avoided the shock…\\
akune: a double legs tackle… not a bad idea bur\\
akune: but in judo there is a move called morote gari\\ it is a countermeasure in order to not be taken off guard when you are attacked at your foot\\
akune: originally jodo did not have any blind spot!\\
kami: that the tawaragaeshi(return sack)!\\
kami: incredible! It is the fist time I see such a big move in a actual fight!!\\
wani: kuh…\\uuh\\
wani: oooooh\\
wani: oooooooooooooooh!!\\
kami: she broke mid air his clutch…\\ or I should say… she undressed just for that reason!!\\
kami: while she is half naked her coefficient of friction will become a lot low… and kouki-kun’s clutch become loose to that extent\\ that girl is stubborn in many different ways!\\
wani: kuah…\\
kami: but she failed to perform her ukemi\\
wani: this is bad! He performed a back mount on me*!\\ and that means…\\
Akune: yeah that’s right!\\
Akune: with this I can connect several a stranglehold on your neck!!\\
Kami: kyahaha! You are getting cooler with every passing second!\\ a stranglehold is the only thing you can do in this situation!\\
Kami: but with this the match is closed\\ in that situation she has nothing more to do\\
Wani: Kuh… no\\
Wani: I can do something…\\
akune: wha… she removed the cloth…\\
akune: have you loosen it beforehand!?\\
wani: hahaha!\\
wani: if I did not have that since the beginning I would not be safe now…\\
kami: probably she would not have escaped if she did not have those cloths but just a moment ago she broke his clutch…\\ kouki-kun chose that stranglehold for an obvious reason… so that way or escaping was too much beyond the expectation of a gentleman like kouki-kun\\
wani: if this was judo it would go against the rules but!\\
wani: unfortunately this doesn’t go against the rules of combat sambo!\\
wani: that’s why I can perform this triangular strangle!\\
wani: because it is not against the ruler\\
wani: what do you think of this, akune-dono!?\\
wani: you don’t have to disdain yourself anymore after you had to surrender to a junior 3 years younger than you\\
akune: … I’m sorry wanizuka-san I have already\\
akune: experienced a triangular strangle recently\\
akune: plus you are not 3 years too early to make me surrender with a pinning technique\\
akune: but 1000 years too earlier\\
wani: damn…
wani: he escaped so easily… I did not think that it would be easy but this is…\\
akune: … however I’m surprised\\
akune: to fight equally with an opponent of my level and block me with a pinning move\\ you are good wanizuka-san\\
wani: hahaha\\ it is an honour to be praised by you\\
wani: equally? Are you kidding me?\\
wani: with only that exchange that lasted few seconds I already feel tired…!\\ an the other hand this guy is not even panting or sweating!\\
wani: probably he is not even holding back… I think that he is coping with my moves with all his strength\\ but even if he is using all his strength he is not serious about this\\ could it be that I’m not able to make this guy fight seriously after all…?\\
wani: It is true that I misunderstood him… this person is not a coward\\ no instead he is in his very prime…\\
wani: …but that’s the problem\\ whatever this is the result of his growth or of the fact he corrected his own conduct\\ there is not doubt that this person changed\\
wani: I cannot met him anymore\\ the destroyer the one who pulverized everything like a sharp blunt weapon\\
wani: that person that helped me\\
wani: I cannot met him anymore…\\
wani: … and I’m ok with that\\ I have to move on that childish admiration already\\
wani: akune-dono\\ from now on I will fight seriously without tricks\\
wani: if I win\\
wani: make me your bride please\\
akune: fine with me\
akune: but in exchange for that if I win\\ from today you will become my disciple\\
kami: this time she used a single leg tackle?\\ impossible… she should already realized that tackles don’t work on kouki-kun!\\
wani: I already knew that tackles would not work\\
wani: that’s why this is a feint\\ a serious feint!\\
wani: a serious jump!\\
wani: that’s right my aim was not the lower body\\
wani: but the second blind spot of judo users… the head!\\
wani: and then a serious frankensteiner *!!\\
TLN: not sure if this is the real name of the move, if someone can help me…\\
Kami: hey that’s not a sambo move but a pro wrestling one \\
Kami: to use it in a real battle or rather… to think that exist someone using that move!\\ but kouki-kun barely set up a defence for that…\\
Wani: incredible akune-dono!\\
Wani: you were even able of cooping with a serious surprise move…\\
Wani: but don’t worry!\\
Wani: I still can go on\\ with serious moves like this!!\\
wani: the serious legs joints blocker\\
wani: the heel holder!!\\
kami: a legs joints blocker…\\
kami: just after she tuned his awareness toward the high part of his body…\\
wani: that’s right! In other words another feint!\\
wani: plus a legs joints blocker is the worst blind spot\\for a judo user…\\
akune: I already told you\\
akune: there are not blind spots in judo\\
kami: that’s a coping method that he could use only if she knew that it would end up like this since the beginning…\\ I new that his ability to predict his opponent’s attacks and stop them was his strong point but… not to such extent!\\
akune: when I was in the judo club I always spared with nabejima-senpai\\
akune: legs joints blocker are the basis of her foul play\\
wani: nabejima nekomi…\\
wani: the king of fouls…!\\
akune: it is not just nekomi-san\\
akune: I was taught completeness by medaka-san\\ and the pain od the minus by kumagawa-san\\
akune:I think that you should be thankful to those people too\\
akune: because\\ I will show you… the legs joints blocker that I inherited from those people!\\
text: complete minus foul move…\\
text: ashigarami(leg block)\\
wani: hyah… gyah…\\
wani: gyaaaaaah!!\\
kami: stop there!\\
kami: the match is concluded!\\
wani: what… wait please makimutsuro-dono!\\
wani: I still…\\ I still did not lose!!\\
kami: Hey wanizuka-san… I already told you right?\\
kami: whatever the stile you use this trial is a sport oriented\\ I cannot allow people to get injuried\\
wani: but… that’s…\\
akune: it is just like kamitsuro-san says wanitsuka-san\\
akune: plus you did well\\
akune: you were able to make me use a foul move\\ in this way the both of us can get out of this kage\\
wani: eh…\\why?\\
wani: the both of us…?\\
kami: what are you talking about kouki-kun!? You are really acting illogically!\\
kami: I told this in the beginning right!?\\ on the winner can get out from that cage!!\\
akune: that’s right\\
akune: but kamimutsuro-san\\ as I told you before the ashigarami is a foul move\\
akune: in a judo match my defeat would be decided in the istant I used a foul move like the ashigarami\\ in other words in a sport oriented match like this one\\
akune: from the point of view of a judo match it is wanizuka-san’s victory\\ from the point of view of a combat sambo match this is my victory\\
akune: the rules said that you would set free only the ones who gained victory\\
akune: hurry up and let us go out\\ it seems that there are only winners in this cage\\
wani: I cannot believe it…\\ without losing concentration for even a second during our match this man worked over such smart plan …\\
wani: he is too exceptional… I\\ I was fascinated by such incredible man…\\
kami: you said something like you renounced to make the both of you pass\\
kami: while in reality for all this time you worked on an idea that would enable you and that girl to pass\\tensai-kun*\\
TLN: tensai: genius\\
Akune: no I did not expect this\\
Akune: I really thought that it was the right time to renounce to collaborative play and for a short time I renounced to make the both of us pass\\ if the match would have been concluded with my initial hane makikomi the trial would have finished there\\
akune: what let me think that there was a way to the both of us to pass this trial was knowing that wanizuka-san was a sambo user\\
akune: and if mamimutsuro followed the idea of sportsmanship\\ there would probably be a way out for the both of us in this 8th trial\\
kami: he was not ashamed to have renounce for a way out once and calmly continued to fight…\\ only someone that is genius can be wise enough to readily adapt to changed circumstances in that way… you fool!\\
akune: by the wani wanizuka-san! About how the match ended\\
akune: it seems that the both of us won\\
akune: what do you want to do?\\
akune: Do you want to be my wife or my disciple*?\\
TLN: I would go for the third option: NAKED APRON!!!\\
Wani: don’t say such teasing things, akune-dono\\ even if I’m happy that I was able to win with my heel holder, you went all the way and used your ashigarami…\\
Akune: I asking that because we are before of kimutsuri-san… plus I could not take it easy when you began to fight seriously\\ I did have any other ulterior motive\\
wani: ok then! From today onward I will be your disciple\\
wani: please guide and encourage me!!\\
akune: yeah!\\ but I very strict!\\
kami: I don’t know what were you thinking when you allowed the council members to participate to this formation program for the candidates\\ but more or less now I’m understanding your aim kurogami-chan\\
kami: you passed the 8th trial\\
kami: now to the final trial!!\\
side test: with a new bond in their hearts… toward the last battle!!\\

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