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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Seiken no Blacksmith 20

Chapter 20: fool, the doctrine of reality 1

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Aug 13, 2011 12:12 | Go to Seiken no Blacksmith

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Chapter 20: fool, the doctrine of reality 1\\
Third district, city hall\\
Are you saying that…\\
You came to retrieve that inhuman’s corpse?\\
Exactly\\ that’s empire ‘s property\\
eh? That’s strange\\ the blacksmith’ favourite girl shouldn’t be there at noon?\\
Patty Boldoin\\
Municipal office clerk\\
A civilian that works at the office and medical affairs\\
(ah)The favourite girl!?\\
Cecily: you are saying that again\\
Anyway long time no see, are your wounds all right?\\
Yeah, they made me rest a lot\\
Plus thanks to your medical treatments I could return here just as you can see\\
At any rate wasn’t your recovery a little too fast?\\
Aria: Cecily is immortal!\\
So what’s wrong? It seems that there is something that troubles you\\
Yeah\\ the truth is that this morning I was preparing my written report…\\
report? Ah, of that inhuman case\\
yeah there were 14 deaths and 20 heavy wounded\\
after reading and rereading I learnt by hearth the extent of the damages\\
and because of that you heart is in pain? You cannot do anything about that\\ it happened really fast\\
I know\\ I know but… is it really true that I could not do more?\\
I’m beginning to think if I would have been able to save more civilians even if I was alone\\
… Can be said that we really did all the thing we could do?\\
Cecily, are you not aiming a little too much high?\\ you cannot deny that we did all the things we could do\\
Plus you have to consider that in the knights there are ways to oppose to demons and inhumans as well\\
like this\\
a tamahagane!\\
that’s right, but this is for medical treatment use only\\ the tamahagane changes according to the duties of the public official that posses it\\
from now on the prayer contract will become the main countermeasure against them\\ Why don’t you learn the prayer’s chant soon as well?\\
well I…\\ I’m not that smart\\
don’t say that by yourself\\
maybe it is better to make you learn with your body…\\
I will be with you, Cecily, so you will be all right!\\
I will work harder!\\
So you don’t need a prayer contract!\\
Patty: eh? Could it be jealousy?\\
(don’t worry) the prayer contract will not steal your position\\ because Cecily always belonged to you!\\
that’s right!\\
and I belong to Cecily!\\
Patty! Aria!(What are you saying!?)\\
Right bottom: Kyaah\\
… ah\\
what the hell, you are already back?\\
arara\\ that was quite mean Reginald\\
those are my honest feelings\\
her only redeeming feature is her strength\\
the fact that she is a woman is redeeming feature itself\\
she is not a woman\\ or rather probably she is not even a human being\\
yeah I know that\\
(arara) a group of big and pathetic men\\
could it be that you are envious of Cecily and the achievements that she obtained alone?\\
what did you say?\\
Cecily cambell\\
Don’t be so proud of yourself\\
You cannot do anything without a demon sword\\
Let’s go the air stinks here\\
what a jerk!\\
who is him!? Who the hell is him!?\\
Cecily, there are even people like him in the knights\\ people jealous of your achievements\\
Patty: it is better if you forget about them\\
Even if you say that it is inadmissible! Cecily really gave her best in those situations!\\
You cannot do anything without a demon sword\\
Don’t let it affect you!\\
that’s right!\\ only garbage would say that he weights the actions of a person based on the fact that he is a man or a woman\\
Cecily: patty don’t say that bad things too…\\
let’s go to drink something and forget about it\\
(arara) good idea\\ Cecily you easily accumulate stress right?\\
Do I give that impression?\\
Yeah that’s for sure!\\
sometimes it if you drink all in a go you are able to clear up your gloomy thoughts!\\
is such an incredible thing?\\
ooh, so you were here\\
Cecily we need you, come please\\
Is that aria’s sheath?\\
Yeah, luke made it for us\\
So it was that brat\\ it is a lot similar to the sheath that Basil made\\
the name of luke’s father…\\
the commander knew basil-dono\\
he was lisa’s father, luke’s childhood friend\\
what kind of girl was lisa-dono?\\
does it interest you?\\
n-n-n-n-n-n-not in particular\\
Cecily is a honest idiot after all\\
That was rude!\\
Lisa was… a lively tomboy\\
Indeed she often abused luke\\
Probably that brat became so obstinate because she made him cry a lot\\
but… she is a strong enemy to defeat\\
remember that\\
… eh?\\
we are going in\\
ah, we were waiting for you Cecily-san\\
why are you here…\\
That’s rude\\
Don’t mind her Francisca \\
The report I wrote!?\\
he said that he came here to retrieve the inhuman ‘s corpse \\
it should be property of the empire\\
… what’s happening here\\
I’m Cecily cambel member of the independent trade city’s the third district’s self defence force’s knight order \\
Can I ask you the what happened in full details, Francisca-dono?\\
I will answer to your questions as much as I it is permitted\\
… first, what was that inhuman?\\ it is clear that is was not a natural life form plus dangerous weapons with tamahagane were transplanted…\\
those are confidential matters, I cannot answer to that question\\
then why did that inhuman attacked the city?\\
the inhuman in case killed all the soldier and escaped while we were transferring it\\
he went through our surveillance network and I heard that unfortunately it disappeared into this city\\
escape? Transferring?\\
were did you intended to transfer it?\\
that’s a confidential matter, I cannot answer to that question\\
At least answer to this please!\\ what is your opinion regarding this incident…?\\
It was a sorrowful event\\
Don’t play with me…!\\
the main point here is the ineptitude of your own country right!?\\
how many people do you think died because of this!!?\\
it is written here\\
14 deaths and 20 people with heavy injuries\\
we already paid a suitable amount of money for compensation\\
do you really think that you can get away with that?\\
we couldn’t do anything more than pay the money for the reparations\\
you have to apologize\\
you have to lower your head before the all the families that lost their loved ones\\
that’s the responsibility you have toward those who lost their life…\\
that’s inefficient\\
didn’t you know that?\\
moneys can cover the cost of a human life\\
you bastard!!\\
cecily-san calm down!\\ the apologies will arrive sooner or later from the empire itself\\
when did she…!?\\
w-who are you?\\
it’s me, evadne\\
she is my sword\\
she was stolen by a thief called charlotte or something and that really troubled me\\
it is all right let me go\\
is there a reason for me to be here?\\
yeah there is something I want to ask you about your written report\\
the civilian mentioned here that participated to this battle is the demon that the blacksmith is keeping* right?\\
TLN: here he uses a verb that normally refers to animal, in other words this indicates he regards lisa as a something closer to an animal that a human being\\
I want you to be frank here\\
Do you think that it was a pure coincidence that my pet came in contact with that demon?\\
… now that he mentions it\\
the way in which the inhuman was running away was not random, just like it was aiming to a precise objective…\\
aria, didn’t you say something a little while ago regarding this incident?\\
eh… are you talking about that thing?\\
I told you that the beast was reacting to lisa’s smell\\
The inhuman was chasing after lisa?\\
I see\\
that’s right\\
what do you mean by that?\\ what did you just understood?\\
who knows\\ I don’t you need you anymore for this case\\
the talk is not finished yet! What wrong with lisa!?\\
don’t fret, I will tell you about it later\\
the truth is\\
that my pet wasn’t the only one that escaped\\
some criminals condemned to death that we were carrying together with my pet took advance of the confusion and escaped\\
they are quite a brutal fellows\\
there is no need to prove that they passed trough this neutral city\\
furthermore a direct intervention of a foreign army here is prohibited\\ this is a suitable place to take refuge\\
wait, if that’s true even in this very moment the life of the civilians are in danger!\\
why did you put together a inhuman and criminals condemned to death in the first place…?\\
that’s classified information\\
TLN: just ignore that symbol, it indicate that she stopped just a moment before of starting talking\\
Have we finished talking?\\ in that case I will begin to search for those criminals…\\
don’t misunderstand your position\\
that’s is Francisca’s duty, as she knows their faces\\
in the mean time…\\ until the day of the “ball”…\\
you will work as my escort, woman\\

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