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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Seiken no Blacksmith 21

chapter 21: fool: doctrine of reality 2

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Aug 14, 2011 11:19 | Go to Seiken no Blacksmith

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chapter 21: fool: doctrine of reality 2\\
text: clock tower plaza, alcohol market\\
ceci: … and because of that!\\
ceci: they decided that I must be that guy’s escort until the ball!!\\
ceci: (puaaah)starting from tomorrow for all that time!!\\
ceci: isn’t he harassing me!?\\ who the hell does he think he is!?\\
text in the bottom: ahaha bring us more hostess!!\\
luke: is she a quarrelsome drinker(to think that this the first time she drinks)\\
ceci: isn’t that a… cigar?\\
luke: yeah, I have the habit to smoke while I drink(do you want to try)?\\
ceci: No…\\ you buy a lot of strange things\\
lisa: That’s because we receive aid from the city to create the sacred swords\\
Above Cecily: eh!?\\wait\\
Ceci: Luke had financial difficulties and become a money monger!?\\
Aria: ahahahaha\\
Luke: Who are you calling a money monger!?\\
ceci: anyway it’s hot here\\
ceci: fuuuh\\
aria: hey Cecily no matter how much it is hot that’s shameful!\\
aria: hey luke is looking at you\\
luke: hey don’t talk like I’m a lecher\\
luke that’s not the ashtray(you are trembling)\\
luke: however you wearing a dress should be something worth seeing\\
ceci: r-really?\\
luke: like looking at scary things\\
ceci: (What!?) take it back\\
hiragana: ahahaha\\
box: the ball\\
after the war, the continental law committee periodically organizes this meetings in this neutral city in order to gather the whole nations on the continent\\
but originally this was a place were every nation can ask for funds for military aspects to all the other nations\\
in order to put emphasis on the fact that it was linked to cultural exchanges it took that appearance of a “ball”\\
ceci: luke will you be there too?\\
luke: no\\ the important people there will see me just as the victim of the incident of 3 years ago\\
luke: probably\\
ceci: But I don’t understand well this collection of funds that they do during the “ball”\\
ceci: It is something like all the nation ask for assistance for their military… right?\\
luke: It is to decide rights on Valbanill\\
Cecily: Rights?\\
luke: even if it is the worst inhuman in the whole history of this continent it is a convenient being that semi permanently producers spirits\\
luke: the crowd power even regards it as a “machine”\\ the “ball” is something even connected to the division of profits regarding Valbanill’s activities and services…\\
luke: every nation is becoming desperate about beginning to forge again the sacred swords\\
luke: it is something to gain benefits in the near future\\
ceci: I feel like I have to vomit\\
ceci: Are you saying that this is not a battle to protect pace and people!?\\
aria: Cecily!\\
aria: Don’t worry, I will protect you at the ball so no bad insects will brother you\\ now drink!\\
ceci: yeah\\ I rely on you\\
ceci: does my chest tighten so much because I have to participate to something like that?\\
like: hey\\
luke: don’t you always commit mistakes when you consider your individual level?\\
luke: why don’t you try to give in a little?\\
ceci: what?\\
luke: you glorify too much your own work\\
ceci: are you\\
ceci: insulting me… the self defence knight order!?\\
luke: well in that case\\
luke: you are overthinking about that\\ the things that you can do are not as many as you can think\\
ceci: how dare you!\\
aria: (wait)Cecily\\
lisa: Luke…\\
ceci: It is true that I’m powerless\\
ceci: But I don’t think to use the fact that I’m powerless as an excuse to sit down and do nothing\\
luke: That way of thinking is good enough but\\ what I want to say is that sometime you have to take thing easy\\
luke: Otherwise sooner or later you will be crushed\\
Ceci: Bring it on!\\
Ceci: I will face that with my spirit alone!\\
Luke: You are too stubborn!\\
Ceci: That’s my nature!!\\
Luke: you are not cute like that\\
ceci: I don’t want to be told those things by a man that still thinks about a woman long lost in the past!!\\
ceci: Ah…\\
ceci: No… that’s was\\
luke: What is wrong with that?\\
luke: it is more than enough to have loved a single woman in your entire life\\
luke: what’s wrong with the fact that I still think about her?\\
luke: an outsider like you cannot even compare\\
aria: Cecily!?\\
She is a strong enemy, prepare yourself\\
the things that you can do are not as many as you can think\\
you are not cute like that\\
an outsider like you cannot even compare\\
sieg: hey guide me through these streets\\ however you really stink of alcohol\\
ceci: eh…\\
ceci: is this an hangover?\\
ceci: it is like my head is splitting apart\\
ceci: but to start working when I still have a bad smell… I wonder what is this negligence in taking care of myself\\
aria: sorry about this Cecily… but today I will be in the sheath\\
aria: during the charlotte incident\\
aria: a lot of things happened with that black demon sword, so I don’t want to meet her\\
aria: I will meet her when I will have more self confidence… so I want a little more of time\\
aria: Sorry but, call me as long as something happens\\
ceci: Aria… about yesterday…\\
aria: I’m your ally\\ I will do as you want\\
aria: …and I will say that as If I don’t put it into words you will not understand\\
aria: Cecily you are cute ok?\\
ceci: Partner…\\
Mother: ah it is Cecily-san\\
Boy: Cecily-san!\\
Sieg: A very boring town\\
ceci: This is what people call peace\\ something that you want to break\\
sieg: That’s a false accusation\\
ceci: Could you cut that pretence, please?\\
ceci: I’m tired of this kind of talk\\
ceci: You are the one behind all the incidents that happened until now right?\\
sieg: … yeah it was me\\
ceci: I knew that you were aiming for the demon swords!\\
ceci: What do you intend to do with aria!? What are you scheming!?\\
sieg: Surely it was me but…\\
sieg: You don’t have any proofs\\
cecy: don’t play with me! If things get bad, this situation will deteriorate in a war!!\\
sieg: don’t worry there will be not a war\\
cecy: eh\\
cecy: that’s impossible\\ if the balance among states will crumble there will be a great war just like 44 years ago and…\\
sieg: that’s the reason why there will not be another war\\
sieg: the states on this continent fear a second great war\\
sieg: you know things about the Valbanill’s war, right woman?\\
ceci: yeah\\
sieg: in other words everyone of them is a coward\\
ceci: eh(they are afraid of what?)\\
sieg: … you really lack brain\\
cecy: w-what?\\
sieg: they forced the demon contract on conscripts and unaware citizens\\
sieg: they opened their chests and sent those people which consciousness was driven to madness by the demon contract on the battlefield\\
sieg: masses of demons went through cities while devouring human beings\\
sieg: demons and human beings killing each other\\
sieg: the ignorant masses feared that people were turned into inhumans by a god’s curse\\
sieg: they suspected they neighbour\\ they burned them\\
sieg: a great number of rebellions!\\
sieg: the agonizing cries by the demons going wild!!\\
sieg: it was the extreme chaos that only the ruler of the nation could avoid thanks to small safe zones\\
sieg: who would wish for such a war?\\
ceci: p-probably… that kind war will not happen again\\
ceci: because the demon contract was banned by the continental law\\
ceci: that’s why you should be judged by the continental law…\\
sieg: if the demon contract was really banned\\
sieg: why I\\
sieg: the empire\\ knows about that\\
sieg: do you know the meaning of the word “deterrence”?\\
ceci: deterrence*?\\
TLN: this was written in hiragana not in kanji, it indicates that she is repeating the word without knowing the meaning\\
sieg: it means that the nations restrain each other by having an equal power\\
sieg: A power that would be surely used in the case they would wage war against each other\\
ceci: It cannot be…\\
sieg:The militant nation\\
sieg: The crowd power\\
sieg: And even the organization called continental law committee…\\
sieg: All the organizations that hold power posses a deterrent called demon contract…\\
ceci: Ah\\
sieg: did the truth\\
sieg: reach you…?\\
sieg: the continental law is only a pose for the citizens\\ did you understand that?\\
sieg: as long I don’t do something big\\ no one will judge me\\
sieg: because judging me would not leave other choice but to open the hostilities\\
box: there was nothing she could depend on\\
box: all the things that Cecily believed in collapsed\\
box: on this continent doesn’t exist a fair being that could punish this man\\
sieg: I confess it\\
sieg: I don’t care even if a war breaks out or not\\
ceci: this man\\
sieg: I don’t care if everything is destroyed except me \\
ceci: Should be better if I kill him…!!\\
sieg: We wasted time for nothing\\ hey woman show, me the way\\
ceci: Where!?\\
sieg: That should be obvious, to the blacksmith’s place\\
lisa: Cecily-san!?\\
lisa: It is you Cecily-san!?\\
Lisa: w-w-w-w-w-wait please!\\
Lisa: I will bring here luke as soon as possible!\\
Lisa: I will make him apologize immediately\\ I will make him prostrate to the ground!!\\
ceci: eh…\\
lisa: come on\\apologize\\
you are not cute like that\\
luke: … ah?\\ it is just you\\
sieg: hi\\
sieg: the last time we saw each other was at the conference\\
sieg: this is the city that the first houseman created right?\\
sieg: you are the demon the blacksmith is raising, right?\\
lisa: y-yes?\\
sieg: there is the flesh or the blood of Valbanill mixed in this demon right?\\
lisa: … eh?\\
sieg: say something\\
sieg: this brat’s body is formed by “spirit” and your “woman’flesh”… plus Valbanill’s blood\\
sieg: am I right?\\
luke: why do you know that?\\
sieg: that’s simple\\
sieg: the inhuman followed Valbanill’s blood and strayed to this city\\
sieg: that wasn’t a simple coincidence, he followed a neared source of that smell and came in contact with that brat\\ would you like to hear my suppositions?\\
sieg: you maiden was broken by Valbanill 3 years ago \\
sieg: but the truth is that she was injured only by superficial wounds right?\\
sieg: plus when Lisa Oakwood had the chance to perform the demon contract the blood on her sword was mixed into it\\
sieg: if you think about it\\
sieg: a cursed spirit\\ the flesh of a woman\\ the inhuman blood on a mediocre blade…\\
sieg: ahh… that’s right, you left eye was caught up in it too right?\\ what incredible crossbreed she is\\
lisa: luke! Is that right!?\\ inside of me there is…\\
luke: it’s meaningless you are what you are!\\
lisa: don’t deceive me please!\\
like: nothing will change!!\\
luke: nothing will change\\
luke: no matter what you are\\
lisa: urgh\\
lisa: uuuh\\uuh\\
sieg: hey could you let me dissect that demon,?\\
sieg: probably I could understand something about Valbanill\\
luke: Siegfried\\ if you intend to spread rumours about this then…\\
sieg: I will not do that, I would gain nothing from that\\ I came here just to make sure…\\
luke: In that case go away\\
luke: Immediately from this place\\
luke: And don’t show you face here ever again\\
luke: I will never give lisa to you\\
luke: otherwise… I will kill you\\
luke: go away\\
luke: you have to go too\\
ceci: hum…\\
luke: hurry up and go\\
cecy: what was that!?\\
sieg: what?\\
sieg: that was nothing more than malice!\\
ceci: luke probably wanted to keep it as a secret\\
ceci: and you spoiled all his efforts\\ in that way!\\
sieg: … don’t believe too much in that man\\
sieg: he is forcing his demon helper to become a sacrifice\\
ceci: eh?\\
ceci: wait a minute, what are talking about?\\
sieg: to use the power of that brat… the “demon sword purification” you need to pay a price, and that’s the flesh of the demon itself\\
ceci: flesh? What?\\
sieg: for example\\ the flesh is like a glue that preserved the form of the demon sword\\
ceci: An so!?\\
sieg: Every time the demon sword purification is performed the flesh of that brat is consumed\\ torn apart\\
sieg: if the situation doesn’t change and they continue to use its power that demon will\\
sieg: be annihilated\\
sieg:it is better if you don’t trust him\\ it seemed like a beautiful love between master and student right?\\
sieg: that’s wrong, that’s only a pretence\\
sieg: he is making that brat becoming a sacrifice forcing it to consume itself\\ he is the only one who will not lose anything\\
sieg: he is making it adore him and serve him\\ on that its sacrifice with the demon sword purification he is creating the position where he now stands\\
ceci: wait… this guy is trying to discredit him\\
ceci: a person that belongs to the environment which I believe in\\
ceci: by negating all the factors and discrediting his values\\
ceci and he is trying to totally negate myself\\
ceci: I understand your point\\
ceci: Now I know…\\
ceci: What I should do\\
ceci: I will believe in luke Ainsworth\\
ceci: He is a human being worthy enough of my trust\\
sieg: Hee?\\really?\\
sieg: are you sure?\\
sieg: heeeeee\\
sieg: that’s a pity\\
sieg: a pity\\ a real pity\\
sieg: I begin to feel disgusted\\
sieg: I have the goose bumps\\
sieg: That’s why you\\
sieg: … become\\
sieg: I\\
sieg: Will\\
ceci: W-what…?\\
ceci: what!?\\
ceci: aguh!!\\
sieg: that’s why I want \\
ceci: ah…\\ah…\\
sieg: to mess with you\\
ceci: goho\\goho\\
ceci: this is…\\
ceci: the barn of the rice field!?\\
ceci: gah!!\\
sieg: You would better to be conscious of the fact that you are a woman\\
ceci: Ah…\\ahh\\
sieg: become aware of what you are\\
sieg: of your fragility\\
sieg: stupidity\\weakness\\
ceci: a…\\
ceci: aria!!\\
sieg: … you cannot do anything without your demon sword right?\\
ceci: ha\\
sieg: I hate\\ love and trust\\
sieg: I’m fed up with it\\
sieg: Do not make this world glorious!\\
sieg: Don’t make yourself glorious!!\\
ceci: guah…\\
ceci: gyah!\\
ceci: hah!!\\
ceci: what…\\
ceci: the hell am I doing\
ceci: I\\
ceci: eh\\don’t\\
ceci: stop…\\
sieg: there is no god\\
sieg: there is no light\\ love is only a mirage\\
sieg: love is discrimination\\
sieg: people betray each other\\ you will die\\
sieg: you will be turned in ashes and sooner or later return to nothingness\\ and lose everything\\
sieg: aah isn’t that futile?\\ isn’t that sad?\\
sieg: isn’t that magnificent?\\
ceci: help me\\
ceci: help me…\\
ceci: luke!!\\
sieg: no one will come\\ to help you\\
ceci: he will not come\\
ceci: right now he is holding in his arms that girl\\
ceci: I…\\
sieg: You have a beautiful body, country girl\\
sieg: But\\
sieg: I’m not interested in that\\
sieg: I’m sorry but my body cannot to such things\\
sieg: So I’m not interested\\
sieg: But with this you probably understand me now right?\\
sieg: I hate you\\
ceci: ah…\\
ceci: guah..\\
ceci: uh\\
ceci: ueeeh\\
ceci: haa\\
ceci: haa\\
ceci: haa\\
ceci: haa\\
ceci: someone\\
ceci: someone please, kill that man\\

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