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Translations: One Piece 824 by cnet128 , Bleach 671 by cnet128 , Gintama 585 (2)

Seiken no Blacksmith 23

Chapter 23: fool, the doctrine of truth 4

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Aug 19, 2011 18:40 | Go to Seiken no Blacksmith

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Chapter 23: fool, the doctrine of truth 4\\
Luke will not come\\
He will not come to save me\\
From now on and forever\\
Not on the side of those that needs to be saved, I‘m on the side of those who save people\\
every time\\
you have to save yourself with your own hands\\
for that reason I will throw away my feminine side\\
day of the ball\\
this is unexpected\\ I did not think that you would come here\\
but what is that?\\
a dress would be of impediment to my movements\\
male ceremonial uniform*…\\ … did she threw away her feminine side?\\
TLN: I never saw a male ceremonial uniform that exposes your button belly…\\
I see, if I remember well, you would have been my escort until the ball\\
For an unknown reson to me you began to skip your duty, so I thought I would never see you again but…\\
unexpectedly you have a backbone…\\
I challenge you in a duel\\
Accept it siegfried\\
I have to surpass your definition of human being\\
And if I win, you will never put your hands on lisa\\
And if I lose\\
I will accept any of your requests\\
well wait\\
the elimination of the condemned to death was a really hard\\
it was really exhausting right?\\ but who would ever thought that they would use the demon contract?\\
you said that the demon contract is the deterrent that every nation has\\
but this city is different\\
no matter who our enemy is, we will never use such filthy power\\
we will protect our citizens with this hands, legs and body\\ and\\
we will seal Valbanill without any incident and erase it from the life of our cherished friends\\
that’ an empty dream\\
something like that will never happen\\
It will happen\\
I assure you\\
I have enough of lamenting that I’m powerless\\
And I cannot do that if I don’t act and don’t stop him that crushes my ideals and my opinions\\
That’s why I decided to do this\\
Maybe I will not realize anything\\ but al least I will crush your conspiracy!\\
that’s fine, I accept it\\
… so\\
if I will win you will become my slave\\
I want to subjugate you because of your very nature \\
let me…\\
don’t be so cold with me\\
you want a duel right?\\
I will be the one who\\
Will duel with you\\
he came\\
this is very unexpected\\
luke has…\\
even the blacksmith-dono came here…\\
luke… came for me…!*\\
TLN: quite the reaction that someone would expect from a girl that threw away her feminine side…\\
So do you want to duel with me in place of this woman?\\
You seem somewhat angry\\
Cecily: But why…\\
Ah that’s right\\ this is about that supposition I made when I talked with you last time\\
This is a good occasion\\
Do you want to hear my supposition this time?\\
It is something regarding the recent appearances of criminals condemned to death and inhumans\\
first that inhuman hedgehog\\
the swords on its back were made of the same raw materials of the sacred swords\\
that’s the proof that the empire is triying to produce sacred swords as well\\
the sacred swords are required to oppose Valbanill\\ that inhuman which the swords were transplanted into\\
that was a petty automatic weapon\\ if there are plenty of them, they would be quite capable of destroying a city\\
and the criminals commended to death who performed the demon contract\\
why were they moved together with an inhuman?\\
why some simple commended to death knew the words for the demon contract?\\
who knows\\ they must have been people that survived the war\\
tell the truth\\
you wanted the commended to death to use the demon contract in an experiment battle with the inhuman weapon\\
the empire was trying to use the inhuman weapons against a “potential Valbanill” that is the demons right?\\
those are stupid and reckless remarks that should not be even spoken\\
you can talk about that to the military or to the continental law committee\\ anyhow\\
you still don’t understand\\
I challenged you\\
Stop complaining and fight me\\
Everything… everything about you just makes me sick\\
… ok, I accept\\
but at one condition\\ if I win I will dissect your helper\\
don’t say such idiot…\\
I don’t care!\\
If luke will lose you can do anything you want with this body!!\\
And luke will never never lose!!\\
You heard her right?\\
I have no other choice then\\
but I have a condition as well\\
if I win you will not lay your hands on Cecily cambell a second time\\
you are quite infatuated with her\\ ok it’s a deal then\\
what did he say just now?\\
awaken from sleep\\cloak in darkness\\
finish thee\\... slay god\\
that’s demon sword!\\
(luke) if you lose you will not eat tonight!\\
why…\\ why are you here…!?\\
aria-san told everything to us\\
aria-san told that\\ luke is the last person on the face of the earth that you wanted to know what happened\\
and probably the person you want to meet most\\
luke is angry\\ like I never saw him like this before\\
he feels responsible because he made aria-san’s sheath …\\
well then…\\
I’m Siegfried commander of the imperial soldiers\\
I’m Luke Ainsworth, blacksmith\\
Isn’t that… a sacred sword?\\
It is only a mere vessel\\
heh quite humble, so how we decide the outcome?\\
until the death of one of us\\
that’s fine\\
I will kill you scum\\
I will make you cry, brat\\
iai style…!*\\
TLN: the art or drawing your sword\\
I will kill you\\
I will take the other eyeball too!\\
In that case…\\
I will squeeze you blood out of you body until your death!!\\
it is time\\
to finish this!\\
I will kill you!!\\
that’s enough!\\
Siegfried sama!!\\
what the hell are you doing!?\\
look around you with the sole eye that remains to you!!\\
Siegfried-sama please hold onto me…!\\
Your eyes are dirty with blood\\
then the duel finished in a draw\\
lisa and the others?\\
they went to the kitchen\\ to search for something that resembles an eye\\
geez\\ you did such a crazy thing\\
I’m sorry that I did not kill him\\
d-don’t say such stupid things!\\
do you feel a little better now?\\
after what you did… I don't care anymore\\
thanks for coming for me luke\\
is lisa ok?\\
nothing will change\\ what is left now is how she will react to that\\
I see…\\
Hey, Is there something I can do?\\
You want to help her in same way\\
I cannot do that?\\
I think I want to continue to protect everything and everyone and\\
Forget about it\\
Even if I not everyone accept my intentions\\
I will continue to go forward with the things I believe in\\
But you know…\\
I wanted that at least you would approve it\\
… you promised that the winner\\ could ask you for everything\\
can I really ask everything I want?\\
i-if it is something I can do\\
dance with me\\
… eh!?\\
ah no\\ it is not like I don’t want to do that but\\
you know… with this clotes…\\
and like this.. there is not even illumination or music\\ plus I never learned how to…\\
nooooo!!\\ and more importantly you are covered with wounds\\ plus\\
plus…\\ Siegfried soiled me…\\
I will make you forget that\\
… I’m not cute…\\
like this right…?\\
this is an order\\
I took gently luke’s hand\\
he pulled me gently toward himself.\\ transmitting a pleasant pulsation\\ under the quiet light of the moon\\ we matched up our pace\\ the shadows that were piled up slowly began to fade away…\\
Probably I cannot throw away my feminine side…\\

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