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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Medaka Box 110

box 110: you cannot see it but

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Aug 21, 2011 11:06 | Go to Medaka Box

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Probably This will be my last release for this manga because I have to dedicate more time to the study of japanese as in december I will do the JLPT level N2. Probably I will retake this if I have time around Christmas, not sure.

box 110: you cannot see it but\\
you are finally cornered! Great demon king wargold!\\
box: a pointless creation\\
text: all the hopes of her friends transformed into power…!! Now it is the time of the final battle\\
you are one of the four emperors, the black platina!\\ the faithful right arm dark opal!\\ and the commander of the strongest division under cobalt!\\
To did well to be able to arrive to me wonder Tsugiha!\\
Box: an excessive inflation\\
But! I’m 400 times stronger than the last time we fought!!\\
This is just what I wanted under cobalt!\\
Box: her principles\\
If I defeat you all the destroyed buildings and my defeated friends will be bring back to their original state!!\\
Muhahahaha! In that case I will tell you this before our fight!\\
I’m your older sister, little sister, mother and daughter!\\ that’s why your move will not work on me!!\\
Box: a strange way of laughing and a somewhat blood relation!!\\
What an irony… but even if the situation is like this I have to defeat you for the sake of my friends!\\ and, I did not tell you this but I have another secret move!!\\
Box: an unexpected explanation\\
point blank magical…\\
Tsugihagi beeeeeam!!\\
At double speed\\
Box: her decisive move is a beam!(because it doesn’t look pathetic)
It is useless! Brilliant dust fiber sword style technique thunder school secret move…\\
Box: I like long words and a big X!\\
not that we have finished eating everything we can go ok?\\ all the ingredients were finished so our exam consisted in eating everything\\
… I know that you cannot eat a lot but do not sleep while the others are doing their best ok?\\
that dream again…\\
I’m not seeing it that much and yet…\\

Majou shojo*? In that case…\\
TLN: maybe you can prefer magical girl here\\
That dream again\ I have a bad feeling about this\\
What is this feeling… even if this is my first time here I feel nostalgic\ I fight to save me friend not only the world\\
I feel a strange power inside my thanks to your help!\ think\\consider
No matter how many of these things happened to you, you are not a mahou shojo(it is only puberty)
clock tower road that goes from 12th floor\\ to 13th floor\\
anyway what happened to wani-chan’s group?\\
they did not contacted us since they passed the 7th trial but...\\
“don’t worry about that takarabe-chan”\\
“on her side she has kouki-chan so they will not do anything reckless”\\
“look speaking of the devil”\\”they are here!\\
they are talking while being so close to each other\\
“yoo-hoo kouki-chan”\\
“this way!”\\
he disturbed them even if they have that kind of atmosphere around!\\ kumagawa-senpai is really rude!!\\
kumsgawa-san hello!\\
I heard the news kumagawa-san! You encountered aka-san during your way up here\\
I’m really envious\\ I’m sure that she made you pass without any problem right?\\
“… yeah”\\
“Well I would not say that she made us pass without problems though”\\
he did not argue!\\
kumagawa-senpai did not argue about this!\\ could it be that the person that he hates the most is akune-senpai?\\
well then… the goal is on the rooftop right after those stairs\\
in this way all the team members could regroup safely but…\\ the truth is that another trial remains\\
if we have to believe to what the guardian of the 8th trial \\
that we cleared just a little time ago kakimutsuro-san \\ this should be the last trial\\
the last trial…\\
the only committee chairman that we still did not encounter was the beautification committee’s chairman…\\
there is a way to avoid the beautification committee’s chairman’s trial without her noticing?\\
mechanically speaking it is not like all the chairmen were deployed to every single trial\\
it we are only speaking in theory, probably there is a possibility, kibougaoksa-san\\
but that’s impossible\\ it is impossible to think that she is not here after arriving to the last trial\\
the beautification committee’s chairman, megusuno uzume\\
alias “the witch”\\
in this school, with the exception of medaka-san there are several students that are called “monster” \\
but she is the only one to be called witch\\
“well it is better if you only believe to half the things he says”\\
when it came to aka-san we believed to akune-senpai and we had a bad experience…\\
a witch…\\
… chan\\... dai\\
This is trouble tsugiha-chan dai!\\ it is time for wonder tsugiha to depart to the front dai!!\\
TLN: yeah it has a this cute and irritating “dai” thing when it speaks…\\
What are you doing here! I told you to hide yourself somewhere in the school!\\
Ah sorry!\\ but I did not find any good place tsugiha-chan!\\
shadow sekiei a subordinate of wargold that you defeated the last time\\
transformed the cakes in the bakey in monsters and they are going berserk! If things continue like this the flower garden will be in danger!\\
damn him! He is incorrigible!\\
let’s put in order the current situation!\\ we have to keep our cool even in moment like this one\\
with what is talking that girl?\\
I cannot see anything there…\\
Box: is she talking with something that is here?\\
Hum… it is all right senpai\\
That’s one of chiro-chan’s spams\\
yes… could you give me your attention please?\\ jiro-chan believes that she is a mahout shojo\\
so where is that backery?\\
eeeh!? Aren’t its cakes really good!?\\
it is not of impediment to her everyday life but… sometimes she goes in that world\\ and when she is like that she will not be back for 30 minutes\\
she will not come back for 30 seconds…\\ in that case what will happen to this event?\\
anything…\\ mechanically speaking we cannot do anything about it\\
sorry!\\ guys!\\
I have to go to save the world…\\ ah no that wrong!\\
I don’t feel that well so I going back home for today!!\\
…\\what we do now?\\ should we follow her?\\
that’s useless akune-dono\\ no matter what you say to the the mahout shojo wonder tsugiha it is uselles\\
if she becomes like that the only thing you can do is to wait that she calmes down\\
that’s right\\it is a pity but probably we should make her retihe here\\
ok! I will do my best to cover for jiro-chan too!\\
they seems accustomed to this… the right reaction to the eccentricities of one of your friends is to ignore them but\\
but after coming all the way to here, I didn’t want someone to drop out till the end…\\
… well we cannot do anything about it\\
let’s pray she returns to normal and follow us\\
well then now that we have regrouped let’s go\\
to the last trial of this treasure hunting!\\
clock tower, outlook room\\ guardian of the last trial\\
beautification committee’s chairman megusuno uzume…\\
welcome to the last trial\\
magical adventure “magical beast extermination”\\
megusuno uzume\\
class: 2nd year 10th class\\
blood type: AB\\
role: beautification committee’s chairman\\
so it is really you…\\
yeah it is me kouki-kun\\ well then let’s begin with the preparations\\
I thought that no one would come so I did not prepare anything\\
he began to sweep the floor?\\
could it be that she is from the beautification committee and so…?\\
hey, she began to write something on the floor that she cleaned\\
I cannot real her intentions\\
… or rather could she explain what she is doing while she does it…?\\
I make you fell uneasy if she does the preparations in silence while ignoring you\\
… ok\\
the preparations are done!\\
from now on I will use this magic circle to summon magic beast\\
if you are able to beautifully exterminate those beast you will pass the last trial!!\\
summon a magic beast…!?\\
even anshinin-san is not able to summon something like a magical beast…\\
and then this! Is a woman that surely is not a not equal on top of not being nor an abnormal or a minus, capable of realizing that!?\\
uei roiha hafu w jiekue ue ba dyua hafua hansu ikuoei hekuo…\\
come forth\\ guardian of the hell Cerberus!!\\
“eh?” “nothing came out”\\
“could it be that you are crazy just like yojiro-chan?”\\
he quickly got to the point!\\ does this guy have a little of sensitivity!?\\
… eh…?\\
it is here\\
maybe you cannot see it but\\
my pet\\ Cerberus, kero-chan is here\\
kero-chan can change it’s body colour in order to match that of the surroundings, just like a chameleon\\
that’s why you cannot see it! That’s why it is understandable that you think that it is not here but\\ it is true that it is here\\
well then fight now\\ kero-chan is a really strong monster so\\
it will establish the rule that even if one you is able to defeat it, I will make everyone pass!\\
… even if you tell us that it is here\\
plus the magical beast Cerberus doesn’t not exist in reality in the first place…\\
… that’s right takarabe-chan\\
there is no magical beast\\ that’s the basis of everything\\
“that’s right takarabe-chan” “plus the fact that the chameleon can match the colour of the surroundings is mere superstition””\\
“the only thing it does is to change the colour of its skin by using its body’s temperature”\\
… hum kumagawa-san\\ could you avoid to stray from the conversation to show your knowledge about random things this time please?\\
magic doesn’t exists\\ but she claims that it is here\\ the so called “probation diabolica”\\
TLN: devil’s proof: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Probatio_diabolica, and yeah I know a little of Latin\\
In other words this is\\
The 8th trial “magical beast extermination”\\”defeat the unextisting magical beast!!”\\
well! Were you talking about how to fight a enemy that you cannot see?\\ this unreasonable demand is unexpectedly fits right?\\
ah that right, I forgot to tell you\\ you can even use magic if you want!\\
in the meantime wonder tsugiha\\ lost the way\\
eh?\\ I don’t understand what way was right…\\
I have to do something with my magical power…\\
siedetext: Surpass the witch\\
bottom text: how will they challenge Cerberus!? Next week magic draws near

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