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Buyuden 21


+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Aug 24, 2011 19:15 | Go to Buyuden

-> RTS Page for Buyuden 21

Proof by max mahito

Text: Train after you finish playing, Ok?\\
Black Box: Boxing’s Big Rumble
Chapter 21: Fastball Test\\

I-I want to participate in the Kids’ Tournament too!!\\
Register me as well!!\\
Side text: Will Isamu’s wish come true!?\\
… I already told you that it is impossible for someone like you, who just began to practise jab, didn’t I?\\
Boxing is not that soft, so that you can participate in the tournament just because the others are doing.\\
Why don’t you let him participate?\\
We have more than a month until the tournament, plus in Take’s case, I think that he will fare really well\\

Can you please stop? On what basis are you saying that?\\
What will we do if Take-kun meets an opponent of Watari-kun’s level?\\ Obviously it is a tournament that takes safety of its participants into consideration, but if by any chance, an incident occurs, our gym would have to take responsibility\\
I have solid basis to say that\\
In the past, he had a light field match with me, but…\\
I wasn’t able to get a clear hit on his face\\
Ah, that’s right, I won against Hyoma once!!\\
No you didn’t! You lost because you went against the rules!!\\ don’t get full of yourself!\\

Did you show your step walk to my sister?\\
Eh…?\\ Not yet…\\
Try to do that a little on the ring\\
SFX: Kyu- Kyu- Kyu- Kyu- Kyu-

SFX: Kyu- Kyu- Kyu-
SFX: Biii-
On building: Some Elementary school’s name.
Wow… incredible, isn’t it?\\
You were taught by Moka and gained that foot work in just one month?\\

Fine, but I cannot agree to your entry with only that…\\
That’s right, will you undergo another test tomorrow?\\
Come at 11 o’clock tomorrow to Hinomaru Block’s batting centre\\
Batting Centre!?
On the board: Batting centre\\
SFX: Kashu-

SFX: Kaaan / Pa-
Wow, I hit it!\\
It is the first time for me to do this, but it is so funny!\\
Hey, why is Moka here!?\\
Eh? I told her, did I do something wrong?\\
Damn… he did an unnecessary thing…\\
… I don’t know what kind of test it is but, probably it will be embarrassing, so I did not call her and yet, he…\\
Ah, she is here\\
Black bubble: Ki-
Ok, let’s begin immediately\\
SFX: Dosa

Ok, put these on\\
Eh!?\\ What are these…?\\
It should be easy to understand, a full set of protections\\
I-I’m ready, but…\\
I have a really bad feeling about this…\\
Ok, enter here\\
SFX: Ki-
[Straight balls 150 km/h]\\
Huuum, only a pro could see balls that go at that speed, but…\\
It’s ok, come on now!!\\

With this test, I want you to show me what your dispositions are.\\
In simple words, it is a test to see Take-kun’s defensive instinct\\
Even if it is dangerous to make you fight a match in a month or not…\\
If you pass this test, I will let you enter the tournament\\
Small bubble: Chukan Chukan
[20 balls\\300 yen]\\
Ok, I will show you how to do this with the first 2 or 3 balls…\\
Then, you will have to do just as I’m doing right now\\
A-Akina, you will be hit by a ball!!\\
It is really dangerous, if you stand in the middle!!\\

SFX: Kashu-
SFX: Bishi-

SFX: Goo-
SFX: Bishi-
SFX: Bashi-
Incredible! She is blocking all of them!!\\
Wow! I want to do that too!!\\
Ok, change!\\
Take: Eeeeeeeh!?\\
No… Impossible!\\
I cannot do something like that!!\\
SFX: Dosun
Come on, you are wasting them, hurry up!!\\

You have your protections, so you will be all right!\\
Think that the balls are like punches…\\ and even if you think that it is impossible to hit them, try to avoid them!!\\
Damn it!!\\
SFX: Gika
SFX: Bako
SFX: Sumi / Doo
SFX: Pan
Tremble Tremble\\
… I knew that is was an unfair test for an elementary school boy…\\

What are you doing, Idiot!!\\
Do you think that someone who is afraid of balls, even when he has those heavy protections, can step up on the ring!?\\
You want to participate in the tournament, right!?\\
Akina-san is testing your ability to fight!\\ She wants to see the fighting spirit that you will have on the ring!!\\
Let’s go together to the tournament!!\\

SFX: Ka-
SFX: Biki-
You must be more brave, Take-kun!\\
Your feet!\\ Use your feet and take the rhythm!\\
SFX: Ton Ton

That time, he magnificently avoided my strongest right straight…!\\
He is still a beginner that did not train his defence, but he avoided if even if it was the first time he saw that punch!\\
SFX: Kashu-
If that wasn’t a fluke, then…\\
Isamu should be able to do something like seeing through these balls too!\\

SFX: Dosun
I saw it…!!\\
I’m sure I just saw it and then dodged!!\\

Great!! He is incredible\\
Ahaha,\\ Did you see that!? If I’m not scared, it is an easy victory!\\
I’m a genius after all…\\
Yeah, a real idiot\\
Geez, I let my guard down…\\

I wanted to try this test after I heard that he dodged Hyouma’s punch, but…\\
The lightness of his upper body, his quick-witted nature…\\
And his eyes, capable of seeing through fast moving objects…\\
This boy…\\
Perhaps, he really has talent\\
Text: So, does he really have something special after all!?\\

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