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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Medaka Box 111

box 111: messing around is a good idea

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Aug 28, 2011 17:07 | Go to Medaka Box

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box 111: messing around is a good idea\\
treasure hunting last trial “demon beast extermination\\daurururururururururu\\
dan!\\”defeat the enemy you cannot see!”\\
“the enemy you cannot see”…\\ how should we do that!?\\
is it not like that there is a cerberus here just because she saying that it is here right?\\
it is not the last trial just in name… you could say that it has a really high level of difficulty\\
as one would expect by the beautification committee’s chairman megusuno-san, level of difficulty impossible\\
text: the last enemy is a Cerberus…!?\\
this is stupid\\
I don’t care if she is a daydreaming witch of not\\
If it probably exists\\then let’s say that it should be somewhere around here\\
girls! I will take responsibility for this!!\\
Browning M2 machinegun… plus she is using a double machinegun with a law breaking style!\\
Wani-chan you are really cool!!\\
Those are not firearms that you can use in that way… she is really someone you can rely on…\\
in places where there are other people weaker than her\\
it is reminiscent of munakata-senpai’s style…!\\
or rather wanizuka is similar to that person in a lot of ways…\\
I cannot see it so I cannot confirm its death but megusuno-dono\\
With let’s say that… this Cerberus or something is dead\\ did we pass the last trial?\\
Ufufu what are you talking about wanizuka-chan\\
My Cerberus, kero-chan\\ is a monster so strong that they entrusted the gates of hell to it\\
He had more than enough time to dodge those sloooow bullets\\
If you want to shoot kero-chan you must have a laser gun!\\
this is bad… rather than be defeated, in this case she is creating new rules…\\
over the rule “you cannot see it” she added the rule “machinegun bullets cannot hit it” in a second moment…\\
hey akune-san\\ I want you to explain me something\\
this “Cerberus”\\
what kind of monster is it?\\
… Cerberus is a monster from the Greece myths\\
if you want to image it, it is like a dog with 3 heads… hum\\ it is not like I know a lot about it either…\\
ah, that should be enough even if you don’t know a lot about it\\ I don’t need to image it\\
if you say that it is like a dog\\
it is more than enough…\\
TLN: maybe it is better if you use the onomatopoeia of a vacuum\\
This is bad!\\
Cover you ears!\\
This time it will not be a noise on the level of a machinegun!!\\
No matter how fast it is it cannot dodge an attack that comes from all the directions…\\
Kikaijima mogana’s vocal cannon\\
during the summer break there were the student council election battle\\
kikaijima morgana didn’t even participate to that fierce battle\\ but it is not like she passed her time sleeping from that time till today\\
the thought that she could not become the strength for her “friends”\\
tormented her so much that she could not totally bear her self-condemnation\\
that’s way she prepared for the “next” time\\
she was not negligent in training and polishing herself\\
as a result, kikaijima suppression power\\
right now without any surprise is ranked third in the whole history of hakoniwa\\
aroung kikaijima: haa
so\\how about this?\\
with this you cannot complain, megusuno-san\\
my “voice” is an wave attack, so no matter how fast it is, Cerberus should not be able to dodge it\\
plus if Cerberus is a dog\\ it cannot do something like use its paws to cover its ears\\
… well it is a pity\\
a real pity!\\
so pitiful that makes me sad\\ I’m glad that it is a wave attack\\
but the kero-chan is a dog so it can bark\\
so it crushed you “voice” by using its “voice” with a reverse phase than yours and protected its body\\
just like iizuka-senpai.. no this is different!\\
differently from him this person just said that… even if she only said that… I cannot objecting to what she said to me!!\\
if you say that she says this, if you say this, she says that… it is useless!\\
no matter what kind of attack you use, you cannot win against a lie!!\\
“… kikaijima-san” “leave this to me”\\
“it is meaning less to attack a visionary witch with physical or real attacks”\\
“an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”\\”and a vision for a vision”\\
“that’s right… try to image” “in a tangible way… try to image just like I will tell you”\\
“like you image naked the person that you like”\\
“like you image the misfortune of the people you hate”
“like you image the failure of a successful person”
“image a sword that kill magical beasts”\\
an incredibly ugly sword…!\\
it is like kumagawa-senpai is wielding it!\\
image huh! Good idea\\
he even deceived those around him into believing this and created this pressure…!!\\
thinking about it, kumagawa-san’s initial minus “book maker”\\
that makes “the others into minus” pushes on the ones around him the image of a screw plus…\\
if we talk about pressing an image on the ones around you medaka-san is the same\\
an imitation that cannot be called a magical beast… we often see behind medaka-san something like a wild animal\\
in that case probably this plan will be effective…\\
an imaginary beast can be cut by an imaginary blade!!\\
SFX: niii(she is smiling)\\
eh… kumagawa-senpai’s sword was destroyed by Cerberus…\\
no it seems like it broke by itself…!?\\
… you almost got the right answer, kumagawa-senpai\\
“to hold down a vision with another vision”\\ if I had an easy going personality, that would have been an answer worth enough to make you pass\\
but this is sad\\ it is a pity that for someone like you that did never win\\
cannot image his own victory\\
everything you think about assumes only that you will lose\\ every gamble you think about only considers that you will lose\\
that’s why you cannot win\\
even if the girl you like is naked you will not become her partner\\
even if the person you hate will fall in misfortune it will be just frivolous happiness\\
a failure for a successful person will only supply fuel for a great success\\
a sword even capable to kill a magical beast… will broke even without cutting the thin air\\
that is the concept of you minus… it will not become a vision but just a delusion\\
now that we are talking about it, people normally image inside of their heads situation where they are winning\\
that’s why they honestly think that they want to win\\ that a obvious thing to do!\\
like minus are unconcerned when they lose\\
we are unconcerned when\\
“I could not win again”\\
“but next time I will win”\\
… carelessly it would seem that kumagawa-san has lost like he always does but…\\
it is unexpected that someone like him would not reply anything after all the things that she said…\\
now that I think about it during the second trial against juunichou-san after he suffered that great defeat\\
misogi-chan did not so nothing to retaliate and just felt depressed\\
if I have to search for a meaning in the fact that he became calm I would think that he is happy about it and yet\\
… I wonder what is this strange sensation of uneasiness…? It is like he advances underwater without ascending without ascending to recover air…\\
w-what we do now?\\ wani-chan, kikaijima-senpai\\
and even kumagawa-senpai were not good\\
she is right this is bad\\
even someone eccentric like kumagawa-san is in that state\\
why we don’t do something like kumagawa-dono’s “weapon that can defeat magic beast” image?\\
obviously we will add the image of ourselves winning…\\
if we are able to do that, I have nothing against it but…\\
that’s a delusion that only kumagawa-san gloomy mind power can do in the first place\\ there is no one among us that has an superior imagination power that can transmit to the others right?\\
well it is true that…\\
even if we do the same thing it would only seems like we are messing around…\\
… but it could be like\\ messing around is a good idea\\
If I have to say what is really difficult about this trial\\ is that it is difficult to accept this joke about an enemy that you cannot see\\
In other words I would say that megusuno-san is challenging us in a “make-believe game”\\
On top on the fact that she knows that we don’t have the age for that kind of game anymore\\
In reality the move of challenge us to a childish match\\ is quite efficient in a real battle\\
something like… it is difficult to deal seriously with a idiotic challenge\\
yeah… there can be even the possibility that the bullets of that machinegun hit the magical beast but\\ but are we able to seriously discuss about such childish matter?\\
to be honest I already thought about the answer to this trial but you know…\\
I don’t have enough confidence to be able to put it in practise\\
It is difficult to take seriously this last trial\\
Only an big idiot that does things without thinking\\ is able to clear this trial…\\
A big idiot that…\\
Does things…\\
Without thinking…\\
he as a raw gem with a brilliant cut as an heart!\\
the magical girl from your neighbourhood…\\ the real and unique magical wonder tsugiha!!\\
an idiot came…!\\
a idiot that made her clothes by herself came…!!\\
I lost my way when I received a mail from kumagawa-senpai!\\ I heard you voices asking for help!\\
Magic beast extermination!?\\ let me do that!!\\
No… this can probably work…\\
I only need to involve yojirou-san in what I’m thinking…\\
Side: a magnificent visit\\
Below: next chapter a witch Vs a would be magical girl!! Surely next week will be magical as well\\

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