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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Medaka Box 112

box 112: to think you are a special existence

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Sep 9, 2011 17:38 | Go to Medaka Box

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Too much win in this chapter

box 112: to think you are a special existence\\
the gem in her heart has a brilliant cut!\\
the magic girl from you neighbourhood…\\ magical wonder tsugiha!!\\
inserted text: a transformation*… to her people in need\\
TLN: here the pronunciation says “make up”, I think that it is used in anime when a magical girl transform no sure, so I used “transformation” instead\\
It’s jiro-chan!\\
Finally jiro-chan!\\
The incredible jiro-chan!\\
The brave jiro…\\
ah no, I told you that I’m wonder tsugiha\\
yojirou tsugiha? Who is her one of your friends?\\
probably we will not be friends with her anymore…!\\
really? Ah well nice to meet you wonder tsugiha\\
we just happened to meet but I have a favour to ask\\ could you save us with your magic?\\
he accepted jiro-chan’s appearance so easily!\\
he is always the same guy who said that aka-san was a gentle person\\
ah the one there is the beautification committee chairman … well you know megusuno uzume-san the witch\\
we have to defeat the beast that she summoned\\ “the enemy you cannot see” the guardian of the gates of hell Cerberus\\
… ah\\
an invisible enemy?\\
what are you saying!? I can see it!\\
because on my forehead there is my third eye\\ that can see everything!!\\
… that it something reliable that I failed to recognize!\\
I don’t have something like that\\ as one would expect by the magical girl with the gem in her heart with a brilliant cut!\\
No matter if it is your third eye or your aching right arm\\ hurry up please\\
Don’t be careless this time it is keru-chan turn to attack\\
It will bite you from 3 different directions thanks to his 3 head and…\\
eh? That’s strange\\ because Cerberus’s heads sleep takes turns when it comes to sleep so only two heads can attack at the same time right?\\
plus Cerberus principally eats the souls of the deaths so someone alive as me cannot probably be eaten\\ ah but there is even a theory that it likes sweet things so in other words you are saying that I’m sweet right?\\
she knows so much!?\\
jiro-chan is well versed in things like demons, angel, gods monsters etc…\\
though her grades are really bad…\\
… at any rate with this we are standing on the same ground of our enemy now\\
the problem is how things will develop from now on…\\
wow she is good… but\\
for me it is not that different from the move that kikaijima took on me\\
If I forget that kero-chan is a result from my own imagination things will get bad\\
If it was a normal Cerberus so you would have been right\\
But kero-chan is a special type of Cerberus\\
It has no problems even if it doesn’t not sleep, and can eat anything\\ plus he hears everything that I, it’s summoner, say, it is a really good puppy!\\
A special Cerberus…?\\
Yes… a special Cerberus\\ is there something wrong with that?\\
I knew that\\
So that puppy is\\ my little rapis-chan that I raised in my previous life*!
Tln: this made me rolf\\
since the beginning I thought that it resembled rapis-chan\\ so it really is rapis-chan that I lose sight of since we separated 150 years ago during the million heart battle\\
I did never thought that I would meet it again in this form\\
Yeah that’s right! In order to oppose to your enemy own fantasy\\
You have to stole that fantasy!\\
Kumagawa-san opposed his own fantasy to the enemy’s fantasy but\\ this plan is a step forward that!\\ it is a tactic that captures the enemy’s fantasy in your own fantasy!!\\
I did not even suggest you that… do you understand that right? Yojiro-san…\\
Well I hate a little over exaggerated acting but…\\
No, akune-senpai… she is not acting\\
She believes that from the deeps of her heart\\
the magical girl wonder tsugina\\
captures all the\\
fantasies and all the illusions in all her own delusions\\
I’m her friend but I never speak with her about our favourite mangas…\\
Otherwise all the cool character in that manga will become her friends\\
… don’t worry rapis-chan\\ I will immediately\\
set you free\\
I will attack the evil witch that summoned you\\
With this “philosopher stone”\\
That’s only rubble!!!\\
jack o’ lantern is a soul which existence was rejected both by the heaven and the hell\\
you appearance itself is that of the pumpkin possessed by that soul…\\
in other words if I destroy that pumpkin\\
I can defeat you!\\
What is she talking about!?\\
Eh… no you know I’m a special jack o’ lantern\\ so you cannot defeat me with that…\\
To say that you are special…\\
You!\\ you should stop with those wild delusions!!\\
w-wait, please! Listen!\\
the content of the trial is to defeat the magical beast, so it doesn0t have anything to do with me…\\
what are you talking about? That’s why I will defeat you!\\
If I attack you, the summoner\\
Rapis-chan can return home!\\
Hey… what is that convenient development…?\\
No ok I understand!\\ I understand so, forgive me…\\
You should not apologize to me\\
You should apologize to akuamarin and peridot\\ that were worried about you for all this time!!\\
Who the hell…
that form, the curse was lifted!\\
h-hum… I\\
I’m megusuno…\\
Ah… no I’m kobayashi\\ kobayashi\\ thanks, you lifted the curse…\\
Well then kobayashi-san\\
I’m not able to see it, so I cannot understand well but\\ did Cerberus return to the demon world?\\
… did you know that the things would become like this, mizogi-chan?\\
“I did not thought that she would go that far” “it really”\\
“was stranger than fiction”
first orienting treasure hunting!\\
the last trial is complete\\ without even one of the people participating dropping out!!\\
… I have to say that I’m happy but\\ on the other side this troubles me a little\\
only one can win this treasure hunt\\ to think that at the end all 8 of us would survive to the stairs that bring to the rooftop\\
“shouldn’t we choose the winner with rock-paper-scissor?”\\
“after we came all the way here anyone of us could be the winner”\\”it is like we all winners!”\\
“well I would surrender to anyone who says that he wants to be the winner”\\
“because if it wasn’t for you help, I would have failed this a lot of time ago”\\
come on… stop that kumagawa-senpai\\
she is right! If it wasn’t for you we would never pass the fourth trial plus\\
jiro-chan who won the last trial came back because you called her, right?\\
because of me huh… heheh” “what strange feeling”\\
“until now no one told that to me”\\
and from now on no one will*!!\\
TLN: go!!! naked apron dash!!!\\
kouki-chan, kikaijima-san, takarabe-chan, kikitsu-chan, wanizuka-chan, yojirou-chan, kibougaoka-chan”!\\ “thanks and good bye!”\\
“for your strong friendship and precious sacrifice!”\\”I will not forget you!!\\
so stylish ~ ~!\\
he betrayed us even in this situation…!!\\
t-this is bad!\\ if he wins\\
all the girls will have to wear a naked apron!\\
naked apron senpaiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!\\
it… it is all right! Don’t fret!\\
kumagawa-san cannot run to that speed, he will immediately be out of breath!\\ if we pursue him immediately we can make it in time!\\
b-but look at the number of these screws!\\
we cannot tear off them so easily…!!\\
no don’t tear off them recklessly otherwise your clothes will be removed!\\ first you have to set your arms free!\\
then you will have to remove the screws gently one at time!\\
… but even it that case it will take at least one minute… even if it is a mere second…\\
we cannot take it easy like I told before, probably we will not make it in time…\\
sfx: don\\
even if we lost sight of him for a mere second\\
he lost again…!!\\
side text: a shocking trial…\\
… rather medaka-san?\\
why are you here…?\\
I’m glad to meet you here\\ I’m proud to meet you here\\
Well let’s begin this immediately\\ the bonus stage that only those who passed 5 trials can challenge\\
The meda trial*\\
TLN: it is “meda kanmon” kanmon is trial, it is a play with words\\
Side text: the one supervising it is “kurogami medaka”!!\\
Below: with a central colour we will publish the popularity pool!! And then, what will be the destiny of the candidates…!?\\

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