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Skill hunter Tekuni-chan Oneshot : Waza No Tabibito 1

Waza No Tabibito Chapter 1

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Sep 26, 2011 19:03 | Go to Skill hunter Tekuni-chan

Oh man it took 4 hours to complete this. It is from the same author of Hystory's Strongest Disciple Kenichi, Matsuena Shun. I hope that Kenichi's fan will enjoy it.

This translation is not proofread, I strongly reccomend you to proofread before using it in an actual scan.

raw by magicbulletgirl

so did you get a clue?\\
the exit to this forest…\\
uhm there is no doubt about it ni\\
we are totally lost ni!!\\
tekuni: I’m 120% sure of it ni!\\
side text: the new work draw by matsuena shun will be a one shot made into two parts!!!\\
below text: the full 3D anime “waza no Tabibito” by matsuena shun made into a comic!!\\
the fate of the young girl bearing the name of “skill warrior” interweaves…\\
with a destroyed civilization gone silent without wars…\\
high fantasy! Action!!\\
what do we do now? We already passed 3 days here wandering around!!\\
tekuni is not good with these stingy “Wazaan” that “bound you to your desired objective” or something ni!!\\
you master always said that you would not become good if you didn’t remember well the several “Wazaan” with a good balance!!\\
aah... we will starve and die here…\\
you are a owl so you can catch a mouse or something ni!\\
I’m a descendant of the sage owls brimming with wisdom. My reason will not permit me to act according to such savage behaviour!!\\
Sage owls, they have an amazing memory power, and they never forget something they learned once. They live a long live but this chick is still young\\
Sidetext: this one shot is based on a different story than the one of the anime available on the web. A new adventure for tekuni-chan begins!!\\
but this is a big forest!\\
yeah in the past it was called something like “adro” or “road”, I heard that I was a flat soil were it was easy to walk on, and that it extended for miles and miles. But now, no matter where you go, it is all forest\\
that story again ni? It sounds like a lie\\
eh, why?\\
well, how did they manage to preserve such a big thing in the first place ni?\\
… yeah\\
more importantly don’t you have some interesting wisdom about this forest eh, fukkun!?\\
eh? But, even if I’m a sage owl I cannot make display of knowledge that I did not obtain\\
… you are so useless\\
in that case tekuni-chan, why don’t you find the way out of this forest with your speciality the “Wazaan”!?\\
I’m a “skill warior” in training!!\\
That would be too much difficult for me now!!\\
You are still a little girl\\
I told you, fur ball!\\
Ah that’s enough! If only I wan not mislead by your lies and never come with you in this journey to polish your skills!\\
That’s a mouse!!\\
Shakee! Fukuro’s claws!\\
Wow!! What a great feat fukkun, we just got our lunch ni!! This time you did not hear that reason or something that you were talking about just a moment ago ni!!\\
That mouse is really plump… it should last for 3 days…\\
sorry tekuni-chan, just now my wild nature came out…\\
Wild nature?\\
Let’s eat this together and make peace.\\
move fukkun!!\\
ah, the mouse!\\
wow a kite sardine! A ferocious carnivore animal!\\
I don’t have a lot of energy left but I don’t have any other choice!\\
Oh, a Wazaan of high level the “light wings”!!\\
Uuh, these will not last\\
You Wazaan disappeared\\
Uoooh go up….\\
Life threatening cushion!\\
!!? Who is this time!?\\
damn, even if we quarrelled she is my close friend! You will not eat her!\\
an unknown object appeared, comparison activated!!\\
a robot? This is the first time I see something like that\\
box: let’s explain, if a sage owl encounters an unknown object , he compares it with his past data and decides on the conjecture with the highest probability!!\\
hahaha, good one\\
even if a look like this, I’m a genuine human being\\
ah really?\\
we come from the far east so we have insufficient data on the general knowledge of this area\\
where am I?\\
wow~ it is full of machinery here… incredible ni~\\
this is the smell of food!!\\
this is the only room without machinery so it is a little out of place but, this is delicious!!\\ the only thing I don’t like it is that it doesn’t have the same flavour of mouse\\
ah, fukkun\\
what are you eating ni?\\
ah, tekuni-chan you are already awake, are you all right?\\
this is complete nutritional food done by nanotech. If only it had the same flavour of mouse it would be perfect\\
ni ni, this thing is incredible ni, it is floating into space. You will damage your stomach if you ate strange things ni\\
it is all right, that food will be very good for your body\\
fukkun: it would be so good, if only it had mouse’s flavour\\
is your body all right? You were quite weakened\\
yeah! You have some incredible technology here! But I’m sorry I have already broke it\\
don’t worry, I can repair it. I have to say that you are a young girl with good manners\\
so, who are you?\\
you have a weird appearance ni!!\\
don’t talk like that to our benefactor!!\\
aimov-sam it is a human made cyborg with a remarkable intelligence but he is part of the humankind just like you, tekuni-chan\\
I’m a raptores by the way\\
Right now I get all the energy for my body from this patia\\
Eh? Tekuni-chan you don’t know about it?\\
Look at this\\
The patia is the core of the eternal engines that moves thanks to chlorophyll\\
People with an advanced technological civilization from the west obtain their energy from the patia\\
If you have both water and light, you can have a semi perpetual source of energy, it is the greatest invention that humanity ever did\\ food, beverages, machinery, clothes, you can produce anything with nanotech\\
e-everything ni?\\
maybe the cultural shock was too much for her to handle?\\
at the present time it is only a way of extracting energy which method to fabricate was lost\\
even if it is a perpetual source of power, the number of patia is decreasing because of abrasion or damages, so we don’t have any other choice than enter is the forest and excavate them from ruins or other places\\
but there are a lot of dangers in the forest… and because of that I’m the only left of the companion from my same community, they are all…\\
it’s them!!\\
damn it, they are devastating the graves of my companions!\\
but since I’m alone, there did not ever show themselves, so why are they here now!?\\
I see, probably they sensed your life energy…\\
Ni!? What’s that!?\\
they are the demons that stole my body* and that of my friends!!\\
TLN: here I think he referes to his body made of flesh\\
okshirik… that cannot be!!\\
that is the general term used to describe the pseudo animal weapons created in the past in order to compete in the cold war happened during the previous advanced technological era\\
at the end the great war did not break out, so they end up scattered through the whole world!!\\
eh? Something is shining\\
you have to flee!\\
what was that light!?\\
aimov-san, your body!!\\
uwaah that was a blaster!\\
they are absorbing his life energy!!?\\
this is… the reason why they have continued to move… after all these years…\\
run… away…\\
I coming where you are my friends…\\
impossible, she made that okshirik…\\
fly away!?\\
a sword!? From where is it coming from!?\\
that’s the blade of the heart\\
it is made by tempering your own heart. The “Wazaan” is a power that even surpasses the laws of physics\\
niiii… I’m starving but…\\
my spirit is almost fully recharged ni!\\
t-to send flying a blaster attack is physically impossible!!\\
who the hell is that girl!!?\\
tekuni-chan is a skill warrior\\
it is made of an incredibly hard material this thing ni!!\\
it is useless, without an high output beam you cannot destroy that armour!!\\
with the wazaan it depends on the power of your mind if you are able to cut something or not\\
if you think you can cut it, you will cut it! If you don’t think you can cut it, it is a little dangerous to do…\\
things made by human can be surely be destroyed by human…\\
burn fiercely “power of my heart”!!\\
heat thought blade cut(netsujin shinen giri)!!\\
it cut!!\\
that was great tekuni-chan you are really good with sword techniques!!\\
ni? Showy moves are my speciality ni!\\
what ridiculous power!! She destroyed 3 units of the okshirik that continued to kill my comrades in a single instant…\\
ah that’s right, I heard about it\\
in the far extremity of the east there is a nation that rejected the mechanic civilization and by polishing their hearts they are able to manipulate the wazaan, a power capable of transcend the laws of physics!!\\
that’s right, those are the “skill warrior”!!\\
are you all right ni?\\
yes, they only absorbed a small part of my life energy and my body will function even better that before\\
what incredible float repairing machine you have\\ to be able to use this technology in these times, there is a very rare settlement here\\
this is quite strange, in a place were machines like the okshirik eat animals, a human like me continues to live thanks to electrical power\\
the truth is that I wanted to ask you something. What do you think about becoming the new members of this settlement?\\
as you can see, here the technology still works well. Plus there are a lot of patia that I collected in the years I stayed here\\
uwaah so many!\\
eh? Wait, how many years passed since you began to collect them?\\
the last time a traveller passed here was, if I remember well…\\
377 years and 6 months ago\\
I really want to stay here to keep you company but I’m in the middle of a training journey so…\\
Think really carefully about it, I don’t know if there is another place were you can live a civilized life other than here…\\
Ni! The place where tekuni lived was a valley in the mountains and I could obtain a lot of things and live a good life\\
Fukkun: yeah and the mouse there were delicious\\
People can live everywhere\\
Eh he, I see…\\
Probably it is just as you say!\\
So, could you please take this along with you\\
What’s that? Ok wait, don’t tell me, I will guess. I will bet my name of sage owl on it…\\
I already understood ni!\\
What is that thing?\\
this place ni\\
that’s right the coordinates of this settlement\\
in the past there was a thing called “road” here, people and cars could come here and leave from here freely but…\\ in this era, travels became too much dangerous. Of my companions that went in search of other cities no one ever returned\\
eh, so there was a road here!!\\
anyway I will surely give that to a place where people live ni\\
thanks… if it is you it seems that miracles can happen\\
but you don’t have neither a path nor a map…\\
where are you headed at?\\
… well, probably I asked a superfluous thing…\\
that’s right…\\
because there is no good reason to put an end to a journey!!\\
good bye aimov-san\\
inserted text: tekuni will play an active role in the next issue too, a second chapter with a 42 pages!!\\

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#1. by zasentoalaboca ()
Posted on Sep 26, 2011
Where can I download the raw?
#2. by Spiritovod ()
Posted on Sep 27, 2011
The right title is "Waza no Tabibito", not "Tabihito".
#3. by aegon-rokudo ()
Posted on Sep 27, 2011
thanks, I only read the kanji not the kana

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