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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Buyuden 27

Chapter 27: Opening!!!!

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Oct 9, 2011 18:25 | Go to Buyuden

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raw by Magic Bullet Girl, proof by max mahito

Twelfth National Kids’ Boxing Tournament, for students in the 5thand 6th grade\\
Around Moka’s Circle: *A strong opponent*. She has excellent power. Her first match is the key.
Around Isamu’s Circle: *The Golden Egg*. He aims to win his first match!\\
Around Watari’s Circle: *The favourite*. The runner up of last year’s tournament\\
Around Hyouma: *The Dark Horse*. He is unusually determined!\\
Chapter 27: Opening!!!!\\

Side Text: Moka’s opponent is last year’s Champion! What kind of a guy is he!?\\
In the blue corner, member of the Star gym from the Saitama Prefecture\\
Watari Harumi\\
This is the video of last year’s final match\\
Ah, that’s Watari!!\\
That’s right, she reached the final in her first appearance in a tournament\\

In the red corner, member of the Osaka Seiken gym from Osaka Prefecture\\
This boy is Moka’s opponent in her first match\\
Kakei Masato!!\\
Kakei-kun is a Southpaw boxer type\\

He makes use of his height, long reach and\\
With his lightning-speed jab, he anticipates his opponents’ moves…\\
If he sees a chance, he drives his opponents into a corner with various combinations of punches from both sides\\
And then he finishes them off\\

W-Watari got a KO in the first round!?\\
Wow… he is strong!\\

He’s a dangerous opponent, Moka\\
By the way, do you have a video of the opponent for my first match…?\\
But, if you look at his accomplishments in the last tournament,\\
He was defeated in his first match… so you should have some chances of victory\\
The executive office decides the pairings for the matches according to the participants’ results and the information that the gyms provides in order to not have too much power difference between the two opponents, but…\\
I wonder, why there is such difference in treatment between the two of you, considering that this the first time you appear in a tournament…\\
It is terrible that they paired a girl with last year’s Champion\\
Do you want me to talk with the executive office and change the pairings, Moka?\\
I think that I probably know the reason why the tournament pairings were made like this\\

When I was in osaka, I went a lot of times to this famous gym, “The Seiken”…\\
Probably, he was not strong at that time…\\
And I don’t remember if Kakei-kun was there or not, but…\\
I remember, that every time, I beat the hell out of all the members of the gym who had same age as mine\\
That’s it\\

Akina-san, can we immediately do a mass boxing training, based on the information we have on Kakei-kun!?\\
Eh… oh, sure\\
Incredible… so, Moka is already at that level!\\
It seems that I don’t have to worry, it was not a thoughtless pairing\\
Ok, I don’t have the spare time to worry about others! I will win against Umehara too!!\\
Did you finish your warm ups’!?\\
Today, we will do the mitt training!\\ hurry up!\\

And then…\\
Twelfth National kid Boxing Tournament\\

That day has arrived!!\\

Incredible… shortly, I will fight on that ring…\\
That’s right\\

Ok everyone, firstly, you have to complete your health check and let them take your measurements\\ once the opening ceremony ends, the matches will immediately begin\\
Akina, who will be the first to fight amongst us?\\
Ah… well\\

Room reserved for the participants(their guardians can enter)\\
13th participant, Take Isamu, the glove check is done\\
Well then, wait at the side of the ring, before the match starts\\
To get assigned in the third match, you are so lucky\\
My match is almost at the end, I will get tired of waiting\\
Hey man, are you all right? You became pale even before beginning your match\\

First match, the victory was awarded to Higashida*\\
TLN: This should mean that it was not a KO victory, but the judge decided the one who won\\
OK, let’s go\\
Ah… excuse me\\ I have to pee…\\
Eh, again!? You went there just a moment ago!\\
You are too nervous\\
You stupid fool, you cannot remove your gloves!\\
We don’t have any other choice, let someone help you and finish this quick!\\
Near Moka: Clear Answer\\
I refuse\\
Hyouma, help him!\\
Eeeh, why me!?\\
Don’t make a fool out of me, you little shit…\\

Why do I have to touch your unruly watering can!?\\
Hey, I don’t want you to touch it too!\\
Idiot, why didn’t you go before they put the gloves on!?\\
Isamu: Aaah\\
I already went, but I have to pee again\\
Hurry up!\\
Geez, this is the third time you participate in a tournament and you are still so nervous!\\
If you are so frightened, you will lose again this year!\\

I will win…\\
This is the first time for my opponent to appear in a tournament, so probably he is not that experienced\\
I don’t want to lose anymore…!\\
I will win today, I assure you dad!\\

I have to clean my hands well…\\
N-Nice to meet you\\
M-Me too, treat me well…\\
Side Text: They forgot the unpleasant atmosphere… next issue… Isamu’s first battle!!\\
Bottom box: To be continued in Issue #46

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