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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Buyuden 28

Chapter 28: The one who gets knocked down

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Oct 15, 2011 18:05 | Go to Buyuden

-> RTS Page for Buyuden 28

Proof by max mahito

He tightens his grip as his heart throbs with excitement as he heads for the battle!!\\
Chapter 28: The one who gets knocked down\\

Side Text: The heated battles amongst these young boys begins now!!\\
The match ends!!\\

A RCS*, huh?\\ It is different from the pro matches, as once the difference in power is clear, they stop the match immediately\\
TLN: This note was included in the original Japanese text: RCS(Referee Stop Contest) in amateur boxing, in the case there is a major difference in power or when they notice that someone got an injury, the referee decides the outcome of the match\\
Yeah, because it would be dangerous otherwise\\
Second match, Nakajima gains victory after a Referee Stop Contest\\
Idiot, don’t cry!\\
If you did your best and even then lost the match, you cannot do anything about that!\\
Now, let’s continue with the third match\\
Train more and then you will get back next year\\

Come on, let’s go!\\
Do your best, Take-kun!\\
What the hell, did he become a robot?\\
Wahahaha\\ The robot broke down\\
Hey, it is too soon to get a down\\
Is he all right…? Probably he is too nervous\\
Was he so mentally weak?\\

It is normal that anyone would get nervous during his first match\\
Plus, it doesn’t mean his mind is weak just because he has “Stage Fright”\\
The match is comprised of 2 rounds, 2 minutes each \\ If you get 3 downs in the first round or 4 downs in the whole match, there will be a RSC\\
The points will be assigned by 3 judges and there will be 20 points, just like the amateur boxing rules\\ pay attention to foul play conduct, especially to things like butting and low blows\\

You have to fight fair and square to show the results of your everyday’s training!\\
From now on, the match between students of the 5th and 6th grade, Take Isamu Vs Umehara Seita, begins\\
Here, the mouth piece\\
Small bubble: Kapu
Seconds out\\

Ok, you are finally here!\\
You have only 5 minutes, after that, everything is finished!\\
You will regret it if this will be a fight you’ll want to forget or a fight in which you did not do anything!!\\

Take-kun’s expression has changed!\\

Good, you are hitting him!!\\
Take-kun, use your legs!!\\
His punches are not that fast and yet…\\

Down!! Go to the neutral corner!!\\
Uwaah, He already got a standing down…!\\
That was fast!\\
Taku-kun! If you are alright, then take the fighting pose!!\\
Ah… I see!\\
Can you do this!?\\

I can do this!\\
I can win today, against an opponent like him!!\\
Take-kun is strange… I thought that shouting at him would be enough to make him serious and yet…\\
That was naïve\\
His spirit and his body are not prepared yet\\
If you are that nervous just a moment before the match, you muscles will become stiff too\\
Even if his emotions suddenly entered into battle mode, probably his body did not follow them\\

This is bad…!\\
This time, if I get a telling blow, let alone getting a down, I will lose the match because of a RSC!\\
Take-kun, fight back!\\
Hey man, they will stop the match like this!\\
… Well, it seems that it is too soon to make him participate in a match yet\\
This is the End!!


H-He did it!!\\
That’s a… C-Counter!!\\
That kid… he easily used a counter again while he was in a pinch…!!\\
I… can still fight!\\
He stood!\\
Side text: The situation is reversed!! Now he can have his way!!\\

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