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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Skill hunter Tekuni-chan Oneshot : Waza No Tabibito 2

Waza No Tabibito 2

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Oct 22, 2011 13:46 | Go to Skill hunter Tekuni-chan

This needs a serious proof read.

After reading this story, I realized that Matsuena Shun is still able to draw mangas with the same quality of The DoD arc in kenichi, but in the last one/two years he tends to increase too much the sizes of breasts and bottoms of female characters.

For example Tekuni, the principal female character in this one-shot, is well drawn, with reasonable proportions, but that's only because she is something like 14 years old, so Matsuena-sensei held back in regard of his sizes.

skill warrior tekuni, she continues her training journey!!\\
near fukkun: an high action fantasy draw by matsuena shun!!\\
side text: the second part of the original one shot based on matsuena shun’s anime. Whare is headed tekuni-chan today?\\
what’s the matter tekuni-chan?\\
I sense the presence of a human being near here\\
Impossible… at the center of this forest?\\
That’s right! Tekuni’s perception is sharp for that kind of things ni\\
Even if we didn’t meet anybody in the last month since we lwft aimov-san’s village?\\
He is observing us from a distance of 200 meters no!\\
Eh, really!? So could it be that we discovered a second place where people live!?\\
In any case tekuni-chan…\\
before that why let’s do something about this!!\\
w-well you are right ni!\\
She were talking so casually, so I thought she was fine but…\\
Damn you… how dare you to eat one of my friends… sage owl secret mose…\\
Fukku & low*!!\\
TLN: to understand this technique you have to read the sfx. The first two in the with the exclamation point are fukku, while the ones on the left with 2 exclamation mark are low\\
This is…\\
The thunderbolt wazaan!!?\\
tekuni-chan you are ok…!!\\
ni ni, this wazaan gives an electric shock to caster too, so I use it only went it is necessary ni!\\
I feel that the one who is observing us is in this direction ni\\ hey don’t lose focus here!!\\
Lens? A periscope?\\
fly fukkun, like a bird!\\
but it is difficult if the group goes missing all of the sudden…\\
ah, a p-person! Fukkun, this is a human child ni!\\
he is getting away!\\
wait ni! Tekuni-chan is not dangerous ni\\
he is fast!\\
ni, and nible ni!\\
and strong ni\\
my ass got struck!!\\
who are you?\\
pull her!!\\
that’s dangerous bi!!\\
geez, and I thought that finally I met some human beings, and here I found some barbarians that live in a tiny hole…\\
… wait, what!?\\
there is such big city underground?\\
it is really beautiful ni\\
fukkun: look that’s a human city\\
fuhahaha! It seems that you did not come here to mess up with our mine!!\\
but to our merit, we have to say that we are not barbarians!\\
a mine… what is that?\\
a hole that you dig to find precious metals\\
ok, let’s return to work\\
I will keep her company\\
I’m the boss of this underground city, Haidess\\
My clan prospered for several generations underground\\
to excavate this\\
what was that again?\\
Aimov-san showed us that too right!?\\
The core of the eternal engine, the patia\\
This is my son Toinoa. Who are you?\\
The stylish apprentice swordswoman, tekuni depagar\\
I’m fukku low, a sage owl, nice to meet you\\
heee… a training jurney, I like it\\
wow, so this is how the deepest level looks like ni!\\
here we can dig up a lot of thing but, as you can see the most precious one is the Patia\\
if you have this, you can do anything with nanotechnologies starting from food to arrive to mechanical components\\
well, periodically you have to go on the surface and make it bath in the sunlight but, if you have underground water you can acquire a semi perpetual source of energy\\
incredible ni!\\
incredible ni!\\
so you are not returning the surface anymore?\\
return? I was born here\\
my father too, and my grand father as well!\\
so, this is your home town ni!!\\
that’s right!\\
there is no better place to live than underground\\
you can excavate the source of nanotechnology power, the patia as much as you like!\\
and you don’t even get rain or storms!\\
and above all… \\
the monsters outside do not come here. Underground is the best!!\\
men: underground is the best!!\\ underground is the best!!
underground is the best!!
underground is the best hooooo!!\\
did you see that? The underground was awfully noisy and…\\ I made my son Toinoa activate that periscope \\
you are strong, this is the first time a saw a human being repel one of the mosters that are outside. Who are you?\\
ni, tekuni is a skill warrior\\
skill warrior?\\
so that’s a skill warrior?\\ the so called phantom people that live in the fire east, that are able to manipulate with their will and spirit the “Waazan” a power that surpasses even the laws of physics!!\\
incredible he has an wide knowledge!!\\
well you know, if you dig up the previous era’s science…\\
you can get a lot of information by just looking at them, right?\\
i-informations! That’s wisdom, a treasure made of wisdom!! There are even books!!\\
tln: on the right: he has some exclusive issue of kenichi, damn him!!!\\
well, it you are so interested you can read them as you want\\
this is wisdom, wisdom! Damn it!\\
in little: wisdom…\\
ah fukkun got too excited and he began to bleed ni!!\\
what incredible desire for knoeldge! Gahaha, that’s good, I like you\\
take it easy\\
well, here it is not as dangerous as it would normally be in your training journey as a warrior\\
what a beautiful town ni!\\
but are you sure that we can demolish this?\\ didn’t the boss say “burry it again”?\\
that’s only because it is really solid\\
considering that we are speaking of the boss here, he told that while he was probably thinking that we would work a lot\\
but let’s recover the Patia in secret and make the boss happy!!\\
ok! Let’s do some overtime work!!\\
but I never saw a robot with this appearance before\\
man, even the nano burner makes it evaporate only a tiny bit. It is more tough than I immaginated\\
didn’t it move right now!?\\
hahaha, aren’t you a little tired?\\ I think It remained for century surrounded by earth, and by the way it is half petrified\\
but we don’t have any patia reaction here…\\
we will probably see it once it will be exposed, it must be a patia, otherwise what did this thing move?\\
Did you sleep?\\
You can even fly, now I like you even more\\
if only I could fly too…\\
eh? Why?\\
the truth is that in this place the patia excavation volume is decreasing. Even if you can it the eternal engine…\\
their number will decrease because of abrasion and damages\\
if the population here will increase, people will start starving\\
eeh, you have a lot of worries, boss\\
this is a map\\
if you will find a place were people live, I want you to be sure to give them this\\
w-whatI is that true!?\\
ni, there is something like a mountain of patia there, look I took some of them\\
t-this is…\\
this is the 400 thousands patia! Only one of this makes a whole factory move without problems!\\
what’s the matter ni?\\
but… that would not do it\\
I’m sorry but I cannot go to that town\\
Why ni? I even have the map\\
Toinoa’s mother… my wife is a really smart person\\
She immediately notice that as the situation stands, we will exhaust the reserve of patias in this underground city…\\
The truth is that once I went up to the surface, to search together with her a new buried city of an ancient technological civilization\\
But the whole expedition was annihilated because of the severe environment out side…\\
I barely saved my life by running away and returning here but… my wife never came back…\\
I cannot leave the underground\\
And I will not let my subordinates go either, probably we will get all killed before arriving to that town\\
What’s happening?\\
I’m asking you what’s happening!\\
at the north excavation site a robot began to go wild!\\
that’s a okshirik!\\
okshirik!? One of those things I fought the other time?\\
that’s a “seiren”, the oshirik of last generation of super weapon!!\\
impossible! I told them to not excavate the north vein because it could provoke the oshirik, and yet…!\\
that’s okshirik… those are the super weapons that every nation in the past era created as “deterrent”\\
yes, but at the end there were not been a great war, and now that those nations are no more…\\
now they recognize the whole humanity as enemies!! I just read it last night!!\\
who cares!? The city is in danger ni!!\\
I will chop it down!!\\
it is useless tekuni-chan, stop that!!\\
to think that even tekuni-dono would be blown away…\\
in the okshirik models of the last generation, they adopted a certain system!\\
it is a system made after they studied the “tribe of the eastern art”, the psych shield!!\\
probably that’s a device that messes up with the energy that governs a person fear…\\
a normal person would have his spirit crushed after only a single attack!!\\
what’s happening ni?\\
I cannot use the power of my spirit ni!!\\
Tekuni-chan, calm down!\\
let’s fight!\\
that person is fighting and yet we are here doing nothing…!!\\
I want to fight!\\
Me too!\\
Me too!\\
damn you!!\\
we will show you the real power of the underground city tribe!!\\
stop! Don’t be reckless!!\\
that’s an opponent too strong for guns!!\\
At point black distance a nano burner should be able to vaporize it, even if it is a okshirik’s armour!!\\
my burner technology is the best on the whole world!!\\
ah, that the psych shield!!\\
find that city, haidis…\\
I’m really angry now!!\\
it is useless, it is using that shield again!\\
impossible the device that is creating the shield on its back was blown away!?\\
shinen ryoudan kiri!!(will and wish bisection cut)\\
I-I cannot believe it! This weapon was build to the scope of fighting skill warriors, right!?\\
The theory behind it is simple\\
My rage right now…\\
Can easily smash down any wall made of fear ni!\\
d-don’t cry toinoa…\\
if I die you will become the new chief of this village… you cannot… show them tears anymore\\
eh? Do you intend to perform the healing wazaan with your body in that condition?\\tekuni-san!\\
that’s too reckless, if you use it with such a weakened body, you will die!!\\
are you listening to me? The healing wazaan shares the life energy, do you know that?\\
tekuni is a skill warrior!\\
skill warriors must always use wazaan…\\
in the case one of their benefactors ‘life is in danger, so matter the situation ni!!
what is this?\\
his injuries are healing!\\
this is strange… the pain is subsiding…\\
are you all right!?\\
how was… my healing wazaan…?\\
yeah, it was great. You became able to use even these kind of delicate wazaan\\
… that’s thanks to my training as a warrior ni!\\
thank you very much for everything\\
we will surely ready the city on the map you gave you and begin to trade with them\\
I have fulfilled my promise with aimov-san so I’m totally satisfied!\\
Well then let’s go to the east!\\
Tekuni-dono and fukkun will head for…\\
A journey full of many other adventures!!\\
Side text: the comic “waza no tabibito” will be published together with a CD and DVD. They release is planed around the 18th of november\\

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