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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Buyuden 31

Chapter 31: the legendary champion

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Nov 4, 2011 17:45 | Go to Buyuden

-> RTS Page for Buyuden 31

Coercive talk... probably that's why my translation is so much inspired this time.

ah, it has stopped raining\\
damn… we were going to share the same umbrella…\\
inserted text: they are close to each other, but their relationship isn’t getting any closer\\
Chapter 31: the legendary champion\\
Athletes waiting room (their guardians can enter)\\
side text: the star gym group follows after isamu’s RCS victory! The next one is hyouma… he seems quite ready!!\\
hey, if you overdo it he will be exhausted before the fight begins\\ and even if he will not be exhausted, his stamina will quickly drop\\
heh, leave me alone. Probably you don’t even care about how I will perform in this match\\
yeah… I guess, then even if I stay at the ringside during your match, I will probably be just an eyesore to you\\
tajima, you and akina will be at the ringside this time\\
ah, yes\\
13th match was awarded to katayama by referee’s decision\\
ok, I’m going then\\
if you win this, you will fight against me in a match between boxers from the same gym\\
do your best\\
yeah, sure I will, it will be my come back in order to defeat you!\\
go! right!\\
left!\\ ok now the body\\
too slow\\
don’t stop the movement after the one-two!\\
strike until you reach the three-four!!\\
hey what’s wrong moka?\\
hyouma’s match will begin soon!\\
take-kun, go ahead without me\\
there is someone I want to speak to\\
to think that person would be kakei-kun’s trainer…\\
the last person…\\
my father fought against\\
inui kouji\\
before dying…\\
this is the person that stole my father’s life…!!\\
ah? What’s wrong moka-chan?\\ are you impressed by our spar?\\
inui-san\\ do you know who I am?\\
yeah\\ you are the beloved daughter of kaname seiji, the man that died by my own hands\\
when I read the name of kakei’s opponent in his first match I immediately realized it, and I were really surprised,\\
I did not think that a girl like you would practice boxing\\
I… there is something I always wanted to ask you in the case we would ever meet\\
After that match I hated you because you killed my dad…\\
But I gradually realized that it was an accident, something that would happen to any boxer, and my resentment vanished\\
Rather, after that I began to root for the person that defeated my dad and was climbing to the top of the world championship,\\ while overlapping the image of the father that I admired and respected so much on that very person…\\
I thought that you wanted do your best in order to fill for my father share too\\
… but\\
… but, why did you retire without even taking a fight for defend the title!?\\
3 years ago, you became world champion and yet… why did you stop being a boxer even if you were so young!?\\
even if the others told that you could still do it… even if you did so much until that moment… why did you stop doing boxing so easily!!?\\
to be sincere… I don’t understand why you are saying that to me with such loud voice…\\
why should I have to do my best to fill up for you father’s share as well?\\ are you saying that I have to fight on the ring until I break apart to compensate for your father’s death?\\
I think that what happened to your father was a real pity\\
Obviously I was hard for me too, even now I go every year to visit his grave…\\
But what I do and what you are asking are two completely different things\\
Is a boxer who has stolen another man’s dream forced to be crushed by that sin and consume his own life on the ring until he dies?\\
are you asking me to do such a cruel thing?\\
I…\\I did not mean that…\\
Could it be that you are practicing boxing for that very reason?\\
“I will do my best for my dead father too”…\\ “I will take over my father’s dream”,\\
aren’t that your reasons?\\
e-even if it is the case, what are you implying!?\\ is that wrong!?\\
you should stop\\
It is foolish to do something in the place of someone else\\
Especially for a girl like you, no one would be happy to punch your face,\\ is your mother happy about this? Maybe this is not only about your self-satisfaction, right?\\
I have a daughter too, so I can understand this well…\\ if your father was still alive he would surely make you stop practicing boxing\\
Probably he is right now in the heavens hoping that you would quit practicing boxing immediately*\\
TLN:(T_T) sorry guys, no moka Vs kakei this time\\
hyouma you swings are too wide! They lack power!!\\
inserted text: that strike… What will happen to the match…!?\\

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