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Buyuden 34

Chapter 34: you cannot do that!

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Nov 24, 2011 17:41 | Go to Buyuden

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with her heart closed… moka… goes toward her first official match!!\\
Chapter 34: you cannot do that!\\
side text: against the champion ready to defeat her, moka intends to lose…\\
did you get that?\\
if you win, you will still have other matches in the afternoon\\
don’t go to the second round against a female opponent and don’t use your physical strength\\ finish this quickly\\
got it\\
I heard that this guy called Kakei is last’s year’s champion\\
Eh? Are you serious?\\ if it is true he will massacre that girl\\
we did this a lot of times during the simulations but, his powerful long reach jab needs special attention\\
he is a tall southpaw, so move clockwise and if you are able to approach him from the side, attack him with a short punch\\
in any case your opponent is the champion, so don’t think about defeating him and just aim for the judge awarded victory!\\
do you really intend to lose moka…!?\\
hey what are doing moka!!?\\
you cannot attack him from the front! Go around him and use your legs!!\\
these are kakei-kun’s punches…\\
they are fast… I cannot win against him no matter what I do…\\
go to the neutral corner!!\\
one round 20 seconds, that’s a good performance\\
this is the end of the line\\
if I don’t get up after this, it will be all finished\\
you cannot do that…\\
you cannot do that moka…\\
stand up!! Stand up!!\\
that’s awful! You cannot loose in such apathetic way!!\\
I… I don’t want to see my master who taught me how much fun boxing is, in a such state!!\\
it is ok if you stop doing boxing after you lose!!\\
But, if this is really your last match, show me your graceful boxing, please!!!\\
can you go on!?\\
you can bet on it…\\ I was just resting a little\\
What an idiot\\
I don’t care if you will not be able to become a bride after this!!\\
you approached me from the side and earned a point huh…\\
do you really think that you can win against me by aiming to a makeshift judge awarded victory?\\
you are right,\\ in that case, I will defeat you…\\
s-she… is fast!!\\
in the last match of my life…\\
I will show take-kun my best fight!!\\
Inserted text: this is the signal for the counter attack!!\\

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