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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 77

Night 77: the sindria kingdom\\

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jan 4, 2012 17:13 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Night 77: the sindria kingdom\\
box: half year after that incident\\
mor:… it seems they are back…\\
mas: yeah\\
mor: shouldn’t we go to greet them…?\\
mas: yeah\\
box: the island country of the southern see sindria\\
box: king sinbad’s country\\
box: that country is situated into the extreme southern zone of the world, also called as savage lands\\
map: beginning by sindria(the point clearly indicated) and going clockwise{
sindria kingdom\\
dark continent\\
rem empire\\
central plains\\
the kou empire\\
central desert\\
in the box: savage lands
box: in the past it was an isolated island in the open seas that no one got near to, that was reclaimed by king Sinbad\\
box: it has a lot of visitors, as it is well known as the dream palace created by the “legendary dungeon conqueror”\\
box: it is a country with rare geographical features, climate, flora and fauna\\
box: where people live together…\\
box: the country is flourishing with trades and commerce,\\
box and the citizen make it more and more flourishing\\
guard: his majesty Sinbad,\\
guard: is back!!\\
people: the king\\ the king\\
people: our king is back\\
voice: welcome back\\
ja’far: it is splendid to see that you are come back in good health from your journey\\
ja’far: king Sinbad\\
sin: yeah. I was away for a long time, ja’far\\
sin: were the state affairs well during my absence?\\
sin: I see\\
ja’far: so…\\
ja’far: what about the congress with the kou empire about barbadd?\\
sin: well…\\
sin: the kou empire will retain the control over barbadd but\\
sin: it seems they accepted barbadd’s self government as a republic\\
ja’far: I see…\\
ja’far: In that occasion, half year ago, when the kou empire’s army appeared, We thought they went for an aggressive war\\
sin: yeah…\\
sin: that time they were impatient but…\\
sin: it seems the kou empire did not have any intention to destroy barbadd to begin with\\
sin: at the end their objective was to put barbadd under their jurisdiction\\
sin: in order to get that they used a marriage proposal…\\ and if that would not work they would incite the citizen’s rebellion\\
sin: they would use the suppression of that rebellion as pretext to invade the country and put it under their control…\\
sin: probably this was thei intention since the beginning\\
(nando): we cannot get out of this country!\\
sin: and the fact that a great part of their navy was stationing off shore of barbadd’s port only proves that\\
sin: thinking about it now, probably the plan to make the “population into slaves”…\\
sin was nothing more than a gust of wind in order to incite the rebellion…\\
ja’far: you could say…\\
ja’far: that everything met the kou empire’s expectations…\\
sin: but I run out of viable moves\\
sin: as king of the seven seas\\
box: after barbadd’s incident…\\
box: the king of sindria, left for the empire’s capital city in order to attend to that congress\\
box: there he opposed to the empire, so that they should accept barbadd’s self government as a republic without oppressing the citizens like slaves\\
box: also, he wanted them to accept the fact that barbadd royal family should be exiled in a foreign country(sindria) without capital execution\\
box: those were the only conditions he could negotiate with the power he had as the leader of the “seven seas alliance”\\
box: and the kou empire was ready to consent to that\\
ja’far: I’m glad… to hear that…\\
sin: I think that barbadd’s citizen’s heart became stronger after that incident\\ they will do their best, even if they are under the control of the empire\\
ja’far: sin, you should be tired after such long journey. Do you want to rest?\\
mas: welcome back\\
sin: to I want to inform them as soon as possible\\
sin: alibaba and aladdin I mean\\
box: Aladdin, alibaba and morgiana were sheltered into sindria royal palace as guests\\
sin: … so what are they doing?\\
ja’far: yes… af first they were depressed\\
ja’far: because they could not totally save the country and because they lost a precious friend\\
ja’far: they seclude themselves in their room and would not eat anything…\\
ja’far: we could not even look at the,\\
ja’far: but in the last period they got back their good mood\\
sin: I see. That’s goo\\
sin: that time hope remained in the heart of barbadd’s citizen\\
sin: because the two of them fought…\\
sin: they were hurt, burden themselves with duties,\\
sin: and even after they lost their most beloved friends, they were able to give courage to the people\\
sin: I was overwhelmed\\
sin: I will not forget that scene\\
sin: the ones that saved that country…\\
sin: were those two brave young men, there is no doubt about it!\\
ali: Sinbad-san!!\\
ali: welcome back!\\
sin: ah, alibaba-kun long time no see\
ali: yes!\\
ali: 4 months passed since you left the country!\\
sin: yeah!\\
ali: from that moment…\\
ali: they took good care of us in this gorgeous place…\\
sin: yeah\\ good to hear that alibaba-kun, but…\\
ali: yeah!\\
sin: didn’t you…\\
sin: get fat?\\
ali: eh?\\
ali: I wonder…\\
ali: maybe a little…\\ you know, the food they gave us was really good\\
ja’far: heheheh…\\
ja’far: did that food suit your tastes?\\
ali: yes! Last night’s roast parrot was really exquisite!\\
ali: at the beginning I wasn’t even thirsty but…\\
ali: I thought I had to regain my self for kassim’s sake as well!\\
sin: I see\\
ali: Sinbad-san\\ tell me if there is something I can do\\
ali: so that there will not be chaos like the one in barbadd\\
ali: I’m prepared to fight against the “world’s unusual phenomena”!\\
sin: ok!\\
sin: I wonder way…\\
sin: even if he said such heroic thing to me…\\
sin: it didn’t move my heart\\
sin: no\\ wait, this is not good\\
sin: he just got a little fatter\\
near ali: thanks for the meal\\
waitress: not at all\\
sin: he must be really sad after he lost his country and his friend…\\
sin: that’s right, no matter what will happen, he will not lose the right road,\\
sin: because he is the hero that helped his own country!\\
ali: alddin didn’t not finish eating yet\\
ali: hey Aladdin\\ alddin!\\
al: it is good\\
al: everything is so good\
al: ah!\\
al: welcome back\\
al: Sinbad-san!\\
sin: yeah…\\
sin: I’m home\\

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