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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 78

Night 78: magic user

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jan 5, 2012 14:21 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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night 78: magic user\\
sin: run\\
al&ali: eh?\\
box: alibaba and aladdin trun.\\
box: they continued to train end sweat every day in order to lose the weight they gained because of their laziness…\\
box: and then, after several weeks\\
ali: ok, I got slim!!\\
al: you returned the same you were alibaba-kun!\\
ali: yes, Aladdin! You returned to be the same…\\
al: yeah, I got slimmer too…\\
ali: you are still fat!!!\\
al: it is not like that, alibaba-kun. I got lost weight a little\\
near al: around my face…\\
al: but, it is a little difficult to return like I was in the beginning even if I decrease the food I eat\\
al: probably because in the last period I had few occasions to use the power in my belly \\
mor: cheer up Aladdin!\\
ja’far: huum… that’s right, you can eat anything you like!\\
near sin: don’t spoil him\\
sin: you two, I’m worried about your mood lately!!\\
sin: you are guests of my country\\ obviously as the king of sindria, I expect you to dedicate your strength helping my country into something\\
sin: there are other “guests” here\\
sin: and I would like that you lend me your power as the same manner they do\\
ali: lend you power…?\\
sin: in a fight against a certain opponent\\
ali: “a certain opponent”?\\
sin: yeah\\
sin: since we founded sindria,\\
sin: we were deeply connected by fate with a certain organization, and fought with them countless times\\
sin: you already experience the “world’s unusual phenomena” right?\\
sin: war, poverty, discrimination…\\ right now such phenomena are spreading around the world\\
sin: that’s not a coincidence\\ those are explicit criminal acts due to a that organization…\\
sin: they infiltrate into the centre of different country in several way, sometimes as traders, other times as political advisors and even as court ladies,\\
sin: and they manipulate history from the shadows…\\
sin: al samen.\\
sin: they didn’t ever adopt a name, but this is how we call that organization…\\
al: al samen\\
sin: this is something that involves the two of you already\\
sin: during the barbadd’s incident they shifted their attention toward the two of you!\\
ali: that means…\\
sin: that’s right the man who called himself the “banker” and that drove barbadd economy into chaos\\
sin: and judar, the black jinn and the ones that are behind the kou empire are no other than them!!\\
sin: maybe they even had another figure that we didn’t noticed and drove barbadd into the internal chaos\\
sin: right now they are doing the same thing around the world…\\
al: alibaba-kun…\\
ali: sorry\\
ali: continue, please\\
sin: I will not forgive them\\
sin: that’s why I need a certain extent of power to oppose to such strong enemy\\
ali: how should us…\\
ali: lend you our power?\\
sin: I will not give you further details\\
sin: because you would be completely involved in the battle against that organization if I told you everything…\\
sin: and you still like power to be involved with them.\\
sin: as you are now, even if you fight against that organization, probably it would backfire against us.\\
sin: because both alibaba’s “spirit clothing” and\\
sin: aladin’s magic are still incomplete\\
al: that’s right. That time too, I totally felt like I lacked power\\
al: I want to learn magic better but, I don’t know what to do\\
sin: magic huh…\\
sin: for that you just need to be taught magic by a magic user\\
sin: and there is a magic user among the guests of my country\\
al&ali: eeh!?\\
sin: heey, yamuraiha!\\
yamu: yes, your majesty!\\
sin: the magic isn’t a magi exclusive\\
sin: she is an excellent water sorceress. I’m sure she will lend us her power\\
yamu: I’m yamuraiha, as they already told you\\
yamu: I’m a little uneasy about someone like me helping a magi but… you can ask me anything\\
ali: she is incredibly beautiful and gentle person, right Aladdin?\\
ali: eh?\\
al: oneesan!\\
yamu: kyaaaah!!\\
yamu: sto…\\sto…\\
yamu: stop…\\
yamu: stop it you fucking brat!!\\
ali: so hot!!?\\ a-are you all right aladdin!!?\\
yamu: don’t make such a big deal about it, I just released a little quantity of vapour from the water I gathered around me!\\
ali: eh!?\\
al: ah,\\
ali: whater!?\\
ali: she is gathering water!\\ is this magic as well…!!?\\
yamu: you… if you do the same thing another time, I will evaporate your body itself\\
al: this girl… she seems gentle but she is not like that…\\
yamu: it is none of your business…\\
yamu: geez: I was tense as they said me that you were the legendary magi-sama and yet… I lost my interested in attending him\\
yamu: he is guy a perverted brat\\
near her: and he is also fat…\\
al: you wanted to attend a magi?\\
yamu: well, from the point of view of a wizard like me, a magi is higher ranked\\
al: what is a wizard?\\
al: I want to know all about that, onee-san\\
al: please teach me\\
yamu: … ok\\
yamu: pay attention to what I say ok?\\
yamu: the magi and the wizards\\
yamu: belong to the class of magic users\\
yamu: in origin magic\\
yamu: is no other than transform the magoi in something different\\
yamu: that it make it become a flame, water, lightning etc.\\
yamu: but normally human beings cannot operate this transformation without using special tools like a “metal vessel”, “familiar vessel” or a “magic item”\\
yamu: on the other side…\\
yamu: there are humans capable to transform their magoi into something completely different without using such tools…\\
yamu: they are able to talk with rukh since birth,\\
yamu: they can send special messages to the rukh, and cause several natural phenomena…\\
yamu: the living communicators that are closer to the “great flow” of this world…
yamu: that’s us,\\
yamu: the magic users!\\
yamu: and there are ranks among the magic users too…\\
yamu: the strength you have in using magic is decided by the quantity of magoi you are able to extract from the rukh\\
“magi”: they can gather as much magoi they want even from the rukh outside them\\
“wizards”: they have a great quantity of magoi in their bodies
“spell masters” “fortune tellers” etc. they have a little quantity of magic in their bodies\\
near yamu: they can use a lot of magic\\
near the old woman: they cannot do a lot\\
yamu: like this\\
yamu: did you get it?\\
al: yes!\\
al: this is the first time I talk like this about magic\\
al: and it is the first time I made friend with a magic user, I’m very happy\\
al: thank you yamuraiha-onee-san\\
al: I want to become more good with magic! Teach me a lot of more things!\\
yamu: ok!\\
al: first, what magic do you want to teach me!?\\
yamu: before that I want you to show me something\\
yamu: your full power magic!\\
yamu: before I teach you magic, I need you to show me your current power and your habits\\
yamu: anything is good, so show me!\\
ali: do your best Aladdin!\\
al: yeah!\\
yamu: I’m so exited… this is the first time I will saw it…\\
yamu: the real form of the legendary magi’s magic!\\
al: halhaal infigal!!!\\ (scorching heat double palm)
someone: what is that!!?\\
yamu: i-incredible!!\\
yamu: what incredible output!! To be able to continue transforming such great quantity of magoi into magic!!\\ a normal person would run out of magoi in an istant and die!!\\
yamu: he is able to perform that because…\\
yamu: I cannot believe it, he is gathering magoi from the rukh around him as well!!\\
yamu: to be loved by rukh\\
yamu: is that the magi’s miracle!!?\\
al: how was that? one-san\\
yamu: i…\\
yamu: incredible Aladdin-kun!!\\
yamu: please tell me more about you!\\
ali: eh? Didn’t you get slimmer?\\
near al: yeah, I’m hungry now\\
box: Aladdin too got slimmer\\

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