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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 79

Night 79: Alibaba’s sword

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jan 5, 2012 17:04 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Night 79: Alibaba’s sword\\
yamu: ok let’s go aliddin-kun!\\
al: ok!\\
ali: here it is! Alladin’s move that looks like a light membrane!\\ what is this…!?\\
yamu: he is covering with the magoi the area around him, in order to intercept the attacks with evil intent coming from the outside…\\
it is the Bolg(defensive magic)\\
yamu: you said you learn it recently in some misteryous place right?\\
al: yeah\\
yamu: it is said that to be able to use the bolg is the proof that you are a magician\\
yamu: our body is more fragile than an ordinary human because we specialize too much our magoi into magic\\ in order to cover for that, the magic users are endowed with the ability to create a bolg\\ but its strength heavily depends on the individual person\\
right: all the physical attacks\\
left: magic attacks of a certain level\\
yamu: this and that move you did before are magic but…\\
yamu: it is true that the magoi output is fierce, but to call “magic” a simple outburst of magic is a simplification\\
al: what do you mean?\\
yamu: magic can do a lot of different things\\
yamu: like this for example\\
ali: w-what? Yamuraiha-san disappeared??\\
ali: uwah? What now, my hand is moving by itself\\
al: onee-san…\\
al: you are there right?\\
yamu: that’s right. “shalar magd”(person hiding water membrane)\\
yamu: thanks to the evaporation of the water you can control the light’s refraction, and erase yourself from the other people field of view… this is my magic\\
ali: can you really do something like that…!!\\
near ali: I cannot see her…!\\
yamu: sure\\
yamu: “manipulate the water”, “change it into vapour”, “manipulate the light’s refraction”… if you give these 3 ceremonial orders to the rukh\\
al: “ceremonial orders”?\\
yamu: magic is a ceremonial art\\
yamu: it is clear that you can cause anything if you give the right orders to the rukh\\ that’s the invisible truth that organize our world\\
yamu: as it dispels\\ or combines\\
yamu: it causes several phenomena…\\
yamu: that’s magic!!\\
yamu: plus someone that can use as much magoi as you… probably can combine tens, hundreds of those ceremonial orders and use a great magic…!!\\
al: I see…\\
al: so that’s magic…\\
al: thanks, one-san. Teach me a lot more about that magic!\\
al: so I will able to realize that!\\
yamu: ok!!\\
ali: Aladdin is incredible\\
ali: but I…\\
sin: well, it seems you are doing your best here\\
ali: Sinbad-san!\\ morgiana!\\
sin: alibaba-kun\\
sin: your metal vessel training is this way\\
sin: it seems that aladin is doing well\\
yamu: I have great expectation from him your majesty!\\
yamu: let me teach him, please!\\
sin: morgiana wants to gain a new power to in order to be useful to you and to Aladdin\\
sin: she came several time to discuss it with me\\
sin: so, do you want to improve your way of using the jinn to right?\\
ali: about that…\\
ali: there was something I wanted to discuss with you now that you are back…\\
sin: !!\\ this is… terrible…\\
ali: amon’s sword became totally unasuable\\
ali: it was damaged and bend… in that fight…\\
ali: without even thinking of spirit clothing, not even the flames come out from it.\\ even speaking about it with Aladdin, he couldn’t give he an answer. What should I do…\\
sin: I see…\\
sin: this sword is unusuable\\
sin: but amon did not die\\
sin: the only thing broken is the metal vessel, the knife. You should move amon in another metal vessel.\\
sin: if you do that, you will be able to use it again.\\
ali: I’m so glad…!!\\
sin: but the problem is in what metal you want to move him\\
sin: in the spirit clothing, the jinn fuses with his master and manifests its power…\\
sin: therefore, it is preferable that you choose as the metal vessel that will give shelter to the jinn, something that can be considered a part of his master’s body\\
sin: the thing that amon chose, that knife was something that you always hold dear and that you always had with you right?\\ how did you get that?\\
ali: y-yes… it is not such big deal but…\\
ali: after I entered in the royal palace, there was a single time the previous king of barbadd…\\
ali: my father, came to observe my trade’s course extracurricular lessons\\
ali: that day for the first time I was able to complete my first trading negotiation\\
ali: and this is the knife I obtained by that deal\\
king: that’s how you should learn things\\
ali: yes!\\
ali: well it is just something cheap!\\
ali: it is just a pity that it got broken\\
sin: I see\\
sin: a knife related to the previous king huh…\\
sin: come, alibaba-kun\\
sin: there is something I want to give you\\
sin: I always thought I should give it to you one day\\
ali: this is…?\\
sin: this a sword I received in the past by the former king of barbadd\\
ali: eh…!?\\
ali: from my father…!?\\
sin: according to was is passed down in the barbadd’s royal family, this is a royal sword with quite an history\\
sin: your father taught me a lot of things\\
sin: when I just created my country, not only I did not know anything about how to rule a country, and on top of that\\
sin: there was a certain war…\\
sin: my country and his people were hurt, he gave this sword to me in order to stiffen my heart\\
sin: this time,\\
sin: I will entrust it to you\\
sin: If you are willing to take for a second time the sword and if there are thing you aspire to!\\
ali: I will put my life on the line!\\
sin: ok\\
sin: now it is morgiana’s turn!\\
sin: morgiana, you should choose from here the metal vessel you like!\\
ali: eh!?\\
ali: morgiana needs a metal vessel too?\\
sin: yes, if she wants to fight together with you and Aladdin. In other words...\\
sin: there are cases where…\\
sin: the people close to the “jinn metal vessel” user become his “family”\\
sin: the people attracted by the king vessel\\
sin: they are the powerful warriors that obtain the blessing from that king and the power of his jinn…\\
sin: in that case they are called “familiar vessels”…\\
sin: and they need a vessel to give shelter to that power\\
sin: if you want to choose a metal vessel everything is fine. Anything would look good on you\\
mor: there is anything…\\
mor: that I would put on among these things…\\
ali: ah morgiana this should look good on you right?\\
sin: alibaba-kun… a woman would not like something like that…\\
near sin: gauntlets…\\
mor: do I look good with this…?\\
ali: yeah you seem incredibly powerful!!\\
sin: eh!?\\ she seems happy?\\
near sin: why?\\
sin: well, the truth is that the same thing I told to alibaba earlier…\\
sin: is also valid for morgiana as well, it is better if you use a metal vessel that for several years was in contact with your body, just like his knife\\
sin: do you have something like that?\\
mor: hum…\\ anything is ok as metal vessel…?\\
sin: yeah\\
ali: morgiana, she said she had something that could fit the description, I wonder what it is…\\
mor: this\\
ali: hey morgiana… could it be…\\
mor: yes. These are the chains I always had in Qishan. I never throw them away\\
ali: well… you know this is…\\
mor: these are… the things that made Aladdin speak to me for the first time…\\
mor: the chains that goltas cut…\\
mor: and the chain you removed from me…\\
mor: they are full of the gratitude I have for the people I cherish\\
mor: my magnificent possession!\\

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