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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 80

Night 80: the eight generals

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jan 6, 2012 15:18 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Night 80: the eight generals\\
Box: sindria kingdom, north shore, observation tower…\\
Guard: alert, alert!\\
someone: it is the abareutsubo\\
someone: the abaretsubo is here!!\\
guy: how can this be…\\
girl: this night…\\
guy: is the night of the festival!!\\
girl: it is the first festival after 6 months!\\
guy: hurry up and send a messenger to the royal palace!!\\
sin: about morgiana’s chains, I entrusted them to a good craftsman specialized in metal works in order to manufacture them in some kind of accessory…\\
sin: I’m really looking forward to see it once it is complete!\\
mor: yes\\
ali: I want to move amon in this sword as soon as possible\\
sin: yeah… I know how you feel but…\\
sin: it is still not the right time for that. You still don’t have intimacy with Barbadd’s treasure sword\\
sin: from now on you must bring that sword together with you without separating it from your body. Once that sword becomes like a part of your body, amon will probably move in there naturally\\
sin: that’s how it works for the jinn. Until that moment you have to devote yourself to a normal training for your swordsmanship\\
ali: yes…\\
ali_ hum… sinbad-san!\\
sin: yes?\\
ali: could you train me in swordsmanship!?\\
ali: I received formal training in swordsmanship only the years I was in the royal palace…\\
sin: that’s fine with me…\\
sin: but I will not be the one to do it, there is another suitable person for that.\\
sin: there is another warrior who is more expert than me when it comes to swordsmanship…\\
ali: more that you!?\\
guard: your majesty!!\\
guard a creature appeared in the east side of orchard area\\
sin: I see\\
sin: that’s good. Alibaba-kun, I will show you the ability of your sword master\\
ali: eh?\\
sin: call together the “eight generals”\\
mor: w-what the hell is that monster…!?\\
ali: we have to do something otherwise the people will be in danger!!\\
ali: it is dangerous here, run away!!\\
mor: why they seem all happy!?\\
al: alibaba-kun, morgiana!\\
ali: Aladdin!!\\
al: you were already called here?\\
al: yamuraiha-onee-san told me that she should go “hunting”, told me to gather the soldiers and that I should come here to see what’s happening\\
mor&ali: hunting!?\\
people: oooh look!!\\
people: they are here!!\\
people: our king and…\\
people: the eight generals!!\\
king sinban’s eight generals\\
sin: today’s prey will be killed by your sword,\\ sharrkan!!\\
shar: as his majesty commands!\\
shar: this way jumbo!\\
shar: familiar vessel, “foraz saika”(flowing flash sword)!!!\\
ali: incredible he cut its neck with a single attack!\\
sin: no, he hasn’t finished yet\\
shar: next!!\\
shar: the abdomen!\\
shar: the viscera!\\ the spinal cord\\
shar: the fishbone!\\
shar: dissection\\
shar: complete!\\
ali: he even arranged the food!!?\\
shar: let’s eat together without fighting!\\
ali: he is incredibly good!\\
yamu: he just wants to stand out…\\
sin: in other words alibaba-kun…\\ this is your sword master sharrkan\\
shar: nice to meet you!\\
shar: you wanted to become good with the sword and you were searching for an instructor, right?\\
ali: yes!\\
shar: I see… you like swordsmanship that much huh.\\
shar: to understand the virtue of the sword like that, you are very promising\\
shar: hum… baba-kun right?\\
ali: it is alibaba\\
shar: ah ok alibaba-kun! Well swordsmanship is for a real men after all\\
yamu: alibaba-kun if you talk with him you will become a stupid swordman\\
shar: … what was that…?\\
yamu: what…\\
shar: that’s why magic user are a pain…\\ they are arrogant fellows that can only use magic and cannot understand the beautifulness of climb to the top of oneself skills with the sword\\ swordsmanship is the strongest!\\
yamu: no, magic is the strongest!\\ probably the kind of people who get intoxicated by swinging around a piece of scrap iron cannot understand that after all…\\ that familiar vessel’s ability, originally comes from magic you know!\\
shar: I can win against you with my swordsmanship alone\\
yamu: what? Try me!\\
TLN: words around the two of them{
Yamu: baka\baka\bald\\
Shar: I’m not bald\\
near sin: hahaha\\
sin: I’m glad that everyone of you got a master that loves his art!\\
sin: alibaba, Aladdin, become so strong that you will not lose against the other!\\
shar: I see…\\
yamu: just like I wished…\\
shar: this is a duel\\
yamu&shar: to the one that raises the strongest disciple!!\\
al: eeeeh!?\\
al: a-alibaba-kun
ali: Aladdin\\
shar: let’s begin immediately!!\\
mor: I’m glad that masmur-san is my master\\
sin: anyway, you will begin you training tomorrow\\
al&ali: eh?\\
sin: this night\\
sin: I will offer you a banquet\\
guy: let’s show our gratitude to the king, the eight generals and the southern sea!!\\
box: in the sea region where the sindria kingdom is situated, enormous marine monsters known as “southern sea creatures” live.\\
box: several times during the years it happens that they get through the vigilance network and attack the islands, the role of repelling them is given to the king and his followers, the eight generals, that boast an overwhelming strength\\
box: the southern sea creatures attacks that originally were an inevitable menace, were transformed by Sinbad in a performance\\
box: in order to soften the people’s fears, they feast with the guests from the other countries\\
box: the southern sea creature’s meat is a superior quality source of protein, and it is eaten through the whole country\\
box: this is sindria’s harvest festival known as the “maharagan”\\
box: and then this evening that magnificent banquet begins as well!\\

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