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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 82

Night 82: a big country

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jan 6, 2012 20:07 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Night 82: a big country\\
al: you will probably become a king\\
ali: what did Aladdin mean… with that things he said earlier?\\
ali: he also said something like “I still cannot talk about it”\\
ali: oh well…\\
al: let’s go back, alibaba-kun! I feel like I can eat a lot again\\
ali: are you going to eat even mopre!?\\
ali: Aladdin\\
ali: I’m sorry that I delayed this kind of talk until today\\
ali: you are really incredible\\
ali: you were waiting for me pretending of taking things easy until I would reorganize my thoughts, right?\\
al: what are you talking about?\\
al: alibaba-kun\\
ali: well…\\ take care for me in the future as well!\\
al: ok!\\
mor: I wonder where Aladdin and alibaba-san went…?\\
mor: I’m really troubled, I don’t know what I should do in such a lively place…\\
mas: eat\\
near his finger: here\\
mor: thank you very much\\
shar: wow\\
mas: what is it, senpai?\\
shar: it is just that… that girl for you is… you know…\\
mas: what are you talking about?\\
shar: don’t play fool with me! every day you practice that hand to hand training with such zeal, in other words…\\
shar: you have quite lewd thought about that girl, right?\\
mas: you are wrong\\
mas: don’t group me together with people like you, senpai\\
shar: what did you say?\\
near shar: you are too impertinent\\
ja’far: don’t bully your kouhai*\\
TLN: junior\\
Shar: are you sure you should hit me, jafar-san?\\
TLN: jafar is 25 years old, sharrkan 21\\
Ja’far: ah, that’s right\\
Girl: I’m the next\\
Girl: no it’s me!\\
above pimpbad: ha\ha\ha\ha\\
near the girls: your majesty\\ aaah, Sinbad-sama\\
girl: let me be next, please!\\
ja’far: wow\\
ali: wow\\
al: uwaah, I want to do that too!\\
sin: ah, you are back, Aladdin, alibaba-kun, I was waiting for you\\
sin: eight generals, assemble!\\
sin: I will introduce you the guardian deities of Sindria, the eight genrals\\ because we did not have any chance to introduce everyone to you\\
sin: this guy is you know…\\
ja’far: I was already introduced in barbadd\\
near jafar: he is drunk\\
sin: he is ja’far.\\ normaly he is a parliamentary official, even if he looks like this he is strong because he is expert in a unique assassination technique\\ so he will be fit to be the opponent in your training\\
near ja’afar: if you wish that\\
sin: masmur is wearing a big ass sword bur he is not suitable to become alibaba’s master\\ when he was little he was a gladiator but\\ he did not practice swordsmanship since he stopped doing that, and now he is quite rusty!\\
near mas: sorry about that
mor: … What is a “gladiator”\\
ali: it is a hand to hand contest really popular in the rem empire… I think but, I heard about it only in the rumours\\
??: did you call me king Sinbad?\\
sin: one of the imuchak warriors of the extreme north unexplored region, hinahoho\\ he is a gigantic physique but, everyone of his race is like that so, don’t mind him\\
children: food(X2)\\
child: can I drink alcohol father?\\
hina: no, you are still to young\\
sin: he is a former soldier of the partipia empire, drakon\\
sin: he has the appearance of a dragon, but originally he was a human and sincere man. There is no need to be frightened.\\
sin: he also has a beautiful wife!\\
ali: you cannot do that to a married woman!\\
sin: yamuraiha from magnoshutatt \\
sin: sharrkan from heliohapt\\
sin: pisti from artemyura\\
sin: spartos from sasan\\
sin: they are members of the royal family of my allied countries that I had to give shelter for one reason or another,\\
or people that cannot remain in their country for personal reasons and live now live in sindria\\
sin: alibaba-kun, probably they are all people that resemble you\\
ali: people that resemble me…\\
ali: a lot of things happened in barbadd…\\
ali: and there were a lot of people there but…\\
ali: there are different people from different countries here\\ live in harmony and that support each other\\
pisti: spartos! Let’s go to play with everyone else!\\
spa: I cannot stomach such vulgar games\\
pisti: don’t say that!\\
sin : don't say that\\
spa: spare me, your majesty\\
pisti: you have to accept his majesty’s advices!\\
drako: king Sinbad. It is good to play with women, but you will never change your mind and marry a woman right?\\
hina: yeah, he is right Sinbad\\
hina: it is good to have brats around, you should have a lot of them too!\\
sin: what are you saying?\\
sin: even if I don’t have children, I have a lot of citizen that are part of my own family\\
people: blessing to king Sinbad and the sindria kingdom\\
people: the festival will be finish soon!!\\
al: sindria kingdom…\\
al: it is a small island and yet,\\
al: it is a big country\\
ali: yeah!\\
box: and then the night of the banquet passed\\
sin: alibaba-kun!\\
sin: I have something to talk with you\\
sin: it is about the kou empire\\
sin: during the negotiations, I took a request from the empire.\\ that is, to make one of their princes study aboard in sindria\\
sin: that prince will come soon. It is an arrangement for the friendship of both countries…\\
sin: he is the prince of the country of the country that occupied barbadd, so it could be difficult for you but, for the present I want you to carefully supervise him \\
ali: yes\\
al: a prince from the kou empire\\
mor: I wonder what kind of people he is\\
ja’far: ah, sin-sama, about the empire\\
sin: did you talk with that person? I mean princes ren kougyou that we met in barbadd\\
ja’far: at least it seemed like seemed like she… hum… yearned for you\\
sin: really?\\
drako: the master did it again\\
shar: the kou empire huh, I’m so jealous of his majesty\\
ahar: I don’t like the kou empire that much but it is full of beautiful woman just as the rumour say\\
shar: about that princes, I tried to play with her for a evening as well\\
ja’far: i-it cannot be…\\
ja’far: it cannot be… sin…\\
ja’far: you even laid your hands on a royal princess… without permission, right!!?\\
ja’far: when will you stop playing around!?\\ if you are imprudent, there could be a war between our countries!?\\
sin: I know that!\\
sin: I when her for diplomatic reasons you know!? It was all for sindria and barbadd’s people’s sake\\
shar: right\\
sin: like I would behave in such manner that would bring us only disadvantages!\\
ja’far: thanks god…\\
sin: obviously I didn’t do anything to her\\
guard: we will reach sindria according to our schedule\\
guard: your majesty\\
box: kou empire, fourth prince\\ ren hakuryuu*\\
TLN: his name means “white dragon”\\
Haku: I wonder what kind of person king Sinbad is…\\
kou: I will kill… soinbad…\\
kou: I will kill… soinbad…\\
kou: to do…\\ something like that to me…!!\\
box: kou empire 8th \\princess ren kougyou*\\
TLN: her name means “crimson jewel”

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