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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 83

Night 83: everyone’s daily life

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jan 7, 2012 16:04 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Night 83: everyone’s daily life\\
box: sindria royal palace interior, small training facility\\
ali: amon… moved to the barbadd’s royal sword!!\\
shar: he finally moved huh\\
shar: finally my strict guidance shows its results, I guess\\
ali: It really is the results of his strict guidance…\\
shar: don’t rest\\ call me master\\ hey don’t skip your lessons\\
near ali: uwaaaaaah\\
ali: he is totally different when we do sword traning!\\
shar: come at me with that\\
ali: eh?\\
shar: let’s make amon’s sword debut\\
shar: you can perform a “weapon changing spirit clothing” right? Weren’t you boasting yesterday that amon’s sword can cut anything?\\
ali: but even if it is you a metal vessel Vs a familiar vessel is unfair…\\
shar: I will not activate my familiar vessel\\
shar: I will fight you just with my swordsmanship alone!\\
ali: he is totally underestimating me… it is trye that I could not do anything against him until now, but if I…\\
ali: have amon’s sword, I can do it!\\
someone: fight!\\
ali: but, amon’s sword is too dangerous. I could cut him in two.\\\
ali: I should just aim for his sword…\\ and cut it!!\\
ali: he took the blow with the side of the sword and changed the movement without stopping it!\\
shar: what the hell is that swordsmanship?\\
shar: you should fight me seriously\\
ali: kuah…\\
ali: I’m fight…\\
ali: seriously but…\\
ali: I’m not able\\
ali: to land a single hit!!\\
shar: I’m a little disappointed, the skills of the guy using the incredible amon’s sword were not in par with it huh.\\
shar: don’t feel down, I’m not saying that I don’t expect anything from you. Rather I should say that you got a good sense! The peculiar sword style that they taught you in the royal palace is quite good!\\
shar: … that’s why I was surprised when I saw your spirit clothing\\
shar: are you really ok with using that sword?\\
ali: eh…!?\\
shar: what…\\
shar: It seems you are not aware of it…\\
shar: there is a better way to do the weapon changing spirit clothing, you know…?\\
ali: another way…\\
ali: of doing spirit clothing you say…?\\
shar: ah, it seems we have finished for today\\
shar: ok, the training ends here. Let’s go to drink something alibaba!\\
ali: wh? Hum… teach me about the other ways to perform spirit clothing, master…\\
shar: you stupid fool! We have finished for today, we will do it tomorrow, ok?\\
ali: let’s continue, please!!\\
shar: no… I follow the doctrine of not working outside of my turn!\\
near the bubble: let’s go drinking\\
box: sindria royal palace interior, garden\\
al: @@ heath magic!\\
al ** heath magic!\
al: what do you think, yamu-nee-san?\\
yamu: hum… alibaba-kun!\\
yamu: you are not doing any progress!\\
al: you can tell me that even without all that coldness!!\\
yamu: ah sorry, I will rephrase it a little\\
yamu: your magic is rough. It all consists in a tasteless magic attacks like the “halhaal infigal”…\\
yamu: but that doesn’t fit a magic user…\\
al: really?\\
yamu: yes. You are a magi, so you are a special case but…\\
yamu: normally the magic users\\
yamu: are not that different than the metal vessel users when it comes to offensive ability\\
yamu: because the metal vessel it is like a mechanism that amplifies one’s power…\\
yamu: it produces a natural phenomena with a little of magoi and with that it is able to display a single great and fierce offensive magic\\
yamu: we mages cannot do that….\\
yamu: instead of that we are able to use different kind of magic.\\
yamu: according to the terrain and situation,\\ we support by various means the metal vessel users and the familiar vessel users that are able to perform moves of only a single attribute…\\
yamu: more than attacking we have the support role of helping everyone!\\
yamu: that’s the magic user’s mission!\\
al: I see.\\
yamu: ok. Let’s continue your training!\\
al: wait yamu-san!\\
ali: what are the things floating around you?\\
ali: Am I able to do that too?\\
yamu: these? But this is water magic you know? Your speciality is…\\
al: yes, that’s why…\\
ali: I want to try to make something similar but with flames!\\
box: and everyone’s training continued like this\\
box: in the middle of it,\\
box: the kou empire’s envoy finally got to sindria\\
sin: to meet a prince of the kou empire while you are dedicating yourself to take revenge of what happened in balbadd…\\
sin: you have to endure this alibaba-kun\\
ali: he is…\\
ali: the prince of the kou empire\\
al: I heard he was the prince of the koi empire and I got curious but…\\
al: he resembles a lot that princess after all…\\
haku: I’m the fouth prince of the kou empire, ren hakuryuu\\
sin: I heard about you from his majesty the emperor, I welcome you\\
haku: I thought of meeting you even if my father would not command me\\
sin: that’s an honour. I will patently hear what you have to say to me\\
sin: by the way, didn’t I already met the person behind you…?\\
ja’far: ah!\\
ja’far: p-princess ren kougyoku…\\
pisti: eh, the princess that had interest in Sinbad-sama you were talking about, right?\\
pisti: he chase him here\\
ja’far: I knew it, what incident happened… during his sojourn in the kou empire…!?\\
kou: thanks for what happened the other time… I really happy to have met you again!\\
sin: it is a honour for me as well!\\
pisti: what? They are just acting normally…\\
ja’far: thank god… It seems that everything is ok.\\
near shar: it is not a big deal\\
sin: we didn’t see each other for a long time, since barbadd!\\ by the way, there wasn’t even a single occasion to meet you while I was in the empire…\\
sin: I’m really glad to have meet you again\\
kou: there wasn’t even a single occasion…\\
kou: to meet you, you say…!?\\
kou: damn you Sinbad!!\\ I thought that you would apologize and for your country’s sake you would choke back your tears and yet…\\
kou: I cannot forgive you after all…!!\\
kou: fight to death with me Sinbad!!\\
kou: you deserve death for the brutal act of disgracing the body of a young maiden!!\\
everyone: d-disgrace!?\\
ja’far: hey w-w-w-w-what did you do!!?\\
sin: n-nothing\\
ja’far: what’s the meaning of that, prncess!?\\
kou: uh!!\\
koi: uuuuuuuh….\\
koubun: sorry to intrude. It is too harsh for her to tell all the story from her mouth… let me continue\\
box: ren kougyou’s attendant Ka Koubun\\
koubun: this is a testimony from the princess herself… and there are also other witnesses…\\
koubun: I beg you of taking this as the truth…\\
koubun: according to her this is what happened\\
koubun: the last night of king sinbad’s sojourn in the kou empire, we offered his a goodbye banquet…\\
koubun: and the next morning…\\
koubun: in her bedroom,\\
koubun: when she looked around her…\\
koubun: if you still insist that nothing happened after this…\\
koubun: give us an explanation, please…\\
koubun: king Sinbad!!\\

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