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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 84

Night 84: kougyoku and Sinbad

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jan 7, 2012 18:45 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Night 84: kougyoku and Sinbad\\
Sin: I’m Sinbad from the sindria kingdom\\
Sin: I overcame many dangerous adventures in my life, but now I’m facing a crisis like never in the past\\
Kou: damn you Sinbad, you dishonoured the body of a imperial princess!!\\
Kou: fight with me!! if you refuse I will kill myself!!\\
Kou: if you accept I will kill you and then die!!!\\
Behind kou: uwaah, stop princess\\
Sin: did a really do that to this princess?\\
sin: sorry but I don’t have any memory\\
sin: I’m the king of the seven seas, but I would never commit the mistake of being drunk and do that to a girl!\\
sin: well I cannot say that it never happened in the past but…\\
sin: but this time I did not do it.\\
sin: my opponent is a princess. She is a girl you cannot lie your hands on unless you don’t promise to marry her.\\
sin: but I never had any intention to marry a woman in my entire lifetime, for some unknown reason\\
ja’far: if a princess would hurt herself because the king of sindria committed an obscene act…\\
ja’far: what do you believe it will happen?\\
ja’far: our opponent here is an aggressive country that during the years were just looking for an excuse to invade the other countries. If that happens…\\
someone: our empire will consider to open the hostilities!\\
sin: I cannot risk to commit such betrayal toward the people of sindria!\\
sin: to begin with, why such absurdity happened?\\
sin: calm down and remember what happened in the empire!\\
sin: in the empire…\\
box: sinbad’s reminiscence\\
sin: for first I was surprised that the banker was revived like nothing happened to him\\
banker: nice to meet you\\
sin: probably he wasn’t the same person but, the darkness that surround that organization is immesurable…\\
sin: judar was there too but, he didn’t come to speak with me, for some reason I don’t now\\
sin: probably he had a change of heart because something happened to him…?\\
sin: but that is not relevant right now\\
sin: the problem is the princess\\
sin: during my stay in the empire, I never met her once! \\
sin: the last night, during the goodbye banquet with the emperor, I drank one or two sips of sake just for the etiquette!\\
shar: that’s right. That night the king wasn’t drunk\\
spar: yeah\\
shar: in order to be sure, made sure that he returned alone in his room\\
shar&spar: good, good\\
sin: and I went to sleep like that\\
sin: I did not do anything to you\\
kou: than why I was in your room the following morning!?\\
sin: sorry princess… but I don’t have any recollection of that…\\
kou: they why you were naked when you woke up!?\\
kou: are you saying that you remove your naturally clothes while you are sleeping!?\\
sin: yeah\\
sin: it often happens!\\
kou: stop fooling around!!\\
kou: do you still intend to feign ignorance…?\\
kou: should I tell you my version then…!?\\
box: kougyou’s reminiscence\\
kou: that last night…\\
kou: I was in a corner of that goodbye banquet\\
kou: as Sinbad-san would not come to visit me even once… I just wanted to see his face once again\\
kou: at the end, the banquet finished and I wasn’t able to greet you\\
kou: after that, when I was returning to my room…\\
kou: uuuh!?\\
kou: I was attacked by in the darkness by someone and I lost my consciousness…\\
kou: when I regained myself, it was the morning, and I was in your room.\\
kou: gyaaaaah\\
kou: I became confused jumped out of the room and search for the protecting of the court lady\\
ja’far: what are you trying to say…?\\
koubun: let’s say that…\\
koubun: king Sinbad secretely noticed orincess kougyou during the banquet…\\
evil sin: I really want to play with you but if you will remember something there will be troubles…\\
koubun: let’s say that in order to destroy any evidence, he made the princess faint and after that he committed the evil deed!\\
everyone: uwaaah you are the worst!!\\
ja’far: you are the worst after all\\
sin: you should believe in your king…\\
sin: geez…\\
sin: you listen to him and then say whatever you want…\\
sin: do you really think\\
sin: that I would commit such an error because of alcohol during diplomatic negotiations!?\\
ja’far: yes\\
ja’far: we respect you from the bottom of our hearts but, we are totally confident about your bad habit of being a drinker\\
ja’far: how many times until now,\\ because we went along your mismanagement with alcohol a lot of times…\\
ja’far: in a village we stayed during a journey, in the morning after a banquet, you had many local wife…\\
box: first example\\
girl1: this man is our husband\\
girl2: you cannot bring him back\\
ja’far: and even in barbadd…\\
ja’far: if you weren’t drunk, they would not steal the metal vessel from you, that incident would had never happen\\
box: most recent example\\
ali: I see…\\
sin: even alibaba-kun…\\
sin: that can be true but, I didn’t do that just for this time!!\\
sin: believe in me, I beg you!!\\
ja’far: I cannot believe you…\\
mas: because if happens every time…\\
spa: the complaints coming from girls molested by you when you were drunk never come to an end\\
pisti: that’s right, the other day you molested a very old lady!\\
yamu: to be honest he did the same thing to me once…\\
shar: wha… what did you say…?\\
sin: you…\\
sin: everyone of you…\\
sin: is one of my men I met during my travels, with you I had several adventures, and during those adventures we built the trust we have for each other…\\
sin: and then…\\
sin: when masmur was a gladiator I saw in his eyes desperation and resignation\\
sin: and jafar…\\
sin: when I met him for the first time I saw that his eyes were the one of an assassin\\
sin: I cannot believe it…\\
sin: believe it, believe it…\\
sin: why?\\
sin: are you saying that our trust was only a lie…!?\\
everyone: like we would believe to the words of a drunkard!!\\
pisti: well normally he is a good king\\
koubun: have you finished with your poor excuses, king Sinbad?\\
koubun: you lied your hand on the princess body after all\\
koubun: in that case…\\
koubun: in order to take your responsibilities…\\
koubun: don’t you think you don’t have other choice but to marry the princess!?\\
sin: marry you say…!?\\
koubun: sure\\
koubun: if you act like that toward the princess and you promise to become a married couple, her honour will not suffer any damage\\
koubun: considering that you are the leader of the seven seas alliance…\\
koubun: even our emperor will not have problems to give princess kougyoku to you\\
sin: wait a minute, don’t sprout such nonsense like that…!\\
ja’far: we don’t have other choices than that…\\
yamu: a political marriage between the kou empire and sindria…!?\\
ja’far: they are not someone with we want to form an alliance carelessly but\\
ja’far: considering their power and the friendship relations we have, we don’t have room for a lot of choices…\\
ja’far: we cannot do anything about it\\
yamu: the duties of the king…\\
yamu: go together with his mistakes and his destiny!\\
everyone: king Sinbad\\
everyone: take a ecision!\\
sin: aaaah!\\
sin: I run out of patience!\\ I was a fool thinking you would understand if we talked about it!\\
sin: yamuraiha!!\\
sin: prove with your magic my innocence!\\
yamu: are you sure you didn’t do that?\\
sin: yes\\
yamu: really sure?\\ I can only show them what really happened, you know?\\
ali: what are you talking about?\\
yamu: in that case come here you majesty\\ and the empire’s princess too\\
yamu: I will show you\\
yamu: what really happened\\
yamu: your rukh will talk to us, and they will tell us the truth…\\
yamu: throught my magic\\
koubun: you cannot do that, princess!! Not with such suspicious magic from another country\\
koubun: to show that without thinking about it…\\
koubun: princess!!\\
kou: no… I will do it!\\
kou: because I want to know what really happened!\\

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