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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 85

Night 85: the culprit is?

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jan 8, 2012 13:31 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Night 85: the culprit is?\\
Yamu: sharal rakesa(water people play of truth)\\
Box: Summary: king Sinbad was incriminated to have done obscene things to princess kougyou during his sojourn in the kou empire. Yamuraiha activated her magic in order to unveil the truth!\\
Al: the water took the shape of Sinbad and that the princess!?\\
Ali: what is this…!?\\
Yamu: heheh…\\
Yamu: this is the water were I put a drop off their blood. In this way their rukh entered in the water\\
Yamu: plus I cast my magic on it…\\
yamu: in order to replay the event of that night\\
yamu: this is a type of clairvoyance magic that makes the rukh show the things that could not be seen, far away places, and tell things of the past\\
al: what is this small home?\\
guard: here and here\\
yamu: I see\\
yamu: this is a model of the kou empire’s castle. I cannot reproduce the place with my magic so I had so create it beforehand\\
yamu: this magic doesn’t say any lie…\\
al: what about Sinbad?\\
yamu: he is sleeping\\
al: and the princess?\\
yamu: she is still in the room of the banquet\\
kou: but while I was returning in my room\\
al: ah! She collapsed!\\
yamu: she was hit by someone\\
al: she is floating?\\
yamu: someone is carrying her\\
yamu: and then someone brought her to the place Sinbad was sleeping\\
al: eh? So Sinbad didn’t do anything?\\
yamu: probably things will happen here!\\
shar: she is right, probably he asked someone to bring the princess to him!\\
ja’far: kids cannot see what is going to happen!\\
spa: but we have the duty to witness it…\\
al: aren’t they just sleeping?\\
yamu: eh…?\\
box: and then the time passed\\
yamu: nothing happened until the morning after all\\
sin: did you see it!!!?\\
sin: I did not do anything!!\\
everyone: sorry\\
sin: it was true!\\
everyone: sorry, sorry!!\\
sin: geez are able to understand how much I’m sad right now!?\\
bubble: criminal records\ shelving\\
sin: princess!\\
sin: as you can see, we did not do anything. No offence was caused to your body or your honour\\
kou: I… see…\\
koubun: princess!!!\\
koubun: don’t make then deceive you!\\
kou: ka koubun!\\
koubun: that suspicious magic from another country will not prove anything\\
koubun: because she is one of king sinbad’s retainer! Maybe she orchestrated thing in order to protect her king…\\
yamu: I didn’t do that\\
koubun: accept your sins, king Sinbad…\\
kou: please stop, ka koubun\\
kou: I’m sure that what we saw was right\\
kou: to be honest, I also thought that something was strange…\\
kou: that morning neither my clothes nor hair were in disorder…\\
kou: but I didn’t understand what happened, I was scared and went in panic… after that I felt embarrassed and I could not say anything\\
kou: sorry…\\
guard: aah… princess… don’t cry…\\
everyone: eeeeeh??\\
yamu: I don’t know why but I feel pity for her…\\
shar: yeah…\\
shar: but that mean that the culprit that made the princess collapse and make her sleep together with the king was someone else, right!?\\
yamu: thanks to god, this didn’t become a dangerous war\\
yamu: who could ever do…\\
yamu: such a villainous act…?\\
box: my name is ka koubun\\
box: I’m the attendant of the 8th princess of the kou empire\\
box: I was born is a poor village in a north province of the kou empire\\
box: I passed the national exam with high results and I was assigned like a government official\\
box: from that moment I was always together with the princess, and recently we even accomplished a “dungeon conquest”\\
box: and now I’m present to such turmoil\\
box: poor princess\\
box: my dear princess that I served for so many years, went through such tough experience because of someone but…\\
box: the culprit is\\
box: me\\
box: that night…\\
box: I made two of my subordinate escort the princess to her room…\\
box: I used that chance\\
box: and make her faint\\
box: and brought her to king sinbad’s room\\
box: and according to my expectation king Sinbad was accused to have disgraced her\\
box: I did such a thing because…\\
box: in the past I had a scheme\\
box: I would follow the princess that would marry the king of barbadd…\\
box: soon the princess would have give birth to a her\\
on the kid’s face: heir\\
box: I would become that kid’s guardian\\
box: It was a scheme to seizing the power in that state\\
box: but that scheme came to nothing\\
box: and I return to my country, and there I thought what to do about my plan\\
box: and then king Sinbad visited us.\\
box: so I finally realized\\
koubun: … perfect\\
box: this time I will use that man\\
box: I would marry the princess marry a king from another country, and then seize the power…\\
box: I would accomplish that in sindria instead of barbadd\\
box: plus the princess would marry the man that is in her heart\\
box: two birds with one stone\\
box: that’s right, my principal ability is…\\
box: to read in detail the heart of other people and then use that, just like I’m doing right now\\ “people’s heart manipulation technique”\\
box: thanks to that I was able to make a lot of allies. My subordinates that move according to my will…\\
box: even this two are my faithful subordinates that would hide anything\\
box: I accomplished with them this plan, for the moment they were able to solve the problem with magic but it I stay strong I can force my way through in this situation\\
koubun: princess!\\
koubun: I will not accept this!\\
koubun: king Sinbad has to take his responsibilities… and marry you!\\
box: this time,\\
box: I will push through!\\
guards: sorry, it is all ka koubun’s fault\\
kou: eh!?\\
koubun: eeh!!? you fools!! Don’t you want that promotion!!?\\
above them: this is enough already\\
guards: but: the princess is so sad!!\\ we are not your subordinates, but her subordinates…\\
guards: siese the traitors that wanted to frame king Sinbad!\\
koubun: I cannot be arrested here!\\
guards: he intends to resist us!\\
imp guards: this is bad…\\
guard: pr--\\
guard: prince hakuryuu…\\
haku: enough of this farce…\\
haku: king Sinbad!\\
haku: this turmoil was a misconduct from the people of my country\\
koubub: eeh?\\
haku: he said it was a “suspicious magic from another country” but, in my country there is a similar magic, even if not so strong. That magic is regarded as authentic\\
haku: your magic shows the truth too. Isn’t that right, ka koubun?\\
koubun:… yes\\
near him: the got me\\
haku: I ask you forgiveness for the impoliteness of my fellow travellers as a representative for the empire\\
haku: but, the important objective of my study aboard here is totally different, therefore…\\
haku: I beg you to let me sojourn here\\
sin: yes… you have my permission\\
guard: to make the prince fall on his knees for such stupid reason\\
koubun: shut up!!\\
koubun: I could not do anything about it…\\
koubun: a vulgar and dirty trash like me…\\ cannot have any dream…\\
kou: ka koubun! Don’t say that… you are a splendid person\\
box: this time my plan came to a stop too… but\\
box: in this kind of atmosphere, they will forgive me if I apologize. I have to apologive with all my strength!\\
near kou: it is all right \\
ja’far: are you sure about giving them your permission?\\
sin: yeah\\ I have the sensation that the prince\\ will not come back until he accomplishes his objective\\
sin: it seems he is thinking about something…\\
haku: I did not have the leisure to waste my time and yet…\\
haku: will I be able to talk with king Sinbad even a little… ?\\
al: hello, I’m Aladdin\\
al: we came here to talk with you\\
al: your sister…\\
al: her name is ren hakuei right?\\

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