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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 86

Night 86: his name is ren hakuryuu

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jan 8, 2012 15:36 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Night 86: his name is ren hakuryuu\\
Haku: why do you know my sister’s name…?\\
Haku: aladin...?\\
Haku: could it be…\\you are Aladdin… the magi…!?\\
Al: do you know me?\\
haku: yes…\\I heard about you when my sister… hakuei returned home after the western campaign\\
haku: she was helped in the grass land by a young magi\\
al: ah, I see…\\
ali: the grassland, the thing you told me about the kouga?\\
al: yeah, that\\
haku: aladdin-dono\\
haku: please accept my thanks\\
haku: my sister is my sole and valuable sister\\
haku: thank you so much for saving her life\\
ali: wow…\\
ali: I was wondering what kind of person he was, since he is from the empire, but…\\
ali: I didn’t expect him to be such a nice guy!\\
al: that’s right, I was worried about your sister as well so I wanted to talk with you but…\\
ali: you were going somewhere when we got here, did I bother you?\\
haku: it is impossible…\\
haku: that you would bother me. I have to thank the rukh guidance that make us meet\\
haku: I wished to meet you as much as I wished to meet king Sinbad\\
haku: I beg you to listen to what I have to say, magi-dono\\
haku: what you have to say?\\
guard: prince\\ king Sinbad called for you\\
haku: this is a real pity, I have to go…\\
al: don’t worry, let’s talk another time! Alibaba you will come as well right?\\
ali: yeah!\\
ali: I’m alibaba, see you next time!\\
haku: yes!\\
haku: alibaba-dono\\ we could not talk that much, but we will sure to do that in the next occasion\\
ali: sure!\\
near haku: see you\\
ali: the prince hakuryuu huh. I didn’t expect him to be such a good guy!\\
al: right\\
al: what’s wrong alibaba-kun?\\
ali: well… it is just like a moment ago,\\
ali: I thought that he resembled someone, but I wasn’t able to understand who\\
al: maybe hakuei-san?\\
near al: the are like two peas in a pot\\
ali: no I never met her…\\ oh well… it must be just my imagination!\\
al: ah! Mor-san\\
near al: this way!\\
al: she has just come back from the workshop in town!\\
ali: in other words\\
ali: they finally finished it!\\
al: this is your familiar vessel!\\
mor: yes\\
craftsman: I will try to make those chans\\
below him: metal vessel craftsman\\
craftsman: it’s design will be based on the emblem of their continent which they believe in the fire bird\\
mor: so he said\\
al: it is so beautiful!\\
al: try to use them now!\\
al: there are still the chains left, but they are to pretty!\\
ali: more than chain they resemble the decorations dances have! I saw them in the past\\
al: wow, so beautiful!\\
al: come one mor-san do it!\\
ali: do it morgana\\
mor: ok!\\
mor: aaah!\\
mor: sorry, sorry…!\\
near al: we got chained\\
ali: it is not better to remove this chains!?\\
near the bubble: they get in the way\\
al: if you don’t put them on your feet they will not get in the way, right?\\
ali: what’s wrong, morgana?\\
mor: no matter where I put them… they are just a beautiful ornament…\\
mor: I don’t understand how I should use them in battle…\\
al: how to use them, huh…\\
al: mor-san how do you want to use them?\\
mor: what, me…?\\
al: yeah, yamu-san told me this\\
al: when you want to create a new magic, you should enjoy yourself thinking about what to do with it\\ I’m sure that the familiar vessel’s ability is something like that…\\
mor: the thing I want to do…\\
mor: I want…\\
mor: a strength that can be useful to the two of you.\\
ali&al: eh?\\
ali&al: no mor-san,\\
ali&al: you are strong enough \\
ali: ah,\\
ali: that could help us!\\
ali: it was then you threw my in mid air\\
ali: if it wasn’t for you, I could have not passed that wall, and fight with the enemies mid air\\
al: you save me in mid air too!\\
al: and you carried alibaba-kun and other people flying mid-air as well…\\
al: it is incredible, when we are with you,\\
al: it is like we have wings!\\
mor: I’m your…\\
mor: wings…\\
al and ali in mor’s thought: incredible\\ so strong!\\
mor: I see\\
ali: hey wait a minute\\ what were you thinking about right now?\\
mor: I will become your wongs\\
ali: wait!\\
mor: will become your wongs\\
ali: what kind of wings? Hey what do you intend to do!?\\
al: yeah, I’m really looking forward to it\\
sin: this section of the royal palace is for has the facilities for the foreign guests\\ use them as much as you want!\\
sin: if you want to spread your views of this world you can to the black scale tower where the scholars gather\\
sin: you can also interact with people from a different culture with your same age\\
sin: for the martial arts training you can go to the golden scorpion tower\\
sin: someone is always using it… because sindria is always full of guests\\
haku: incredible… I must talk about it with you…\\
haku: you were able to create a country like this in a so few years!\\
sin: I though he came her to propose me something but…\\
sin: but she is just an ambassador for our friendship relations\\
haku: not just the single country of sindria…\\
haku: you were also able to create a powerful alliance… probably it is the act accomplished with your unordinary wit and benevolence…\\
sin: you like to exaggerate thins\\
haku: no your power and that of the seven seas alliance is a reality\\
haku: at any rate it was the first time\\
haku: the emperor asked to negotiate directly with the king of another country\\
haku it was the fist time\\
haku: someone told something so strong to the emperor of the kou empire\\
sin: really?\\
sin: probably it was perceived like arrogance by the emperor\\
sin: I just wanted to stop the weapons aimed at barbadd\\
sin: the seven seas alliance is based on the “no-occupation” idea\\
sin: that’s why I think I want to continue to have\\ forever friendship relations with the kou empire.\\
haku: “a mutual friendship between the two countries”…\\ right?\\
haku: king sibad…\\
haku: you are lying \\
haku: for friendship relations, you intend it only on the surface, right?\\
haku: in truth you don’t agree with the empire…\\
haku: “the empire invades the other countries, spreading unnecessarily war and destruction”\\
haku: “it is a aggressive country that sindria should be wary of”. Am I wrong?\\
sin: what are you…\\
sin: trying to imply with that?\\
haku: don’t misunderstand me, please. It is not like I’m hostile toward you\\
haku: it is just… that I came here to tell you my objective\\
sin: and what is your objective!?\\
haku: to destroy\\
haku: the kou empire\\

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