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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 87

Night 87: the royal prince and the imperial prince

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jan 8, 2012 17:33 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Night 87: the royal prince and the imperial prince\\
al: halhaal infigal!!\\
ali: amon’s sword!!\\
ali: you magic doesn’t work on me\\
ali: thanks for you flames\\
al: that’s unfair alibaba-kun!\\
?: sorry to interrupt you training…\\
ali: ah,\\
al: you are\\
haku: I received an order from king Sinbad, and I was searching for you\\
kou: I was just keeping him company\\
ali: and order!?\\
al: from Sinbad?\\
haku: yes…\\
haku: “stay together eith them, act together with them and learn from them!”\\
haku: please treat me well from today onward\\
ali: eh?\\
near mor: learn?\\
al: what do you mean by that?\\
sin: I see…\\
sin: now I finally understand the situation between you and the empire…\\
haku: so…\\
haku: will you help me\\
haku: to fight the kou empire?\\
sin: and if I refuse?\\
sin: to reveal so easily such an outrageous scheme to the king of another country… I cannot help but to say that you are shallow\\
what will you do if I present what we just discussed\\ to the empire?\\
haku: I don’t think you will do that but…\\
haku: I’m already prepared for that\\
haku: I’m ready to risk my life to obtain your truth\\
haku: and I judged… that to obtain that I had to reveal everything to you without holding back!\\
sin: …I see\\
sin: … ok\\
sin: but you came here to study abroad, right?\\
sin: for first I want you to observe this country well\\
haku: we don’t have the time for that, king Sinbad. I need your reply immediately!\\
sin: if you want to continue this talk,\\
sin: you have to learn more\\
sin: about the world outside\\
sin: and the various people living in that world\\
sin: but before that…\\
sin: there is a certain person I want you to meet!\\
haku: a certain person…?\\
sin: he will become a model for you…\\
sin: and he is related with you in many ways…\\
sin: his name is alibaba saluja\\
sin: he is the third prince of the barbadd the country your empire captured!\\
haku: this person it…!?\\
kou: hey\\
kou: in barbadd several harsh things happened between us but…\\
kou: there is a truce between us now\\
near kou: don’t glare at me like that\\
al: she is right…\\
mor: Aladdin!?\\
al: nothing will change even if we quarrel… and I don’t want to be a bother for Sinbad!\\
kou: that’s right. Let’s leave behind what happened then… let’s be friends!\\
al: aren’t you in pain!!?\\
kou: you seem to me the one in pain here!!\\
near al: we are stuck!!!\\
kou: look at this bruise!! There will be traces left because of you!\\
al: sorry…\\
al: but aren’t we sure that only some powder was removed from your hands?\\
al: your have a too loud make-up, you know that…?\\
kou: what did you say… you brat!\\
mor: aladdin is so cold hearted…!?\\
ali: so he holds a grudge against her for what happened to ugo-kun!\\
ali: I’m sorry about that hakuryuu, but a lot of things happened to them in barbadd\\
haku: what about you then, alibaba saluja-dono?\\
haku: I heard about you…\\
haku: the truth is that you resent me as the prince of the country that occupied barbadd.\\ to speak frankly, you shouldn’t hide anything from me\\
ali: it is not like I wanted to hide something from you\\
haku: there is no need to overdo it. That is what the empire did to your country\\
haku: and probably it is continuing to do…\\
haku: didn’t you know it…?\\
haku: who was dispatched in barbadd\\ as western campaign governor…?\\
haku: the first prince the “flame emperor” ren kouen*\\
TLN: crimson flame, probably it is kougyou’s blood brother\\
Haku: the strongest and unparalleled general of the kou empire\\
Haku: at any rate she is the owner of three metal vessels\\
Haku: he is the only one, other than king Sinbad to have conquered more than a dungeon!\\
Haku: he is an ambitious person and he intends to make barbadd the base of his operation to realize the conquest of the west in one breath…\\
Haku: barbadd’s civil war was only a stepping stone for him!\\
Haku: didn’t you lose \\
Haku: your beloved fellow citizens,\\ your blood relatives\\ and your friends
in that civil war!?\\
haku: so I prepared to the fact\\
haku: that you hate a prince coming from the country that is your enemy!\\
ali: … no…\\
ali: I don’t hate you\\
ali: that’s what I decided\\
ali: don’t worry hakuryuu!\\ I don’t see an enemy is you!\\
ali: it is not like you did something after all!\\
ali: let’s speak frankly.\\
ali: without overdoing it… from now on!\\
mor: alibaba-san…\\
sin: so…\\ let’s hear the news\\
sin: what about your disciples’ conditions?\\
shar: yes, alibaba is doing well\\
shar: the application of the weapon changing spirit clothing is beginning to show results, and he is polishing his moves even more\\
yamu: Aladdin became strong too\\
yamu: he learnt new magic. \\ he looked at my water magic and created his own, he has a great talent!\\
sin: what about morgiana?\\
mas: well…\\ she was strong since the beginning but…\\
mas: she didn’t active her familiar vessel yet\\
mas: in origin the familiar vessel… has its ability granted by the jinn of the metal vessel after that jinn acknowledges the common struggle that warrior is doing together with its owner, right?\\
mas: that’s why it is useless, no matter how much we do it… if she doesn’t fight together with alibaba in a real battle then…\\
sin: I see, a real battle huh…\\
sin: that’s right… for more than half a year they just eat.
Sin: it is time to make them work for me!\\
Sin: call here laddin and the others!\\
Sin: I gathered you here…\\
sin: to send you\\
sin: to a dungeon conquest!\\
ali: dungeon conquest!??\\
sin: you are already powerful…\\
sin: and I was always searching for someone that could help me conqueting a dungeon. I want you to go!\\
al: dungeon conquest huh…\\
ali: we don’t make one since amon!\\
al: but you said that you want us to go…\\ali: where is that dungeon?\\
sin: that dungeon is…\\
sin: on an minuscule island even more south of sindria\\ recently a secret palace…\\
sin: appeared in the south sea without anyone noticing…\\
box: 61th dungeon Sagan*\ place: south west of sindria\ apparition time: supposed to have appeared 2 years ago\\
TLN: the number of the name of the dungeons follows the demon list of the ars goetia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Lesser_Key_of_Solomon

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