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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 88

Night 88: the travel by ship toward Zagan

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jan 9, 2012 18:35 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Night 88: the travel by ship toward Zagan\\
guard: it is a creature of the southern sea!!\\ a creature of the southern sea appeared!!\\
??: leave it to me!\\
pisti: there there\\
horse: kyuun
pisti: you are a good and meek puppy…\\
pisti: now return to the sea!\\
guard: as you would expect…\\
guard: if we travel together with pisti-sama, we are safe!\\
al: higher, higher!!\\
ali: let’s see who is the one that jump higher Aladdin!\\
pisti: do you want to try it, mor-tan!?\\
mor: but I never swam in the sea…\\
pisti: it is all right. The dolphins are good\\
pisti: because they friendly thanks to my flute!\\
pisti: with my flute and my voice I can match the wavelength of the rukh and make the animals my friends\\
pisti: I’m not particularly good with sea animals, so I cannot do that with the big ones…\\
pisti: because I get along the best with birds!\\
ali: aah was a good swim\\
al: it was incredibly fun!\\
pisti: really? That’s great!\\
al: yeah, thanks!\\
al: pisti…\\
al: chan?\\
pisti: wouldn’t call me one-chan like you do with yamu…?\\
near them: there is not that difference\\
al: ?\\ one-chan you say?\\
pisti: yes, I’m an year older than alibaba-kun!\\
near pisti: 18 years old
near ali: he will be 18 soon\\
al: eeh!?\\
pisti: ah, you are quite rude, did that surprise you?\\
pisti: even if I look like this, I’m older than you plus…\\ I have much more experience than you!\\
al: onee… san…!?\\
pisti: that’s awful alibaba-kun!\\
pisti: aaaah… I wonder why men like more flabby girls…\\
mor: ?\\ yeah… I wonder…\\
pisti: that’s right! Girls should be more like this!! Or like this!!\\
haku: everyone, the lunch is ready\\
al: uwaaaah!!!\\
ali: wow, you cooked all that alone!?\\
guard: to make a guest… plus a prince of a country cook…!\\
haku: ah, don’t worry\\ I couldn’t calm down myself because I was so indebted with you, so this was my initiative…\\
haku: my sister taught me that I should provide for my own necessities as much as possible\\
pisti: wow… you sister is strict toward men\\
haku: yes, she was almost like a mother to me\\
pisti: I see, and thanks you that you become such a reliable boy\\ in the future you will become a perfect husband\\
ali: that’s right… hakuryuu is so reliable even if he is so young\\
al: your cooking is so good!\\
near them: speaking while eating\\
near haku: that’s good to hear\\
pisti: you should learn a little from him… ok!?\\
mor: when I heard he was a prince from the empire… I imagined quite a differen person\\
ali: yeah, but…\\
ali: I wonder if he is a prince with a social stand…\\
ali: the dungeon conquest…\\
ali: even if it is something really dangerous, I wonder why he was so anxious to come with us…\\
sin: this time…\\
sin: I want Aladdin, alibaba-kun and morgiana to conquer a dungeon!\\
sin: the 61th dungeon Zagan, is siruated in the southern sea and it still wasn’t discovered by another country…\\
sin: but the people that have in possession the flying “dungeon item” will probably found it soon\\
sin: I especially want to avoid that it is conquered by the forces of “that organization” and that they put they hands on the metal vessel\\
sin: that’s why I absolutely want you to do that\\
sin: I would come with you but that’s impossible\\
ali: ?\\ why?\\
sin: if me or one of the eight generals\\
tries to pass through the sacred gate of a dungeon…\\
sin: we just pass through and nothing happens\\
sin: we cannot enter in the dungeon\\
ali: you cannot enter in the dungeon!?\\ I never heard of that…\\
sin: this is what happened after I formed my contract with the seventh jinn\\
sin: the seventh jinn said to me “I’m afraid but you have more than enough power”… and from that I speculated that…\\
sin: they cannot confer more power\\
sin: to the metal vessel user that obtained too much power nor to his “family”\\
sin: I don’t know who decided to design the dungeons in that way and with what intention but…\\
ali: I understand\\
ali: in that case we will do it!\\
sin: I clearly say that you will risk your life there but, will you accept?\\
ali: yes!\\
ali: the three of us conquered a dungeon already… plus we earned even more
power than before, so we will be all right!\\
sin: I see…\\
sin: but the dungeon changes shape according to the power of the one trying to conquer it\\
sin: be careful ok?\\
ali: it changes… shape…?\\
haku: hum…\\
haku: let me participate in it as well\\
guard: prince hakuryuu!\\
sin: you were entrusted to me by the emperor himself. Do you think that I can easilu expose you to danger?\\
haku: that will not bother you!\\
haku: in the worst case I will leave a testament in which I will take full responsibility of what will happen, and then you can send it back to my country\\
haku: I was searching a magi that would desire to conquer a dungeon more than anything else\\
sin: but…\\
in the empire there is already a magi called judar, and I heard that he offer his services to every general of the empire, right?\\
haku: no…\\
sin: so…\\
haku: it is impossible for me\\
haku: to obtain his help with the power I have\\
sin: … I figured as much…\\
sin: … good…\\
sin: I will let you go with them!\\
haku: !!\\ thank you very much!!\\
ja’far: are you sure about this…? To let a prince of the empire go to a dungeon conquest…\\
sin: I don’t mind\\
sin: he desires power. If we leave he alone, he will borrow judar’s power and soon or later aim for a dungeon\\
sin: plus it is not like we are sure that he will be the conqueror of that dungeon.\\
sin: there is alibaba-kun… or morgiana, in the case she meets the jinn before she activates her familiar vessel.\\ Aladdin is a magic uses so he will not be the one but, at any rate…\\
the one that choses the master is the jinn\\
sin: we will leave everything yo Zagan!!\\
al: alibaba-kun!!\\
al: we can se the island!!\\
ali: but I cannot see the dungeon\\
al: yeah, you are right\\
ali: is the 61th dungeon gazan just after this reef?\\
al: but a big ship like this would not do… we will have to board on a small boat\\
pisti: ah that’s right!\\
pisti: this island is not part of sindria’s territory.\\
pisti: there are aborigines here, so don’t do something rude!\\
al: aborigines?\\
mor: I wonder what kind of people they are\\
ali: yes…\\
ali: and…\\
ali: I wonder what Sinbad-san meant with that\\
sin: another thing alibaba-kun! When you arrive to the island, for first you should stop by sindria’s garrison there\\
sin: a person that you know really well is waiting for you\\
someone: we have arrived!!\\

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