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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 89

Night 89: the best thing I can do now

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jan 10, 2012 18:38 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Night 89: the best thing I can do now\\
ali: where is the garrison? He told us to go there first…\\
?: hey you are late alibaba, we were waiting for you…\\
ali: …eeeh!?\\
haku: who…\\
haku: are they…?\\
ali: sabumad-nii-san!! Abumad… nii-san…!?\\
haku: they are brothers!?\\
haku: that means…\\
haku_ they are… the previous king and viceroy of barbadd that sindria took responsibility of!?\\
haku: why are they in a place like this…!?\\
sabu: hehe, you were surprised, right? Long time no see alibaba…\\
sabu: they entrusted us with the role of guide you! A-and hum…
sabu: sinban told us of the prince from the empire… we already prepare everything…\\
ali: ah, I was really surprised! What is that appearance! What are you doing now?\\
sabu: Sinbad didn’t say anything to you eh…\\
sabu: we are working here on this island thank to sinbad’s arrangements\\
sabu: as members of sindria’s archaeology investigation group …\\
ali: archaeology…?\\
sabu: that’s right, this insland…\\
sabu: it the island of the toran nation\\
ali: … toran…?\\
haku: this is the island…\\
haku: of the toran nation…!!?\\
box: the toran nation\\
box: it is a population full of mysteries that is scattered around the world\\
box: the scholars are greatly fascinated by the “toran language” this population is able to use\\
box: the toran language has a form totally different from the common language used around the world, and it is engraved on the slates around every territory of the world…\\
box: and above all it is the mystery language engraved\\
box: in the interior of the dungeon that began to appear 15 years ago\\
box: in order t oresearch that, every country created a investigation team, and dispatched them, in every village of the toran\\
the toran nation… I learnt of them during my lessons, but this is the first time I see them in person…!\\
?: onii-chan, onii-chan!\\
haku: …?? I don’t understand what they are saying…\\
al: wow, are you giving that to us!? Thanks!\\
al: thank you very much!\\
sabu: ah, that’s not for free! You have to pay!\\
ali: I did something similar when I was in the slums too\\
al&haku: eh!?\\
boy: money\\
haku: I will not… give you money…\\
near al: I cannot give you anything\\
al: what should I do!?\\
ali: … abumad-niisan…\\
Near abu: what do you want\\
Ali: well… ah, thanks…\\
abu: you don’t have to thanks me. it is just that I don’t want troubles with the islanders\\
abu: because they would not let us proceed with our research on the toran culture\\
ali: … you are quite zealous about this research on the toran…\\
abu: that’s right\\
abu: this is the best thing I can do right now…\\
abu: that’s… what I have decided\\
ali: abumad… he has somewhat changed…\\
sabu: he had the occasion to think about a lot of things…\\
sabu: this time I want to talk about that thing with you alibaba… and aladdin\\
sabu: anyway, let’s go!\\
haku: this people… aren’t they disappointing as members of the royal family?\\
haku: the say that this “is the best thing they can do” while their country was occupied!?\\
ali: what’s wrong, hakuryuu?\\
haku: no…\\
haku: nothing\\
sabu: the arrived to the village chief’s house!\\
sabu: we need his permission to go to the dungeon!\\
chief: no!\\
everyone: eeeh!?\\
sabu: you cannot go the dungeon. That’s the mouth of the devil, it is dangerous!\\
near sabu: so he said\\
box: chieftain of the toran village\\
ali: it is all right, we already conquered a dungeon!\\
chief: the other dungeon are different\\
chief: the 61th dungeon Zagan…\\
chief: devours those who want to conquer it\\
chief: the people that get near to it get dragged into it!\\
ali: the dungeon drags the conqueror inside by itself!? That’s impossible…\\
chief: a lot of people from the village were devoured by gazan, and none of them returned\\
chief: therefore I created a law that says none can go there…!\\
guy: but chieftain… this is a request from king Sinbad…\\
chief: indeed… king Sinbad… sent them…\\
chief: ok… I will give you the permission!\\
everyone: !!\\ that’s great!\\
chief: but if you have to go, let these boys guide you with their ship…\\
chief: they are my grandchildren. They are experts when it comes to use a boat near the reefs\\
chief: obviously they will accompany you till a certain distance from the dungeon but…\\
child: *stare\\
haku:…? What…?\\
ali: that’s more than enough! Thank you for you kindness\\
chief: don’t worry about it\\
chief: you are that king sinbad’s guests…\\
chief: look\\ it is thanks to king Sinbad that this island’s market is so prosper\\
al: Sinbad…?\\
chief: look, it is because sindria’s garrison is there\\
chief: the traders from outside the island come here to visit us. Because they can sail and trade pacefully…\\
chief: plus, king Sinbad welcomed as equals our people that since the old times were persecuted as an ancient clan, and were driven out of several lands!\\
guy: chieftain\\
guy: the three merchants that just arrived asked for the baptism\\
chief: I see\\
woman: we came from the rem empire to buy the folk craft articles of the toran people\\
woman: chief… please bless us with the toran baptism and your permission!\\
sabu: the merchants when they enter in the market, are purified in that way by the silver sand of this island…\\
chief: … well then,\\
chief: you departure for sagan will be tomorrow morning!\\
box: the following day\\
boy: after he go over… those two islands we will arrive to the dungeon!\\
al: alibaba-kun there are silver sparkling fishes in the water! Silver\\
ali: are you serious?\\
guy: be careful of the reefs, please…\\
child: hum… do you understand the toran language?\\
haku: ah the little girl I saw yesterday…\\ a little\\
child: I knew it… yesterday seemed like the more clever and the chief of your group. I have a favour to ask you…\\
haku: chief huh…\\
haku: I’m not their chief but…\\ what do you want to ask me?\\
child: bring me together with you in the dungeon, please!!\\
child: I want to help my mother and my father…!\\
someone: we have arrived!!\\
some: this is the island where the dungeon sagan is!\\

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