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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 90

Night 90: once more in a dungeon

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jan 13, 2012 09:53 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Done yesterday but mangahelpers was down...

Night 90: once more in a dungeon\\
ali: thank you for bringing us here!\\
al: how will we come back without a boat?\\
ali: I told them that I will light up a fire if I want them to come to pick us\\
mor: it is alright\\
mor: if we will need it…\\
mor: I will carry the three of you and go across from a reef to another\\
al: ah, mor-san you put them on your arms!\\
mor: Yes. They still don’t do anything in particular, but…\\
haku: I cannot do that, you would be an hindrance. You cannot come with us in the dungeon\\
girl: but…\\
girl: I want to help my mother and my father that were devoured by the dungeon. And in the case they are dead, I want to taker my revenge!\\
haku: ok\\
haku: I will do that in your place\\
haku: I will find your parents for sure!\\
haku: and if they are dead I will defeat anything haunting that place. That’s enough for you revenge, right?\\
haku: so come back to the village and wait for my return, ok?\\
ali: are we arrived to zagan…?\\
al: I see it!\\ it is there right?\\
ali: what’s wrong morgiana?\\
mor: something was shinning right now…?\\
ali: …!? W-what…!?\\
ali: Aladdin!!?\\
mor: uh!?\\
haku: what is this!!?\\
ali: my body is being pulled…\\
ali: I know… this sensation…!!\\
ali: it is the dungeon’s sacred gate!!!\\
a red swirl again!!! I came here again!!!\\
ali: a lot of time passed since that time but…\\
ali: I will complete a dungeon conquest this time as well!!!\\
?: I don’t feel like doing it…\\
?: I don’t feel like doing it…\\
?: because of my master… I don’t feel like doing it…\\
ali: who… who is there…?\\
ali: eh…!?\\
ali: w-why!?\\
amon: alibaba… what are your intentions…?\\
amon: you are already a jinn, me… and you want to have an affair with another jinn…?\\
amon: I don’t feel like doing it…\\
amon: aren’t you saying that you are dissatisfied about me…?\\
ali: amon… at the beginning we only gave me the image of a super powerful jinn, but\\
ali: was him such a jealous and complaining old man…?\\
near ali: he is even sulking now…\\
amon: did you say something…?\\
ali: no nothing!\\
amon: are you ok about this!? Alibaba… there is no need to have two or three metal vessels in the first place, do you know that!?\\
near amon: geez…\\
amon first and foremost you don’t have that ability!\\
ali: eh!?\\
amon: we are able to understand it in the moment we look at you. The necessary ability to use a jinn…\\
amon: in other words the quantity of magoi a human has in his body!\\
amon: you have a quantity exceeding that of a normal human… but you are not a special human capable of using a great number of jinn!\\
amon: but… you carry with you an unusual promise\\
ali: … eh…?\\
amon: you often use your life for the other’s sake\\
amon: those times, the stagnating rukh begin to flow in a pleasant way\\
amon: your humble servant, amon\\
amon: decided to devote his power to such a master\\
amon: complete the spirit clothing, alibaba!\\
amon: zagan is an awful ruffian but…\\ I’m sure that we will be able to win if we become a single thing!!\\
ali: amon!\\
ali: thanks…!!\\
ali: I feel strangely calm…\\
ali: so reassuring…\\ it is like I became bigger…\\
ali: could it be that this is the feeling of “becoming one with amon”…!?\\
ali: it is like…\\
ali: yeah it is just like…\\
ali: the strong hands of a magnificent hero are holding me…\\
mor: ah… you regained your consciousness alibaba-san\\
ali: ah… hum…\\
ali: what is this place?\\
ali: I was wrong…\\
mor: we are right below the starting point\\
al: I glad that mor-san was the first getting here!\\
mor: ok, let’s go down\\
haku: m-morgiana-dono!\\
haku: don’t overdo yourself, please we must be heavy… for the arms of a woman, right!? If we have to go down, I will carry you!!\\
mor: you are not heavy\\
ali: hakuryuu, just be quite and do as she says!(or she will punch you in the stomach)\\
mor: ok let’s go\\
ali: this is the zagan dungeon!?\\
al: incredible!! It is so beautiful!!\\
ali: I only heard frightening rumours about it but… it is so beautiful!!\\
al: it is full of mysterious flowers!! Ah, look alibaba-kun! It is full of several doors with different shapes!!\\
al: where should we begin!? Ali: dungeon are likr this after all!!!\\
ali: eh?\\
ali: ah… look a turtle\\ so there are turtles in dungeons too!\\
al: it is so small and cute!\\
turtle: you…\\
turtle: look super delicious\\

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#1. by ATGC (Registered User)
Posted on Jan 13, 2012
Thank you so much for those releases.

I feel I can go through my exams and come back alive.

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