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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 92

Night 92: Gazan’s appears

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jan 15, 2012 15:26 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Night 92: Gazan’s appears\\
Al: that white animal really surprised me\\
Ali: hakuryuu you are pale, are you all right?\\
Haku: I’m alright\\
Al: mor-san, are you alright too?\\
Mor: yes. That monster’s claws just grazed me\\
Haku: hum…\\
haku: morgiana-dono, sorry for what happened because of me…\\
haku: and also Aladdin, alibaba... I will not be an hindrance from now on…!\\
mor: ? don’t worry about it, it was really nothing\\
ali: hakuryuu you are too serious!\\
ali: what is it?\\
ali: it is from the first room…?\\
ali: eh!?\\ why is that kid here…!?\\
haku: I told you to nor follow us!!\\
al: I see… you entered here to help your mother and your father…\\
haku: sorry about this, it is my fault. I should have had stopped her with more strength… to think that she would be dragged into this as well…\\
al: …? Don’t feel that down, ok?\\
haku: sorry…\\
ali: how should I say it…\\
ali: you are quite a pain in the ass for someone so serious, do you know that?\\
ali: it is alright, we are strong so we will safely conquer this dungeon together with you and your parents!\\
kid: ies\\
kid: sorry… and thanks…\\
??: I will not let you do that\\
??: are you all right Francois…?\\
??: are you hurt, Arianne?\\ I see… there there…\\
ali: who…\\
ali: who is him…?\\
??: you…\\
??: you will make me the favour to not bully my cute little bears, right?\\
??: welcome\\
??: to my stylish dungeon!!\\
gazan: I’m the 61th jinn,\\
gazan: gazan\\
haku: t-the jinn suddenly… appeared…!?\\
gazan: wow, she is just a little girl from the village, I shouldn’t have brought her here…\\
haku: stop!!\\
haku: let her go!!\\
gazan: eh?\\
gazan: what should I do…\\
gazan: after you say something like that to me…?\\
gazan: this girl… I wonder if she is the most delicious one…?\\
haku: you bastard!!\\
ali: uwaah!?\\
ali: a-amon!!?\\
amon: sorry alibaba. I used a little of your magoi…\\ I have to confirm something with him…\\
gazan: tsk… amon… of all things…\\
gazan: shut up you mouth, you stinking old man…\\
amon: gazan…\\
amon: do you still intend to not choose a “king”\\
gazan: heh…\\
gazan: that’s right!\\
gazan: I really hate those humans!\\
gazan: that’s why I will not choose a human, and go there in that ugly world on the other side where humans hate each other…\\
gazan: uoooeh I feel so awful… I will not go there even if they kill me\\
gazan: it is a lot better to live here together with… these stylish labyrinth creatures I created\\
gazan: while I kill time bulling those eyesore humans that wander aimlessly around my dungeon!\\
t-that bastard…!\\
gazan: hey!\\
haku: let her go!!\\
gazan: *stare…\\
near gazan: smile\\
gazan: ok\\
gazan: if you will come to the “treasure room”!\\
gazan: I will prepare a path for you!\\
ali: what the hell…\\
ali: someone like him is really a jinn…!?\\
amon: it is alright…\\
amon: he is a jinn… and he still has the disposition of choosing a king vessel if someone arrives to the treasure room…\\
amon: a proof for that, just a moment ago he appraised us…\\
amon: muh…\\
ali: !!\\ a-amon! What’s wrong, you appear all of the sudden, and now you are disappearing!?\\
amon: yes… because this time I cannot borrow the magi’s power…\\
amon: the concentration of rukh inside of the dungeon is high, so I can materialize even by using a little quantity of magoi differently by what happens to the earth, but this is the limit\\
al: if I use a great power on the earth, you will appear no matter how many times I call you?\\
amon: no…\\
amon: because a jinn should not materialize on the earth\\
amon: the jinn in the end is a pure power that a king of the earth uses…\\
amon: and we are used by the king itself for that reason…\\
amon: goodbye alibaba… we will probably not meet each other for a while…\\
ali: amon…!\\
amon: that’s right… alibaba… the is… a last thing I have to say to you…\\
ali: what is it!? Amon!!\\
amon: I…\\
amon: I…\\
amon: I will give birth… soon*…\\
Ali: … what the hell say he saying? That old man…\\
Near ali: it was a little… gross…\\
Al: let’s go, alibaba-kun!\\
ali: so…\\
ali: this is that “one path”?\\
ali: like we can pass through this… plus those creatures\\ things will get bad if we fall\\
al: for now they seems quite, what should we do?\\
ali: we have to go! No matter what kind of traps await for us, this is the path to the treasure room!\\
gazan: you have a magi plus amon with you, you are too strong…\\
gazan: *stare\\
gazan: I will raise the dungeon level a lot\\
mor: !?\\ a strange voice is coming from above again…!?\\
ali: isn’t this… gazan’s voice?\\
mor: plus… this is the same voice of the other time…\\
!?: I will kill you!!\\
ali: what is this!?\\
mor: I knew it! It is the same thing that happened when that white monster began to go on a rampage!\\
mor: I’m sure that gazan’s voice…\\
mor: makes the labyrinth creature become ferocious!!\\

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#1. by ATGC ()
Posted on Jan 15, 2012
OMG, I just read "he'll be born soon"... That sure was more disturbing than your version.

That aside, didn't Zagan say something like "I wonder where the most delicious part is"? Just wondering...
#2. by Lawine ()
Posted on Jan 15, 2012
I register just to say a big thank you! I really like your work and i was really impatient to read the next chapter's translation of magi. Thank you =D

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