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Translations: One Piece 847 by cnet128 , Gintama 615 (2)

Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 93

Night 93: halhaal rasas

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jan 15, 2012 17:05 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Night 93: halhaal rasas\\
bunny: uon uon uon uon!!\\
bunny: we will kill you!!\\
ali: uwaaah!?\\
ali: we cannot advance like this!!\\
haku: in that case… we have to defeat them all and block their movements!!\\
haku:!?\\ it was repelled!?\\
gazan: that’s useless. That children are magic users!\\ their best techniques are floating magic and the “bolg”!!\\
haku: uwaaah!!\\
haku: morgiana-dono…!\\
haku: hum… for a girl to hold me in her hands… you can put me down…\\
mor: don’t move, please\\
ali: bolg…?\\ in that case…!\\
ali: I knew it! Amon’s flames are working!\\ could it be because it is a power from the magoi!?\\
ali: but if they continue to fly around like that…\\
ali: amon’s sword will never reach them!!\\
plus I have a little of magoi left…\\because I he materialized here!!\\
gazan: what…\\
gazan: with that dull attacks you cannot…\\
win again my little bunnies that can freely flap their wing!\\
freely flap their wings…\\
ali: in this case I can do it!\\
ali: what the hell is that!?\\
gazan: there are fireballs…\\
gazan: around the magi…!?\\
al: halhaal…\\
al: saras!!\\
TLN: scorching heat consecutive bullets\\
gazan: everyone of them is moving like a living thing…\\
gazan: to be able to control so many fire balls…\\
gazan: he is really a magi after all!!\\
bunny: we will kill you!!\\
(yamu): the magic uses have a support role!\\
al: alibaba-kun!!!\\
haku: they…\\
haku: the are…\\
haku: strong… overwhelming strong!!\\
haku: if I have to compare myself…\\
haku: with them…\\
ali: well.. you were incredible Aladdin…\\
ali: what was that move you just did!?\\
al: fu fu fu fu…\\
al: it is one of the new magic I learnt!\\
al: halhaal saras is a middle level magic that is a lot complicated because it uses a lot of ceremonial orders\\
near al: it is exhausting because you have to concentrate…\\
ali: hohoo… you are beginning to sound like a magic user…\\
fu fu fu…\\
al: or so yamu-san told me\\
ali: you were just repeating her words!\\
mor: are you alright, hakuryuu-san…? were you hurt somewhere during the previous fight…?\\
haku: ah, no…\\
haku: hum… morgiana-dono…\\
haku: and to the others too…\\
haku: I have a favour to ask…\\
ali: ? what is it?\\
haku: I knew that my power would not be enough… and even if I’m very sorry because you saved several times me, I’m also very grateful…\\
haku: but… even in that case… before that…\\
haku: would you make me conquer this dungeon…\\
haku: withouy using your power?\\
ali: what are you talking about, hakuryuu?\\
haku: no matter what happen don’t help me\\
haku: I want to survive in this dungeon by my power alone! Ignore me even if I die\\
ali: hakuryuu…\\
ali: you…\\
ali: shouldn’t be so reserved!\\
ali: aren’t you thinking to seriously about this?\\
ali: I think that it is a good thing if we help each other\\
ali: so don’t sweat it and rely on us!\\
ali: ok!!\\
al: he is right!\\
near al: I still have a lot of techniques left!\\
haku: don’t sweat it… you say…?\\
haku: something like that… should be right!?\\
haku: I’m… a prince you know…\\
haku: I’m not in a position I can be satisfied by borrowing someone else’s help\\
haku: I have to do something\\ to me gazan accept my power\\
ali: hakuryuu…\\
ali: … you know,\\
ali: don’t tell that to us. I know how you feel but…\\
haku: I don’t need you,\\
haku: to pretend that you understand me\\
ali: I’m not pretending it!\\
ali: you know… in the past I…\\
gazan: you are helping each other too much, and that troubles me\\
gazan: you are too strong so… if you fight together, I find it difficult to see through your singular strength\\
gazan: that’s why, for the next test…\\
gazan: you will be divided into 2 groups and fight by yourself!\\
everyone: divided\\
everyone: into two groups??\\

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