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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 96

Night 96: zagan’s magic

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jan 17, 2012 18:02 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Night 96: zagan’s magic\\
al: I eat really a lot\\
al: sorry, I always eat a lot\\
ali: don’t worry! You have used a lot of magic, so you have to replenish your physical strength\\
al: what should we do if the food finishes?\\
ali: we will conquer the dungeon before that!\\
ali: this dungeon is quite “kind” to us\\
ali: plus we know the way to the treasure room…\\
ali: and the labyrinth creatures of this dungeon are something different from the ones we met in amon’s dungeon…\\
al: you are right\\
ali: they resemble humans…\\
ali: and they don’t attack unless zagan commands them…\\
ali: it would be nice if the other dungeon would be like this…\\
zagan: well… I’m gland you like it!\\
zagan: my dungeon is stylish right?\\
zagan: I’m in good mood, so I will show you the good things here!\\
mor: that’a zagan’s voice\\
ali: the only thing I don’t like here is him\\
al: good things…?\\
zagan: take a detour in that tunnel\\
zagan: I think that you can obtain profitable information for you there\\
ali: profitable…\\
al: information…?\\
ali: what…\\
ali: the hell is this…!?\\
zagan: all those trees are\\
zagan: people from the toran village\\
ali: wha… what…!?\\
zagan: well look.\\
zagan: they all became young trees!\\
zagan: zagan is the jinn that controls the power of the earth\\ with that magic I manipulate the plants in the labyrinth and make them act as parasites on the humans\\
zagan: and then the root absorb the magoi from the humans…\\
zagan: and the labyrinth creatures are born from that!\\
zagan: so what do you think? Cute right?\\
zagan: don’t worry, they will not die! Because they are useful to me\\
zagan: because the humans’ filthy life is… nourishment for my dungeon…\\
mor: what terribile thing to do…!!\\
al: I sure that the mother and the father of that little girl from the village are here too…\\
al: it is useless alibaba-kun! Don’t pull them recklessly!!\\
al: the only way to make them return to normal is to use magic…\\
al: yamu-san told me…\\
al: she said that in magic there are frightening techniques that transform humans in other things…\\
al: but that is done with a complicated ceremonial order\\
al: I cannot understand this…\\
al: only the person who performed the magic can return them to their original state!\\
ali: let’s go to the treasure room!\\
ali: and there will make zagan dissolve his magic, even if we will have to use force!\\
mor: are ypu saying that we will fight zagan!?\\
ali: that’s right! We don’t have the time to think about dungeon conquest anymore\\ we have to fight and save the people of the village!!\\
ali: hakuryuu… you are ok will that too, right?\\
haku: yes!\\
ali: wait for us gazan…\\
ali: we will…\\
ali: make you stop this messed up act with our strength!!!\\
ali: you saved me hakuryuu!\\
haku: leave the rear support to me!\\
haku: I will fight together with you with all the power I posses!\\
mor: alibaba-san and hakuryuu-san…\\
mor: I was worried about how things would become between the two of them but, that complicated atmosphere now…\\
mor: I’m really glad…!!\\
mor: really glad…!\\
ali: morgiana! Don’t go too far from us!\\
mor: but, I’m…\\
mor: really happy!\\
mor: because I can fight on par\\
mor: with you!!!\\
ali: we have finally arrived…\\
ali: release immediately the people from the village, gazan!!\\
ali: stop with your jokes!!\\
zagan: I will consider it if you will defeat me, but I think it will be useless…\\
ali: what…?\\
ali: you bastard!!\\
haku: he easily killed him!?\\
zagan: killed? Me?\\ ha… I pity you… you don’t know… the dungeon absolute rule…\\
ali: rule…!?\\
zagan: the jinn is the absolute ruler of the dungeon\\
zagan: that’s why, no matter how much you struggle…\\
zagan: you cannot ever kill a jinn\\
zagan: inside of his dungeon!!!\\

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