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Seiken no Blacksmith 24

Chapter 24 patriot and queen 1

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jan 24, 2012 18:50 | Go to Seiken no Blacksmith

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Chapter 24 patriot and queen 1\\
luke: this bad\\
luke: I…\\
luke: don’t have time anymore\\
(hey) long time no see cecily!\\
ceci: doris\\
ceci: we meet again!\\
doris: haha, you seem doing fine\\ I’m really surprised, to think you would come in this town as the emissary for the militant nation!\\
irvi: I will speak from now on\\
irvi: blacksmith-dono I welcome you in our militant nation\\
luke: yes\\
irvi: thanks for your collaboration\\
ceci: this is the first time that both me and lisa crossed the border\\
near lisa: a foreign country! I’m looking forward to it\\
doris: good to hear that!\\
doris: ok now get on\\ we are departing!\\
ceci: it was decided that we would take an expedition in the militant nation\\
ceci: this happened because we accepted a request in order to strengthen the cooperation for technological exchanges between the militant nation and the independent trade city for completing the sacred sword*\\
TLN: LOL, I love when Japanese go with long sentences\\
ceci: anyway it must be a serious matter\\ for the militant nation to make a secret request…\\
doris: that’s only a symptom of the tension running in this continent\\
doris: the militant nation is different from the other countries that only think about their own gain\\ because we aim to suppress Valbanill\\
ceci: I saw it during the last meeting but, now I’m sure that the militant nation is creating a “katana” as well\\
lisa: they discussed about the technological exchange since long in the past\\
lisa: but the trade city gave the precedence to it’s “independence toward all the other countries” until now\\
lisa: and the mayor finally decided about this because of the recent actions taken by the empire\\
ceci: Siegfried…\\
ceci: he disappeared the day after the ball, but\\ I’m sure that one day we will met him again…\\
ceci: but to think that they would assign as the only negotiator here\\ it is an important role(maybe they think of me and luke as a part of a single set…?)\\
aria: I’m really looking forward to it\\
ceci: eh?\\
aria: I’ sure that your you will realize something with your determination\\
(ceci): I will seal valbanill no matter what happens and sweep away his connection with my valuable friends\\
(ceci): I will realize it, no matter what happens\\
ceci: … you are right\\ I will show you\\
ceci: I think that this trip to the militant nation is a good occasion\\
ceci: in order to show that my resolution is not just big talk\\
ceci: it is not like I can act timid just because my opponent is an entire nation here!\\
hanni: why didn’t you let me go with them?\\
mayor: stop this please\\(I know you are worried)\\
hanni: she is a memento from him\\
hanni: I just wanted that the two of them would meet just a little later\\
mayor: that would just postpone the problem, and we will just end up regretting it\\
mayor: this is fate\\ let’s leave it to the young people that still have their future before them\\
mayor: the one who will create the “sacred sword” and the one who inherited the scabbard\\
mayor: the two of them already began to move toward their encounter by their own volition\\

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