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Translations: One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128 , Gintama 565 by kewl0210

Seiken no Blacksmith 26

Chapter 26: patriot and queen 3

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jan 28, 2012 19:16 | Go to Seiken no Blacksmith

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Chapter 26: patriot and queen 3
ceci: urgh…\\
aria: ah\\ Cecily, did you regain consciousness?\\
ceci: ah!?\\
irvi: why did you attack us?\\
irvi: what is your name?\\
ceci: where is the assassin!?\\
irvi: so you are already on your feet Cecily-san\\
ceci: what…\\ happened here…\\
irvi: what do you remember…\\ of the last night?\\
luke: who are you!?\\
irvi: the assassin that made you lose you consciousness was defeated by luke\\
irvi: and then we are here(she was silent all the time)\\
ceci: sorry luke…\\
irvi: if I have to do my speculation, she should be from the crowd power\\ at least she comes from there(yes)\\
irvi: because she has the brand of a slave on her arm\\
ceci: a slave…!?\\
irvi: probably she is a dog indirectly raised by the empire\\
irvi: the crowd power is a plot of land where a lot of races and populations from small nations mix together\\
irvi: among them there are small countries that makes its own people into slaves and prosper on the profit of that trade\\ and a parte of them is allied with the empire\\
ceci: a country makes slaves of… its own citizens?\\ it is abusrd\\
aria: it can be absurd, but it is real\\
aria: in that countries you are automatically deemed as slave in the moment you born\\
ceci: why did you…\\
girl: to save my motherland!\\
girl: they promised that they would give the independence to my country if I killed you!\\
irvi: that’s foolish! Will the empire realize that!? To a country they commissioned an assassination!?\\
girl: then tell me!\\
girl: tell me a way to save my country!\\
girl: try to save it!\\
girl: is there any other way to do that!?\\ no there aren’t!!\\
irvi: it has nothing to do with me\\
girl: enough\\ kill me!\\
girl: kill me and let’s finish this!!\\
irvi: that was my intention\\
irvi: …what’s the meaning of this?\\
ceci: I have a request\\ could you set her free?\\
irvi: is this\\ pity\\
irvi: or compassion?\\
irvi: or is this simply to satisfy your sense of superiority?\\
irvi: of a loser like you?\\
ceci: … I cannot say that he is totally wrong\\
ceci: but\\
ceci: let me say that you not valuing this person enough\\
ceci: it is really strange that you are practically condemning her to death \\ it is like you stopped thinking\\
ceci: she made a mistake in the type of behaviour she adopted but she was just fighting for her home country\\
I beg you to set her free\\
Irvi: I cannot consent to that\\ she is a criminal\\
Ceci: but she didn’t perform any useless killing\\
Ceci: as situation stands, all the people in this shelter are still alive\\
Irvi: are serious about that, Cecily-san\\ she was on the verge of killing you!\\
Ceci: that doesn’t count\\
luke: areviy irving\\
luke: please stop this, let’s do just as Cecily said\\ otherwise I will call off my agreement\\
irvi: what…!?(even blacksmith-dono…!)\\
ceci: thanks luke\\
(luke): you are strong\\ at least a lot stronger than before\\
ceci: that’s not true\\
ceci: I’m still way too weak…\\
box: and then their travel continued\\
lisa: wow…\\
lisa: this walls are so big!\\
box: seventh day after they entered the militant nation territory\\ the party finally arrived to the militant nation’s capital\\
box: the militant nation capital is an immense fortress city surrounded by 3 different walls\\
box: the plain continued inside of the first wall\\
box: after the second wall\\
box: there is the town born in the land near the castle\\
ceci: so lively(it is time for dinner)\\
lisa: this is the smell of grill\\I’m drooling\\
doris: a lot of people of the militant nation have a great nature and they only eat meat\\
doris: and the one who is governing the militant nation is zenobia-sama a young woman that obtained the title of “general seat” just a few years ago\\ anyway what about going to grab something to eat first?\\
?: sorry doris\\
?: could we go to greet that zenobia-sama immediately?\\
doris: eh?\\
luke(I think): that0s right, he earlier we speak with her the better it is\\ bring me immediately to the workshop where your “sacred sword master” is\\
doris: ok, I will lead the way then\\
irvi: but before that you need to do some preparations\\
aria: preparations?\\
irvi: yes\\
irvi: I’m sure we smell a lot after such a long travel\\
margo: they are big as I remember, cecily\\
ceci: we meet after all this time and this is all you have to say!?\\
penelo: don’t worry, zenobia-sama is a great person\\
text: Penelope\\
margo: that’s right! She liked so much Chalot-sama that appointed her as manager\\
ceci: I’m so happy to see their smiling faces, I seems that they are doing well in the militant nation\\
penelo: they get along well(I’m a little envious of them)\\
cecy: … hey are you goning to wash even that place!?\\ wait!\\
?: what are you saying? You are going to meet the most important person of a country!\\
??: that’s right!\\
?: we have to make you really clean!\\
ceci: uhyaaah!!\\
penelo: speaking of which, I heard you were attacked right?\\
margo: could it be that there is a betrayer among you?\\ be careful\\
ceci: yeah…\\
penelo: It suit you, just as I thought!\\
margo: so spending!\\ your era begins now!\\
text: Harvey blessing\\ captain of the independent knight of the first district\\ acting as emissary\\
near him: ooh! You look good!\\
har: the audience’s preparation were finished\\
ceci: eh? What about aria…\\
har: for a matter of formality we had to make her wait outside even if she disagreed with it\\
ceci: ah, I see\\
har: come this way
ceci: a meeting wit the most important person of a country…\\
ceci: but I don't have to hesitate!\\
ceci: someone like me that was powerless until now cannot lower her guard!\\
ceci: eh?\\
ceci: ah\\
zen: raise you heads please\\
zen: in my militant nation I suggest you of bow while you stand up\\
zen: plus you are our precious guests\\ thanks for coming all the way to our nation\\
zen: welcome to the militant nation, you must be Cecily\\
zen: my name is zenobia. Q. Lanchester\\
zen: my people affectionately call me the “little quuen”

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