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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Seiken no Blacksmith 28

Patriot & queen 28

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jan 30, 2012 19:21 | Go to Seiken no Blacksmith

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Patriot & queen 28\\
imperial capital\\
long life!\\
long life to emperor!\\
glory to the empire!\\
justi: your majesty\\ I’m sure that this threaty was accepted by the continental law committee\\
?: our empire and the crowd power have signed a treaty with blood!\\
?: one continent, one state, one pace. That is what we will abide to!\\
here we will declare the creation of the “imperial allied nation”!!\\
sieg: we confirmed that the blacksmith is visiting the militant nation\\
sieg: what about the inhumans?\\
lan: we made the preparation just as you asked\\
old man: representative of the crowd power: lancelot douglas\\
girl: imperial soldier: francisca \\
sieg: I will give you the criminal to use as war experiments later\\
lan: but I have to say\\ that this is really an auspicious day\\
lan: it is a rare occasion, want me to prepare a woman for celebrations?\\
lan: in the crowd power we have a lot of races and I have already collected all of their specimen\\
sieg: sorry but that will not be necessary\\
near lan: he is so stoic…\\ kukuku…\\
sieg: what about evadonis?\\
fran: the regeneration operations are already completed\\
sieg: good job. As I arranged beforehand, I will leave this matter to you and come later\\
fran: yes, I will accomplish my mission without fail\\
fran: but\\... Siegfried-sama, be very careful when you hear that man’s word please\\
sieg: … what are you talking about?\\
fran: something like “I will prepare a woman” hints to something indecent\\
fran: I can sound insolent now, but I advice you that this is not suitable for you, Siegfried-sama\\
sieg: I refused but\\ you should know this too… I not a man nor a woman\\
fran: I’m well aware of that, but I want a promise from you\\
sieg: a promise?\\
fran: that from now on you will never be swayed by such a temptation\\
sieg: why?\\
fran: because I will become your power\\
sieg:?\\... ok I will promise that, if you really wish it\\
fran: If I wish it…\\
fran: …is this a promise then?\\
sieg: yes it is a promise\\
fran: then the promise is confirmed\\ I will go now\\
sieg: why aren’t you broken down?\\
sieg: I would have preferred that you vanished…\\
sieg: I thought that it would happen, made my arrangements and in spite of that, you came back to me\\
sieg: no matter how much your blade is nicked, no matter how much you are cracked, you return to your original form\\
sieg: you never disappear from my sight\\ … are you my pet sword?\\
sieg: don’t fuck with me, why you don’t ever broke, why do you always obey me?\\
eva: evadonis is a demon sword\\
eva: evadonis’ flame exists to burn Valbanill\\
eva: if you will lead me to it\\
eva: evadonis will be always be on your side\\
text: evadonis will follow after me anywhere\\
text: I cannot help it\\
general: I have to say… that everything is favourable and there is nothing stopping us\\
text: probably\\ until my own death\\
sieg: I wonder\\
sieg: but with this the whole empire belongs to us\\
general: yeah, even the emperor now is nothing more that a puppet for us\\
text: that’s why\\ I have to break her, in a way or another\\
general: well, then let’s conquer the entire continent\\ Siegfried houseman\\
sieg: tsk\\
box: militant nation\\
Charlotte Firobisher\\
Char: did you really say that thing, Cecily?\\
Zeno: (hahaha) I really liked it!\\ she is a really magnificent girl, just like a flame\\
Ceci: right now they are they are resolving their controversies until they get to a mutual agreement\\
Aria: that really sounds like you Cecily\\
zeno: hey Charlotte! Rub my shoulders!\\
char: maybe you wanted to say “please rum be my shoulders” zenobia!\\
zeno: I’m the little queen\\
char: you told me to act like we were sisters\\
zeno: (geez) rub them please\\
char: ok ok\\
near ceci: eheh\\
aria: but at the end the two parties are going on parallel lines\\
aria: the trade city wants to “seal again” valbanill, while the militant nation wants to “suppress” it\\
zeno: that’s right\\
zeno: after the suppression even if we make Brea in a dormant volcano using the research we have done on the prayer contract,\\
zeno: the spirits that it spits will vanish and aria and the others like her will not be able to live and the life at the independent city will not be practical anymore\\
zeno: if we don’t complete the sacred sword, even the trade city’s proposal to seal Valbanill again to maintain the status quo, will not be feasible\\
zeno: plus the fundamental blacksmith-dono is…\\
ceci: that’s right\\ if luke will forge a sacred sword, we will have the decisive solution\\
??: but from several days the people at the workshop are refusing of accepting our call\\
char: what will happen, zenobia?\\
zeno: hum…\\
zeno: the method to forge a sacred sword is normally passed down to just a single heir\\ and it is true that luke Ainsworth is the rightful successor\\
zeno: but in the past there were some people that stole that school’s technique and improved it sublimating the original forging method…\\
ceci: is that… the sacred sword masters from the militant nations?\\
zeno: that’s right\\
zeno: that’s why they will not accept the legitimated successor, luke\\ it is a matter of pride\\
zeno: it was us who proposed this agreement, so I’m really sorry(I have to go soon…\\
ceci: he will be alright\\
ceci: that’s nothing more than a small problem for him\\
ceci: because his objective is to just create a good sword\\
ceci: that’s why he is the sacred blacksmith\\
luke: I have to go forward\\
luke: the technique I obtained by my father and by experimenting is not enough to create a sacred sword\\
luke: I…\\
luke: I want to settle things with the past without running away!\\
luke: the technique that was left here and that I was unable to inherit…\\
luke: teach it to me…\\ please\\
?: it is useless\\
?: no matter how many days you come here\\
luke: if you are a master blacksmith like me you should know\\
luke: the aesthetic value of a katana and the sensation\\ of its sharpness\\
luke: you should know it\\
luke: the great happiness that makes you tremble when you forge a great sword\\
luke: I want to forge a sacred sword\\
luke: I have to forge it\\
luke: so give up your insignificant obsessions\\
luke: I beg you\\ I don’t have any time left\\
lisa: luke…?\\
lisa: what do you mean by “I don’t have any time left?”\\
luke: lisa\\
luke: soon this right eye of mine…\\
luke: will lose its light

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