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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 100

Night 100: trump card

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Jan 31, 2012 19:22 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Night 100: trump card\\
ali: Aladdin…!\\
ali: move aside!!\\
sfx: shakin\\
sfx: fuh\\
ali: who…\\ who the hell is him!?\\
ali: he has such a heavy appearance and yet…\\
ali: he easily avoided my attacks, plus in that few moments he cut me 3 or 4 times… what incredible sword style.\\
ali: a sword that doesn’t hit cannot cut…\\ it is the same thing that happened during the training with my master…\\
ali: his swordsmanship… is superb!\\
sfx: sutsumi\\
near ali: a yamn…\\
ali: what is this guy…?\\
isa: hey… what’s wrong with you…?\\
isa: you are too slow… you are just a brat capable to swing that clumsy sword around…\\
isa: why did those “magi” choose you…\\
isa: that person was not chose by a magi…\\
dunya: gyaaah…\\
isa: I cannot stand…\\
isa: both you and the magi…\\
ali: he is coming!!\\
ali: he is…!\\
al: this woman is…!!\\
al: totally exceeding my bolg’s defensive power,\\
al: with her attacks\\
ali: he is totally exceeding me,\\
ali: with his swordsmanship…\\
al&ali: but, we are not done here!\\
al: rukh!\\
isnan: isn’t that…\\
isnan: a simple magoi bullet…?\\
isana: magi, you already know this right? The magoi bullets doesn’t have all that power.\\
isana: something like that will never work on a “black jinn” no matter how many of them you fire!\\
sfx: suu\\
ali: sword!\\
sfx: shuuun…\\
isa: he dissolved the spirit clothing…?\\
isa: what, is he surrendering?\\
(shar): you cannot say that you mastered the metal vessel by just wearing it on yout body\\
(shar): the power that dwells in the metal vessels and the familiar vessels is incredibly strong…\\
(shar): if you are not able to control it with your magoi and to master it, it is not something that really belongs to yourself\\
(shar): that big ass sword doesn’t suit you body height plus it just sucks up and wastes your magoi\\
ali: I have already reached the first stage of “weapon changing spirit clothing”\\
ali: now I have to do it in a shape which enables me display my strength in the most efficient way…!!\\
sword: paki X 3\\
ali: “weapon spirit clothing”… amon’s royal sword!!\\
isa: he mag a stopped the spirit clothing to a level that his sword retained its original shape? His stance… his swordplay totally changed…\\
isa: heh… it seems that you got a little better…\\
isa: but, that’s not enough\\
sfx: para\\para\\
isnan: dunya began to be pressured by the magoi bullets…?\\
al: just as I thought…\\
al: her attacks got weaker, while her jinn body is getting smaller…\\
al: your magoi is decreasing. You should not be able to continue using those high output attacks anymore!\\
asnan: I see…\ magoi insufficiency huh\\
asnan: she lost her reason after she transformed into a genie so… she is wasting her magoi with those attacks. And here there isn’t a supply of black rukh either…\\
al: magi’s trump card…\\
al: is not his bolg…\\
(yamu): don’t forget the strength you carry within yourself aladdin-kun,
(yamu): No matter what new power you will acquire\\
(yamu): you are a magi\\
(yamu): you are loved by the rukh, your inexhaustible supply of magoi is the weapon that will make you triumph on anyone!!\\
ali: my own weapon is the “royal palace sword style” that I learnt in barbadd…\\
ali: it I’m able to merge it with amon’s sword… I will not lose to anyone when it cames to swordsmanship!\\
al: balhaal infigal!!!\\
sfx: kaaah\\
isnan: don’t be in such an hurry to finish this fight, magi\\
isnan: I have to say that your power is incredible\\
isnan: but, my dunya doesn’t amount to just that\\
isnan: let’s show you even more \
isnan: the power of the “dark metal vessel”!\\

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