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Translations: One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128 , Gintama 565 by kewl0210

Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 101

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Feb 2, 2012 18:57 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Night 101: dark spirit clothing\\
Dunya: gururu\\
Isnan: you were easily defeated…\\
Isnan: you really disappointed me, dunya\\
Isnan: probably you will not able to accomplish your objective if you are so weak\\
Weapon: sun\\
Isnan: awake, black vessel…\\
dunya: guaah\\
box: ten years ago, mustashim kingdom\\
people: magnoshtatt! Magnoshtatt!\\
people: magic is something that belongs to the population! We will not permit to the royal family and to the nobility to have its monopoly!!\\
guy: the kind must hand over that right to the people!!\\
people: magnoshtatt!!\\
people: magnoshtatt!!\\
ministry: the university president of the magnoshtatt school Matar Mogamett…\\
ministry: is saying to hand over all the rights that our nation currently posses about magic to the scholars\\
king: impossible…\\
king: those fools, they finally intend to put their hands on this country huh…\\
king: our country urged for a lot of time on magic, and after so many efforts it became a magic country but…\\
king: the magnoshtatt school is no other than a study institution that we created for that aim!\\
ministry: but you majesty… the magnoshtatt school’s sorcery students number and power is already on the level of an entire army…\\
ministry: and they are raising more people as time passes…\\
ministry: maybe it is not the right moment for this but… according to the rumours some parts of the army, the nobility and the bureaucracy already support them…!\\
king: what…!?\\
people: magnoshtatt!\\
people: magnoshtatt!\\
people: exterminate the royal family!\\ this is what the people want…\\
people: you should die… for you own country!\\
knight: I promised\\
knight: that I would always protect you\\
dunya: no matter how many thousand of people wish for my death… I will not die…\\
dunya: I will become a monarch\\
dunya: I will obtain power, and become the queen that will destroy magnishtatt and rebuilt the mustanshim kingdom…\\
dunya: otherwise,\\
dunya: there will be no meaning in the death of the person that killed me!!\\
dunya: I have to become strong for his sake!!\\
ali_ w-what!?\\
ali: the jinn is shrinking…! Is it returning to its original form…!?\\
al: no… that’s…!\\
isnan: that’s right, this is the real shape of a black king…\\
isnan: the shape of the dark spirit clothing…\\
ali: spirit clothing you say!?\\
isnan: yes, it is based on the same principle of your metal vessel’s spirit clothing\\
isnan: to wear the power on you jinn on the surface of your body… but it is a form different from the pointlessly swelled up appearance of before\\
isnan: it is the complete “full body spirit clothing” that polishes that form\\ in a thinner armour that consumes a small quantity of magoi\\
ali: “full body spirit clothing”…!\\
dunya: I showed you my ugly side, but this time I will be your opponent…\\
dunya: in this shape\\
weapon: byun\\
weapon: shakin\\shakin\\
ali: !? her spear became a trident!?\\
ali: it is the sand!!\\ she gathers the iron sand and takes it in her spear!\\
dunya: plus I harden it in a second and create a weapon…\\
dunya: this is my ever-changing blade made of iron…\\
al: even if her spear got smaller, the power of her attacks is still great!! My bolg will just get broken…\\ I have no other choice but to avoid her attacks!\\
al: but I cannot predict in what form her attacks will come!\\
al: alibaba-kiun!\\
ali: this is a 2 versus one fight. Let’s collaborate and fight, aladin!\\
al: yes!\\
dunya: heh\\
dunya: Isaac, just don’t lie over there and get up\\
isa: yes your majesty\\
ali: what!?\\
ali: the arm the leg I cut…\\
ali: went back to his body…!?\\
ali: who the hell… is him? Even one drop of blood came from his body, something is off here\\
ali: anyway…\\
ali: I will finish him off once again!\\
isa: … familiar vessel,\\
al kaos kauza(black magnet armour)
ali: what!?\\
ali: what was that!!?\\
ali: what!!?\\
ali: he moves closer to me with an incredible speed!! What happened!? Can this be another of his moves…!?\\
dunya: Isaac’s al kaos kauza\\
dunya: repels the strong magnetic force between the earth surface and the armour, giving birth to a superhuman acceleration…\\
dunya: that’s why the way of fighting of a normal swordsman will not be effective against him\\
dunya: you are trying to see through the movements of his sword style… but there are no moves capable to “break into” isaac’s attacks…\\
shoes: bachi\\
ali:!!! I cannot follow him!! \\
ali: Aladdin!!\\
al: alibaba-kun… let’s fight while trying to buy time!\\
ali: eh?\\
al: I still have a lot of magoi left, plus I can support you with my heat magoi\\
al: but they should run out of magoi sooner or later…!\\
dunya: heh\\
isnan: take it, dunya, Isaac!\\
isnan: I can make them a little stronger with my lightning magic as well\\
isnan: plus we will not drag it in a long fight. I will finish everything in a single attack!\\
ali: dammit…!!!\\

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