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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 103

Night 103: turn of fate

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Feb 3, 2012 18:38 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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Night 103: turn of fate\\
Near dunya: haa\\haa…\\
Dunya: The extreme magic… is so wonderful…!\\
Dunya: but the Solomon metal vessel are more incredible because the dark metal vessel are just an imitation, right?\\
Dunya: I want to obtain it as soon as possible, isnan-sama\\
Isnan: you fool…\\
Isnan: dunya, where did you aim your attack!?\\
Dunya: eh?\\
dunya: isnan-sama!!\\
dunya: w-why…?\\
dunya: are you behind me…!?\\
bubble: shuuuu…\\
al: sharal sarab(water mirror mirage)!!\\ it a water magic that creates a mirage by generating a refraction in the light thanks to high temperature stream!\\
from above: light\ stream\ high temperature\ mirage\
dunya: stream…!?\\
dunya: impossible… that time you used that magic in that moment…\\ in order to create that mirage…!!?\\
ryuu: this is the end!!\\
dunya: kuh!!\\
swords: gigigi…\\
dunya: isaac!!\\
dunya: that’s right, Isaac defeat those persons!\\
isa: yes… your… majesty…\\
shoes: bachi\\
ali: his acceleration is a little slower than before!?\\
dunya: dammit… even isaac’ run out of magoi…\\
ali: !!?\ w-what the!?\\
ryuu: e-even the inside of his head is empty!?\\
dunya: kuh!\\
dunya: you did well until now, but that’s useless\\
dunya: come one now, Isaac hurry up and defeat them\\
isa: yes… your… majesty…\\
ali: wha… what’s wrong with them!?\\
al: that’s a doll…\\
ali: eh?\\
al: that warrior, he is made of iron sand…\\
al: it moved because of that woman’s magnetic power, he is just a doll…\\
dunya: that’s right\\
dunya: I’m fine we it,\\ he is my knight after all!\\
dunya: we promised to realize our dream!\\
dunya: fom now on we will rebuilt my country…\\
dunya: Isaac?\\
dunya: … eh?\\
dunya… ah?\\ Isaac…?\\
dunya: Isaac…\\ are you all right…!?\\
dunya: you promised that…\\
dunya: that you would always be by my side!\\
dunya: Isaac…\\
ali: … who are …
ali:… these people…?\\
ali: I…\\
ali: thought of fighting against “al samen” in order to save the people like kassim but…\\
ali: what if… they are people like kassim that were used some some reaon…!?\\
ali: what should I do… I don’t know anything about then and yet…\\
al: this person is… just like your late friend…\\
al: she cannot go forward with her life and she is suffering\\
al: I understand, alibabab-kun. I will try to do it\\
ali: eh?\\
al: this power was given to me in order to…\\
al: save the soul that had their fate turned !\\
mark: pooon\\
al: solomon’s wisdom!!\\
black rukh: biiiih\\
ali: a-aladdin!?\\
al: well, I will talk a little\\ with the rukh of this person…\\
al: solomon’s wisdom consists in the ability to talk with anyone’s rukh\\
al: that’s means to know what that person saw and felt during his life…\\
al: it must me somewhere, I have to find the source of the turn of fate!\\
al: eh?\\
isa: I swear that I will be always by your side and protect you\\
box: 10 years ago, mustashim kingdom\\
isa: spare me, princess!\\
box: dunya (13)\\
box: Isaac (23)\\
isa: they will get mad at me if they know how many time I brought you for a long ride!\\
dunya: oh my, but you don’t have any other choice right?\\
dunya: since the day I lost my mother I was raised by your mother and we became true sibling\\
dunya: it is natural for a big brother to obey to his little sister\\
isa: true sibling huh…\\
dunya: that’s right, you are my big brother\\
bubble: gyun\\
text in frame 2: big brother…\\
isa: hum… princess, we will be master and a servant.\\ we are not kids anymore, don’t say those things to me so caressly\\
near dunya: come on\\
near isa: ah\\
bubble: muni\\
isa: hey…\\
isa: stop that please, otherwise we will fall!!\\
dunya: oh my, why did you stop?\\
dunya: but, this will end soon…\\
dunya: because I will marry\\
dunya: it was decided a lot of time ago but,\\ my partner will be an influential archduke of a neighbouring country\\ mustashim internal state of affairs is instable in the last few years… my father will be able to get strength from the outside thanks to my marriage…\\
dunya: that’s why I will give you something back today\\
isa: eh?\\
dunya: isaac, do you remember? When we were little…\\
dunya: when I was crying because my mother was death you pretended to perform the investiture ritual before me\\
isa: I swear that I will be always by your side and protect you\\
dunya: thanks…\\
isa: princess…\\
dunya: thanks to what you said to me\\ I always\\
dunya: always\\
dunya: felt really reassured!\\
dunya: but let’s stop that here today\\
dunya: from now on you will not serve me,\\
dunya: but the entire country\\
dunya: we cannot be together so…\\
dunya: swear that you will continue to protect as a knight not me\\ but our grieving country\\ ok…?\\
isa: yes\\
dunya: don’t cry…\\
dunya: you are a good person\\
dunya: thanks for what you did to me until now, Isaac\\
dunya: good bye…\\
al: the rukh are crying…\\ it looks really sad…\\
al: but at the same time it is so warm, this is not the turn of fate\\
al: where is… the source…?\\
mage: magnoshmatt! magnoshmatt!\\
guard: this is a revolt!\\
guard: the scholars are rushing here, we cannot stop them!\\
guard: what are the knights doing!?\\
guards: sun\\sun\\
king: why aren’t the knights… stopping them!?\\
?: your majesty\\
?: the mustashim kingdom ends today\\
?: the leaders of the night and the major part of the principal government institutions have already allied with mogamett\\
knights: magnoshtatt promised us that they will preserve out social status after the university principal becomes king…\\
king: what…!?\\
king: the university principal will become… a king you say!!?\\
king: are you kidding me…?\\
mage: the university principal commadend that the royal family must be eradicated\\
mage: where are the remaining members…\\
mage: of the royal family?\\

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