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Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 104

Night 104: the true nature of strength

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Feb 3, 2012 22:36 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

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night 104: the true nature of strength\\
ali: what’s happening…!?\\
al: I want to show this to the two of you as well\\
al: the memories of this person’s rukh…\\
ryuu: what!!?\\
ryuu: something is slowly entering in my mind…!!?\\
ali: this is…!\\
ali: the same thing that happened with kassim...!!\\
knight: let’s kill all the royal family and the nobles!!\\
knight: where is the princess!?\\
dunya: i-isaac…!!\\
isa: it is alright… we will safe if we get outside of the country…!\\
isa: I will bring you there with me…!\\
people: here is the princess!!\\
people: we will not let you run away princess of mustashim!\\
dunya: hiiih!!\\
dunya: will I become like that as well…?\\
dunya: nooo…!!!\\
general: did you capture the princess?\\
genral: hand her over to us. We have to expose the heads of royal family members in the palace\\
isa: even the knights of the imperial guard… changed sides…!!\\
isa: a knight pointing his sword toward the royal family… are you insane!?\\
general: shut up Isaac… I will not show mercy if you betray us\\
general: at this point this is the only thing that can happen to the royal family\\
general: behold, this piled up hatred\\
general: the royal family…\\
general: has to die…\\ no matter what!!\\
isa: stop!!\\ that’s too much unfair!!\\
isa: the princess is still a child, she doesn’t have any sins\\
isa: why does she have to die!?\\
general: why you say?\\
general: well, if I had to give it a name…\\
general: I would call it\\
general: fate!!\\
dunya: Isaac!!!\\
dunya: Isaac!!\\
dunya: what…!?\\
dunya: why they all have a face like that!!?\\
(general): I would call it fate…\\
dunya: fate…\\
dunya: what!?\\
dunya: the thing that decides…\\ when you are born…\\ how you live…\\
dunya: that at the end things would end up like this…\\ since the beginning…\\
dunya: the immense power…\\
dunya: that guides humanity…\\
dunya: that’s called fate!!?\\
dunya: I will curse it…\\
dunya: I will curse… that fate!!!\\
ryuu: wha…\\
ali: what was that…!?\\
al: the degeneration\\
al: when a person curses his own fate, his rukh turn black\\ that’s the “degeneration”…\\ that’s what ugo-kun taught to me…\\
ali: “degeneration”…\\
al: but,\\
al: there is the possibility…\\
al: that my power can clear up that darkness!\\
al: solomon’s wisdom!!!\\
ali: what is this time!?\\
ryuu: he rukh are… gathering…!?\\
al: the solomon’s wisdom is not only the rukh of the people before you,\\
al: it enables me to access to the source on the “great rukh’s flow”\\
al: and then to call upon…\\
the rukh from all the different people no matter the time or the place!!\\
al: he is here! It is that person!\\ hey!\\
dunya: i-isaac!!?\\
al: now go!\\
ryuu: this time that princess is receiving that warrior’s rukh\\
ali; receiving… the rukh…!?\\
al: she id receiving in her mind all the things that person saw and thought\\ while he was alive\\
al: but… what will happen depends on the person\\
al: no matter what the rukh communicates, it is not like they can erase the bad things that happened in the past…\\
rukh: buh\\buh\\
ali: what’s happening…\\
al: I don’t know\\
al: but…\\ but that person cannot continue like this\\
al: because only disasters awaits…\\
al: for those who curse their fate\\
al: just this can be said\\
al: inside of the rukh’s flow…\\
al: everyone encounters difficulties\\and even things that you cannot do anything against happen but…\\
al: even in that case,\\
al: there should not be a person a person that lived without resentment or pain!\\
al: that’s why…\\
al: no matter what bad thing happened to you…\\
al: even in that occasions,\\
al: you must think about what to do\\
al: go toward the light\\
al: toward the dazzling hope\\
al: and continue to walk\\ without averting your eyes\\
al: that’s… the rukh guidance\\
al: that’s the true meaning of fate\\
al: ah, look!\\
al: her rukh are returning white…!\\
isa: please…\\
isa: be happy….\\
ali: she just fainted\\
al: I’m so glad\\
al: she is all right!\\
ali: thanks to your power\\
al: I just created the occasion\\
isnan: what a fool!\\
isnan: that magi understands nothing\\
isnan: that’s the true nature of solomon’s wisdom that we are searching for…\\
isnan: that is…\\
isnan: omniscience!!\\

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