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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 107

Night 107: fury

+ posted by aegon-rokudo as translation on Feb 7, 2012 18:24 | Go to Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

-> RTS Page for Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 107

Night 107: fury\\
zur: eho are they?\\
apo: they are part of sindria’s eight generals. The familiar vessel users and the magician serving under king Sinbad…\\
fencer: they are the…
fencer: eight generals…!?\\
ali: m-master…\\
ali: I’m sorry…\\
shar: but you were able to conquer the dungeon right?\\
shar: you did well.\\
yamu: leave the rest\\
yamu: to us\\
shar: we will…\\
shar: kick their asses!!\\
zur: kick our asses? Don’t make me laught*\\
shar: hey masrur, we will do this together\\
shar: ok?\\
mas: yes, senpai…\\
zur: oh my gosh, I can only beat normal girls…\\
zur: right?\\
zur: oh well, if you intend to get in our way, you will end beaten up…\\
zur: just like her…\\
yamu: it is useless… masrur is quite angry\\
shar: he will not listen to us, no matter what we say\\
shar: well then…\\
shar: we will be your opponents then\\
sfx: dododo…\\
zur: geeeeez!! What the hell was that!!\\
zur: kuh, what absurd strength!!\\
zur: but…\\
zur: I will not lose,\\
zur: when it comes to strength!!\\
zur: I will crash you!!\\
zur: hahaha!\\
zur: now you become totally flat*!!
zur: this guy…\\
zur: what kind of incredible strength does he have…!?\\
zur: you…\\
zur: you were angry since a little while ago\\ I don’t know you… right?\\
zur: … aah!\\
zur: it is about that girl right? You face is somewhat similar\\ could it be that you are brother and sister…\\ right?\\
zur: oh well, ok\\
zur: I will show it to you too then…\\
zur: the power of the black king.\\
zur: full body spirit clothing!! Alf al yatsudo(thousand hand rotation)\\
zur: hahaha, you dodged that well!!\\
zur: anything that is put between those two hands is annihilated in an instant!\\
zur: normally people are not able to dodge that with their explosive power, do you know that!? You are incredible!!\\
zur: but, I wonder until when you will be able to dodge that…\\ right!?\\
zur: come on come on come on!!\\
zur: you are having more troubles dodging that with the passing of the seconds! This is a pinch! If you don’t hurry up, you will be crushed!!\\
zur: ah, what should you do now!!?\\
zur: there is no human capable to dodge that attack\\ maybe I was a little unfair!!\\
zur: how absurd… even one of the eight generals… was reduced to minced meat by my hands\\
mas: are you talking about this hand?\\
zur: eh?\\
zur: kyaaaaaa!?\\
hand: poi\\
zur: you bastard!!!\\
zur: you…\\
zur: why are you still alive… you weren’t supposed to dodge that with that timing!!!\\
mas’s armour: bachi x 3\\
mas: familiar vessel…\\
zur: eh?\\
zur: gouh…\\
mas: bararak kauza(sturdy metal armour)
box: bararak kauza…\\
box: it is a familiar vessel that thanks to the electric current, makes the muscular tissues display their power at the maximum level\\
box: it removes the limiter of humans’ muscle contraction ration that normally is suppressed to an adequate level,\\
box: plus masrur as a fanalis can display that power to the utmost limit\\
box: furthermore masrur rarely uses his familiar vessel because after the activation, the toll toward the muscles that had to sustain the burden is great\\
box: in the past that happened only a few times, when it was necessary, or when he was driven by his own fury

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#1. by mira ()
Posted on Feb 7, 2012
Thank you for your translation!

just a note, his name is "masrur" not "masmur"
#2. by aegon-rokudo ()
Posted on Feb 7, 2012
Thanks. What about the name his familiar vessel? you are arabian, probably the name comes from your motherlanguage
#3. by mira ()
Posted on Feb 8, 2012
you mean the name "bararak kauza"? it's not in Arabic
while reading through your translation I really wanted to write notes about the names and such but I was afraid I might annoy you, I just did that recently D:
if it's all right with you can I keep on doing that??
#4. by aegon-rokudo ()
Posted on Feb 8, 2012
Sure, Mira, I don't see any problem, it would be greatly appreciated, especially if you consider that japanese phonetic is really scarce.

For example masrur's familiar vessel can be pronunced as:
bararak kauza
balalak kauza
bararak kaurza
balalak kaurza
Maybe it doesn't ring a bell in arabian because I chose the wrong translitteration. Plus from the kanji for the name is formed by two words: [adamantine/indestructible/thunderbolt] [(full) armour].
If you have some ideas let me know.
#5. by mira ()
Posted on Feb 8, 2012
I know how they change the spelling of some words since I studied some basic japanese before don't worry about that, still it's seems as if its not related to Arabic at all, but I thought maybe they wrote the "ra" twice in "bararak"?, in Arabic sometimes we read a syllable "as" twice but we wrote it once with the mark ( ّ ) in top of the consonant, if I was right the word might be برّق which can be read as "Bar'rak" and the "k" (ق) in the word should be read differently but I can't find the right alphabet for it in english since there isn't a similar phonetic sound in English. The word means "it got lightning/thunderbolt" not sure about how to explain the meaning more but it's about exactly when the thunderbolt happen, it's got lightning at that moment.

I'm still thinking about "kauza" or "kaurza" so give me a time for it @@!

Also, I thought I need to talk about the other characters names, basically its clear they got the names from arabian nights and I found some names are read differently than the original ones in Arabic, I thought maybe because they took them from the English translation of the names > which was in the old editions wrong but when I checked with some new editions they corrected them.

Some of those names are these:
Sinbad = Sindibad
Aladdin = Ala Aldden > his name consist of actually two words
Alibaba = Ali Baba > same two words
morgiana = morjana > it's read as "ja" not "ga" nor "ya"
sharrkan = sherikhan
Kassim/kashim = Kasim > the k here is actually (ق)
Judal/judaru = Judar > you write "Judar" in your translation and that's the right one ;)

ops sorry, long comment @@
#6. by aegon-rokudo ()
Posted on Feb 9, 2012
I didn't know that there were also problems regarding the translitteration of arabian words...
Anyway it seems that when I found a double "ra" I should translate it as a strong r, something like the phonetic sound [ ɹ ] or [ r ].
Anyway if you have some other suggestion let me know, probably it will be impossible to understand the original word when it is transliterated from arabian to japanese and then again from the japanese to english but we can do what we can.

Regarding the names, I prefer to stick to the official names because the english audience is accustomed to those since centuries and it would just create confusion.

Thanks for everything!

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